War On Friendship

by Lloyd Shamrock

Friend Vs. Friend

Canterlot High School... 1:00 PM...

The school bell rang and all the students exited the school. Lyra and Bon Bon were chatting away as usual while they left the building; "And then I said—"

"—It tastes like marshmallows?"

"Yeah, so that made me—"

"—Feel like you wanna camping trip?"

"Yes! Just like—"

"That time we went to the amusement park in eighth grade!" They both said in unison.

Bon Bon slightly gasped, "You know me so well!"

Lyra Heartstrings scoffs, "You know me so well!" They locked arms as they left the front doors of the school, smiling all the while.

Behind the delightful duo, were JD, Devin, and Khaotic Villos, who began to leave the school as well. A few days ago, JD was released from the hospital with a clean bill of health, though after seeing Red's video, the rest of the gang had a lot of explaining to do.

"Hey, how come we don't share a bond like that?" Devin inquired.

"Cause we're not fucking gay." JD answered, bluntly.

"Oh, yeah, that's a good point." Devin muttered.

Villos sighed deeply, "Why did I get paired up with you two?"

"C'mon, Villos, we're all buddies here, right?" JD asked.

Villos scoffs, "Say what you want, but I'm not in the mood for your shit when all hell breaks loose." He then shoves his hands in his pockets.

"What's up with the attitude, Villos?"

The only thing Villos could reply was this; "Be prepared for tomorrow, you'll have a substitute filling in for Miss Cheerilee, her name is Harshwhinny, that's all I know."

"Well, thanks, Villos."

"Don't mention it."

"Dudes, the tryouts for the Friendship Games are about to start!" A guy said; he had green eyes, tan skin, and green hair in dreadlocks, wearing a dark gray beanie hat, a wristband on each wrist with the same color as his hat, a red shirt, a brown, fringed vest with a recycle-marked button, blue pants, and light brown shoes.



"Goodness!" they both said in unison once again.

"There are limited spots on the CHS teams! So bring your A-game!" He laughed as he ran away.

"Maybe the competition could be friendly this time around, am I right?" JD asked.

"Yes, but those two could say otherwise." Villos pointed to Bon Bon and Lyra who were glaring at each other.

"Good thing I'm not involved in that kind of shit." Devin commented before noticing the building and his friends moving farther away from him, "Where's the school going?" By looking down, he saw his feet being dragged across the ground, "Where am I going!?" He turned his head behind him to see Bon Bon dragging him by his arm.

"C'mon, Devin! We got training to do!" She said.


"Oh my gosh, A MADWOMAN!? HELP! CALL 911! GET SOME DISINFECTANT! GET SOME MARMALADE!" Lloyd screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Ugh." Villos facepalmed.

"At least I'm not being dragged by a woman." JD said before he knew his friends and the building started to get smaller and then he felt his body being dragged by Lyra, his girlfriend. "Hey Villos, are you getting smaller all of a sudden?"

Villos smirked and raised an eyebrow, "You were saying?"

"C'mon sweetie, let's go fill us some spots at the Friendship Games."

"Wait, Lyra, can't we just talk about this?"

"I'm borrowing your hand for a minute."

"Uh okay." JD said, but then became confused, "What the hell am I feeling? It's...kind of moist."

"Ahh..." Lyra moaned in satisfaction.

JD's eyes widened in shock when he realized Lyra put his hand down her shorts, "OH MY GOD!! GET MY FUCKING HAND OFF OF YOUR-!!" Lyra then climaxed on JD's hand, "Ah, goddammit!"

"Is that even legal?" Villos asked.

"I'm surprised no one called her out on public masturbation." Lloyd commented.

Villos sighed. "I got a feeling this is going to be a very long day." He said in his thoughts.

Canterlot High School
Soccer Field... 1:30 PM...

Everyone was sitting on the bleachers, however, some of JD and Devin's friends were here; Red JD, Blue JD, Purple JD, Lloyd Shamrock, Golden Flare, and Khaotic Villos were sitting by the bleachers as well.

"Villos, since when did you show up with Lloyd?" Blue asked.

