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Fractured Note

If Pinkie is best Pone...And Vinyl Scratch is best background Pone..Then that means DJ Pinkie Scratch is BEST PONE...I enjoy Dubstep and remixes. Also I'm 19 and a guy. Creeper...


In this story Twilight, being an Alicorn, lives a long time but not forever. So, she makes a deal with Discord. She will live forever as long as her zenith doesn't come. If you don't know I'm referring to the ultimate happiest point in ones life, that would be the zenith. She has outlived all of her friends and even her lover. Twilight feels as though she needs to live on in order to protect others. The reason why is not shown in this short story. The story is slightly morbid and sad, so don't let it ruin your mood! Take a peek and find out what happens. *Note* Discord is Discord and has Discord powers for the purposes of Discord in the story.

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What happens after Equestria has fallen? After countless deaths and lakes filled with blood, what is next? The war changes everything. Factions run the world now. Scavengers are the lifeblood of the system and those who do not work will die. This harsh land does not take kindly to stragglers or those who can't face the truth. For our main duo consisting of Fractured Note and Thunderbolt Sentinel, this will be a test, but if you fail... Well, let's just hope it doesn't get to that...

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Vinyl Scratch is the dungeon master. With her party of five ponies they set off for a crazy adventure. They are: Rarity (I know right?) Soarin, Maud, Cheerilee, and a special guest Thunderbolt Sentinel. He is good friend of mine and is also writing a story similar to this one. I'd suggest checking him out. Now this group will eventually be known as Chimera Corps and if you read on you'll find out why. I'm fairly new at writing and if there are any errors or if you don't like the story please message me or comment and explain why so I can fix it and become a better writer, Thank you.

Chapters (2)
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