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And so the game...Begins anew. Will you be the hunter who basks in the light...Or the beast who lurks within the shadows? Only time will tell...

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Sorry about him. That was my cat Gilgamesh. And while he may have hit the nail on the head, he certainly left out a hell of a lot of fucking important details! Like the fact that-

Hey! Get on with it already!

Can it, you glutton! Anyway-Gah!

Look if, you wanna know more, just read! No need to bore you with the details!

Almost forgot to mention this (And I feel rather silly for it) but this is a collab between me and Way Big! He's in charge of the Persona aspects and Gilgamesh's actions! Check out his profile Here!

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2 guys, ready to play a game of DnD, get sent to Equestria, as Oni! How will they change things?

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A factory worker with no future and a bored dimension hopping vampiric troll. Two beings who would have never met by anything but a sheer 1000000 to 1 chance.
The chances of said vampiric troll taking an interest were just as low.

Yet somehow, despite all odds, I caught the attention of Kischur Zelretch Shweinorg, the master of the kaleidoscope magic. And rather than troll me, he decided to help me. He gave me a chance to start over, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Though he could have told me what was in these coffins!

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