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After two years of chaotic love, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Discord thinks their ready to tell the world about their secret relationship. With Shining Armor disapproving of this relationship, often trying to talk his sister out of the relationship with Discord, with his wife Princess Cadence telling him to give them an chance. When Shining Armor goes and confront his sister in front of the other Princesses, Twilight decides she had enough of her brother's over protective instincts. She and Discord decides to get marry, with the Twilight's friends being her bride maids and Spike being the best stallion or best dragon in this case.

Later that night, after the big wedding. Twilight and her lucky chaotic husband Discord have some bit of fun in there crystal castle. After their little fun, Twilight feels a bit of pain in her stomach, fearing of the worst. She takes a test to find out if she carrying the Lord Of Chaos' offspring, to her surprise, she is.

Does the Lord Of Chaos and the Princess of harmony has want it takes to raise a family? And how will there friends react when they hear the news, will they react badly or with disgust? Or just support the alicorn in raising one of the chaotic families known to Equestria.
And can these two newly weds, face the challenges that comes in store for them of starting a family on their own?

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After getting there cutie marks finally, Rainbowshine and Dizzy Twister move out of their parents' house in Cloudsdale and move to Ponyville. But when the two find out how hard it is living on their own without their parents' help, they visit their parents in Cloudsdale for a few months until they move back to their home in Ponyville. After two months of hard work and cleaning, the two are finally getting the hand of being young adults with responsibilities.
But when Rainbowshine heads out to Sugarcube Corner to get a cup of coffee, she gets more than coffee when she lays her eyes on the stallion, Thunderlane. Her whole world is turned upside down whens she feels butterflies in her stomach, when he looks at her direction. Rainbowshine's little blushing is soon over when Thunderlane's fillyfriend Flitter sits besides him with their siblings joining them. Rainbowshine leaves the bakery, heading home with great determination on making Thunderlane, hers.

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