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I do a bit of writing when I can, which is not often. I'm also willing to proofread and edit, so don't be afraid to contact me!

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At some time in the recent past, a human somehow ended up in Ponyville. It turns out that this person fit in quite well. So much so that Twilight tries to find a way to bring in more. Being Twilight Sparkle, she quickly succeeds and finds a few more humans willing to move in. But now more ponies want their own human friend, so she goes looking for more.

And eventually Twilight finds one that might not quite work out.

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Rarity is known throughout Ponyville and Canterlot as generous, beautiful, and a notorious flirt.

Now that Twilight has finally convinced Spike to release her from a long held promise, it's time to confront Rarity over something that has concerned the magical prodigy for a long time

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Fero, Sam, and Amber are between a rock and certain death. But when their only hope for escape from an impossible situation lands them in a new world, the trio must discover how to get back home to the friends they left behind. But do the ends justify the means?


Special thanks to ChaosLavaWolf from DA for the fantastic cover art!

Also - This is my first attempt at writing, so please criticize and comment freely!

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