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At some time in the recent past, a human somehow ended up in Ponyville. It turns out that this person fit in quite well. So much so that Twilight tries to find a way to bring in more. Being Twilight Sparkle, she quickly succeeds and finds a few more humans willing to move in. But now more ponies want their own human friend, so she goes looking for more.

And eventually Twilight finds one that might not quite work out.

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Added to the description, don't mind this comment

Bendy #2 · May 22nd, 2015 · · 3 ·

I enjoyed this story. It was quite amusing to read a non rated mature version of my story.

I daresay your story is better than mine.

Thank you for the compliment. Only time (and the readers) will tell if it is successful or not :applejackunsure:

I liked this story.
A lot.
Like, story of the year.


Hopefully others will follow your example.

I thumbed this down ... so I could thumb it up twice.

Ima fave this.

Thank you all for your kind words :twilightblush:
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Twilight stops and points at me, confidant that she has a bullet proof case. “You may be blind to this for some reason. But both comparative empirical data and widespread personal opinion agree:”
She stops to jab a hoof at me. “Humans are sexy!”

I laughed way too hard.

Nothing, they're still there, living happily in Equestria.

In the backstory for this (which I didn't include as it had no impact on the protagonist) A random human appears in Ponyville and is really well received. So much so that Twilight tries to find a way to bring in more, so she fishes around in the dimensional pool and finds some humans that want to come (hence all the protections on her little search spell). But now more ponies want their own human friend.

And eventually Twilight found one that wouldn't work out.

I gotta admit... I squee a little whenever one of the authors I follow comments on my stories :pinkiehappy:

I can kinda see where the guy's coming from. Living in Equestria? Awesome. Living in Equestria surrounded by hundreds of other troubled humans? Less so.

I actually really liked the twist in this, and it made perfect sense both for Twilight's character and for the world of Equestria. I also really like how you depict humans coming to Equestria, because it makes sense. Once again, well done. :twilightsmile:

meh, this just stereotypes misanthropes, while preaching about how bad it is to stereotype people. I started to laugh, but after the character started just being a mouthpiece, it kind of fizzled.

it is, to be fair, a lot better than the other story it was based upon.

Fair assessment. I tried to highlight the blinders that I've seen some people wear, but if it was sounding preachy then I could have definitely done better.

Thank you for the comment!

Oh, hello amazing story! Welcome to my favorites shelf. Enjoy your new and permanent home.

As soon as I get a computer again, I'm going to write out the sequel. And it's entirely the fault of wonderful people like you who take the time to comment on this story!

Thank you!

6568872 This is so close to perfection, that I'm not sure what else you could add to it.

I look forward to being surprised.

herp #19 · Jan 13th, 2016 · · 2 ·

the sad thing, this person is genuinely right, humans would steel all of equestrias resources, especially the horses. they can control weather you know?

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