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Pc broke down, art commissions are halted. I'll be using my phone for stories and it is prone to typos.

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After a brilliant discovery, that sent the ponies to space, the ponies of Equestria looked into the sky for knowledge. A planet to discover, minerals to be found, and hopefully, a sentient civilisation to befriend.

One such expedition was the Star Friends Project led by, none other than, princess Twilight Sparkle, to a neighbouring system that housed 3 planets and 1 suitable for pony life. Accompanied by her friend, Trixie Lulamoon, their supposedly safe and simple journey turned into chaos as the system proved too hostile. Driven away from their escorts, the Amity was driven into a wormhole and ended up in a part of the galaxy unknown to them.

A galaxy in the dawn of civil war, between the dark and the light, how will the ponies fare in this sudden adventure?

Please note that this story is not edited professionally and is prone to mistakes and grammatical error. If you do not like the story consider to PM me the cause to further improve the story.

Anyone willing to edit or proofread the story will be credited and mentioned in every chapter.

Thank you for your time, please enjoy.

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Formerly known as "Awokens of the Hyperborean Mountains of Gryphonia."

Update April 25, 2016: Dark genre tag was added. Crystal ponies and Sunset Shimmer character tags were removed until further development.

One starry night when Little Squick was stargazing, she saw a star fell from the sky. She followed where it landed and found that it was an alien contraption, burning away in the Abysmal Abyss. To her curiosity, Little Squick tried to convince her sister to go and search it with her, but instead got a really bad lecture.

Rey was just a simple teenage girl who loved gaming. She decided to cosplay as Mara Sov on her first ever convention, she was having a great time browsing through stores and art panels. That until, she saw a hooded man in a resident evil costume selling a pauldron that she was missing.
She heard some things about people disappearing in conventions. Although, the reason how and why are voided, she had to be careful. She bargained the price of the pauldron in quite a one-sided deal, buying it in just £5. But she would give it back if she could return home from Equestria.

A Displaced Story.

Destiny Disclaimer.

Sex tag for mild sex language and action (no actual clop).
Gore tag for fatality.

This story is not professionally edited, do add this into your bookshelf (preferably if you disliked the early chapters.) so you may see how the story develops.

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Rosie Hammer was just out in an errand by her father for the village. Their local medic centre was running low in medicine as the attack from the dire wolves are increasing. Her stay in the newly returned Crystal Empire was prolonged by her tour all over the kingdom. It was before twilight when she head out. She trek the tundra with caution as the night slowly approaches. Unfortunately for her, she had been ambushed by a group of dire wolves. Barely escaping with a scratch on her hind leg. Rosie discovers a cave perched on the side of a mountain. She spent the night inside and when she woke up, there was a little pegasus filly sleeping beside her.

What trials and adventure a wait these two, and who are they going to meet along their journey?

Warning, this story has not been professionally edited. Any help is welcome.

The gore tag is for mild bloodiness.

Credits to: JohnJoseco the amazing artist of this wonderful cover photo.

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Twilight has been sent to a dangerous world of Skyrim, in her human form. Together with her friend, the Dovahkiin, both will try and survive as they find more adventures while looking for a way to defeat Alduin. And return Twilight to her homeworld.:pinkiegasp:

Join them as they meet other people and companions, as they discover legends and stories. Visit wonderful places all over Skyrim.:trixieshiftright:

Follow them as they pick a side in Skyrim's civil war between the Empire and the rebel Stormcloaks.:pinkiecrazy:

Twilight art Disclaimer.:twilightblush:

I did some editing of some sort, but the Twilight pony is not my work.:twilightsmile:

Minor gore(no intestines are going to emerge.) and no actual sex scenes. No boom boom babies.

Apologies, this fic has not been edited. Please be nice.:pinkiesmile:

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Today was the anniversary of Sombra's defeat and the freedom of the Crystal Empire from his tyranny. It was the day of merry. Crystal ponies crowd the streets, stores and gaming tents were setup along the road. Music flew through the air, smiles adorn the crystal ponies' faces. A joyous celebration indeed.

Disclaimer on skyrim songs and other celtic musics.
More tags will be added as the story progresses! :trollestia:

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