"Since JD is helping Lyra and Devin's doing the same for Bon Bon, I figured I'd bring Lloyd to see the try-outs for the CHS teams for the Friendship Games." He replied coolly.

"Oh, Celestia, aren't you Shinjiro Aragaki yet?" Red boasted. Purple jumped in and threw a series of clothing on over Villos' head: a maroon peacoat, black pants, and brown Chelsea shoes, and a beanie for his head, which made Villos growl irritably.

"Can we just watch the try-outs without you two going at it?" Golden asked.

Red and Villos scoffed; "Hmph, fine." They both said.

"I hope Vice-Principal Luna likes the team names I filled for Lyra and Bon Bon's team." Purple said.

"What did you name their teams?" Blue asked.

"Well, since the Friendship Games are starting in a week, I took the liberty of naming them. On Sensei and Lyra's team name, they're called Kirito and Asuna. Devin and Bon Bon's team are called Edward and Bella." Purple declared.

Red JD's left eye twitched, Blue JD's glasses were fogged up, Lloyd and Golden's mouths were wide open, and Villos facepalmed.

The guy that announced the try-outs for the CHS teams was participating as well, he threw his clarinet in the air and caught it with his hat. everyone was impressed by his trick. even Vice Principal Luna was writing down the score on her notebook.

Suddenly a spotlight was shown in front of the crowd, Lyra was wearing a yellow shirt with the left sleeve down along the arm, a purple sleeveless undershirt, a loose purple skirt, dark purple tights with sparkling, loose pant legs and pink elevator shoes. JD was wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt, black pants, and red elevator shoes. They were both dancing side to side with grace while the music was playing. Suddenly, the music stopped, next to JD and Lyra was Devin and Bon Bon dancing ragtime, Bon Bon was wearing a white buttoned up shirt, a dark gray bowtie, white gloves, a black flap behind her, dark gray short shorts, white tights, black tap dancing shoes, and a black top hat. Devin was wearing a black top hat like Bon Bon, a black tuxedo jacket over a white button up dress shirt, a black bowtie, white gloves, black dress pants, and black tap dancing shoes.

After Devin and Bon Bon finished their dancing, Bon Bon and Devin took off their top hats and showed jazz hands side by side. Lyra swiped her hat, crushed it, and threw it in the air. Then, the flatten top hat was sliced in half by JD carrying a strange blue and white sword.

"Hold it, HOLD IT! Why do you have the Cosmo Sword!?" Devin exclaimed.

"He's still using that thing?" Blue inquired.

"I had no idea Cosmolinks can react in this world." Villos said.

"Because I look cool with it on!" JD replied as he waved his sword back at him.

"You brought it back here just because you can look cool!? You asshole!" Devin clenched his fists. Bon Bon bit her lower lip in anger.

Lyra put up her fists, Bon Bon did the same, JD got into a battle stance with his sword gripped it with both hands as Devin put up his fists.

"COMPETE!" An announcing voice declared.

Bon Bon beated Bulk Biceps in a arm wrestle; Lyra punched a training dummy, which headed towards Devin who pushed him himself backwards on the ground and high-kicked it out of his path; Bon Bon tore a phone book in half; Lyra lifted a barbell and bent it with her teeth; Bon Bon lifted a log by its end and threw it a great distance which was heading towards JD's way, who sliced it in half with his sword; Lyra shoved a whole hot dog in her mouth and shoved another and one after another; Bon Bon arranged some flowers in a vase; Lyra speedily sculpted a replica of the Wondercolt statue from molding clay, "Ha!" she said, mockingly with a sneer; Bon Bon used a pick and a rock hammer and chiseled a statue of herself angrily pointing at Lyra, JD took the pick and rock hammer and placed the pick on stone Bon Bon's head and hit it with the rock hammer, he chiseled a statue of Devin and Bon Bon having sex, he was kissing her passionately while she was playing with his head. The students were snapping their camera phones even Red JD was joining in, making Devin and Bon Bon blush, the latter leaned towards the former, "We're gonna get back at him after this, right?" She asked. "Totally." Devin answered immediately; "Owah! Owah!"Lyra was wearing a Peacock costume; "Hoo, hoo, hooo." Bon Bon was wearing an Owl costume.

