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( Note: Spoilers from Equestria Girls are bound to show up. You may want to watch the movie...)

Set in the PonyEarthVerse

After awakening at the bottom of a river valley I find myself fighting for my life as i must brave the elements, wildlife, and my own mind to survive... Did i mention I've also become a pony? One who seeks to enslave both our world and Equestria to her will?

A self insert writing exercise to try and get back into things. As for the dark tag. Its just a precaution.

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The equestrians have forgotten us, forgotten of those they once fought side by side with, lived and coexisted with. Those who they had once called brothers and sisters. I am here to remedy that, to bring back the forgotten histories of Equestria.

Part one: First contact

EDIT: The story has undergone a rewrite and I added a few new elements to the existing chapters. You may want to reread them ^^

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