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This story is a sequel to 00-Pinkie

For the Friendship Games, there are only a few available slots, and Lyra and Bon Bon are determined to get them, even if it means going up against each other. But they won't be alone, Lyra and Bon Bon drag JD and Devin respectively into their personal war, and one of them isn't so anxious to be in the games, or be around Bon Bon. Wonder how this'll turn out?

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Pinkie and Rainbow are preparing to spy on Crystal Prep Academy, so they know all their tricks for the Friendship Games, and they aren't gonna do it alone! Lloyd Shamrock, Blue JD, and a newcomer, Golden Flare, Lloyd's brother, are going to help them!

Knowing Lloyd and Blue's track record, will this end in failure, as usual? Or will they taste victory for once?

A short collaboration with Golden Flare.

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It's that time of year, it's Christmas. And JD invites Twilight and her friends to his home. but when a certain event happens in Equestria, JD couldn't go home while he goes to Fluttershy's cottage weeping. Devin comes up with an idea to have a Christmas party in Equestria. Can Devin, Lloyd and the mane six bring Christmas to Equestria and cheer JD up, or will a new villain ruin Christmas?

One more thing: after this chaper is finished I'm doing three Christmas chapters

Red JD, Blue JD, and Purple JD are not in this story has anyone seen their agents?

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