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And so the game...Begins anew. Will you be the hunter who basks in the light...Or the beast who lurks within the shadows? Only time will tell...


Sorry about him. That was my cat Gilgamesh. And while he may have hit the nail on the head, he certainly left out a hell of a lot of fucking important details! Like the fact that-

Hey! Get on with it already!

Can it, you glutton! Anyway-Gah!

Look if, you wanna know more, just read! No need to bore you with the details!

Almost forgot to mention this (And I feel rather silly for it) but this is a collab between me and Way Big! He's in charge of the Persona aspects and Gilgamesh's actions! Check out his profile Here!

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Question Season power Rangers Is it and Which game a persona I'm just curious

Actually, I went with Power Rangers because I couldn't put in Super Sentai, which is the Japanese show Power Rangers is based on. The Season in question is LupinRanger vs PatRanger

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