"Owah! Owah! Owah!" Lyra flapped her hands as they were wings, charging straight for Bon Bon, "Hoo! Hoo! HOO!" She charged straight for Lyra, and somehow, they make a silhouetted freeze frame with Lyra bending backwards, as if she was dodging an attack, and Bon Bon with her arms dressed as owl wings spread out threateningly.

"Is it just me, or did things take a turn towards 'weirdsville'?" the nerd said as he held up his camera phone.

Red JD, Blue JD, Purple JD, Lloyd, Golden, and Villos all replied, "It's just you."

"We gotta do something, bro." Devin said.

"I have an idea, but you're gonna hate me for this." JD suggested.

"What is it?" Devin inquired as JD leaned and whispered the plan, Devin's eyes turned to pinpricks. "OH no! NO, NO, NO! Nega-tory, bromigo."

"Well, I can have Blue turn them into fish and give them some flushy-flushy time."

Devin was shocked by the thought of Lyra and Bon Bon being turned into fish and getting flushed down the toilet, he shook his head as that moment was gone, "Still, that plan you thought up, it's just stupid."

"Bro, are you a man or a mouse?"

"Neither! I'm a chicken of the sea." Devin replied. "But we'll try your crazy plan." We're doomed.

Both Lyra and Bon Bon leaped into the air and were headed straight for each other.

"Hoo!" Bon Bon squawked loudly.

"Owah! Owah!" Lyra was getting ready to attack Bon Bon.





"Okay bro, time for the plan." JD leapt into action.

"Geez." Devin muttered before following his brother.

They were both clashing with each other while Devin said in his thoughts, "Vinyl, please forgive me" He grabbed Bon Bon's face and locked lips with her, Bon Bon's face was flushed with a shade of red in her cheeks, Red yelled in the background, "C'mon! A kissing scene!? Where's the part where you girls fight in garter-belted bikinis? I wanna see the boobies, dammit!"

"Red, you stinking pervert!" JD exclaimed.

Blue JD saw Lloyd and Golden punched Red JD in the face, causing him to fall on the ground. "Thank you, guys, I'll make sure to tell Principal Celestia about that little sexist comment Red filled in."

"What is Devin doing?" Lyra inquired.

"Kissing Bon Bon apparently." JD replied.

"You totally came up with that plan, didn't you?"

"You can thank Red for that. And..." JD mumbled a few words.

"What was that?"

"I said you look cute in that outfit."

"Really?" Lyra blushed at JD's comment about her peacock costume.

"Yeah." Lyra and JD were about to kiss, but they were interrupted by the guy with the green dreadlocks.

"Aw, dudes, Vice Principal Luna just posted the roster for the Friendship Games team!" He said as headed towards the school.

After snapping out of her stupor, Bon Bon turned to the only students left the bleachers, including JD's friends, then turned back to Devin with the two of them having look of shock adorning their features until she lowered her head to where Devin can't see her eyes through her bangs.

"You...You..." Bon Bon mutters while trembling in anger.

Devin sighs, raises his hand, and makes a hand signal meaning 'come at me', accepting his fate, "...Bring it on."

"...YOU DUMMY!!" Bon Bon cries as she charges at Devin and punches him square in the jaw.


Lyra, JD, Bon Bon, and Devin, who was nursing a now broken jawline, went to check the roster for the Friendship Games, Lyra and Bon Bon's names were on the list.

"You made the team!" Lyra said.

"YOU made the team!" Bon Bon replied.

They both smiled at each other, "Best!"


"FOREVER!" They both exclaimed before they held each other and laughed.

JD and Devin scanned the roster and saw that they too made the team, "Yes!" JD exclaimed as he fist-pumped.

"Nooooooo!" Devin moaned.

Villos was walking down the hallway with Blue JD as the latter commented a little too quickly, "Congratulations on making the team guys, really looking forward to it."

Devin looked over the roster again to make sure wasn't imagining things, but then found that Vice Principal Luna had two helpers to decide the best candidates for the Friendship Games.

Khaotic Villos and Blue JD.

Devin glared at his brother, "It's a curse, isn't it?"

"Eeyup." JD replied as he kissed Lyra's cheek.