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It's that time of year, it's Christmas. And JD invites Twilight and her friends to his home. but when a certain event happens in Equestria, JD couldn't go home while he goes to Fluttershy's cottage weeping. Devin comes up with an idea to have a Christmas party in Equestria. Can Devin, Lloyd and the mane six bring Christmas to Equestria and cheer JD up, or will a new villain ruin Christmas?

One more thing: after this chaper is finished I'm doing three Christmas chapters

Red JD, Blue JD, and Purple JD are not in this story has anyone seen their agents?

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Comment posted by Lloyd Shamrock deleted Jan 6th, 2015

5469067 To tell you the truth, I was planning on using colored dialogue for fusion attacks on part 2 on JD and Devin's Adventures in Equestria

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