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Shadow Flame, a pegasus filly in an underground city, loves to go exploring. And nothing will stop her.

Cover art by Numaga (I assume, because that's the name in the top right corner).

This story was written as a request from a user on the Legend of Equestria forums (posted with his permission) in an attempt to improve my writing (in a 1000 - 2000 word limit). There will hopefully be more stories requested from me in the future, so stay tuned!

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Rarity has popped some bubbles with her unicorn horn. Now Derpy will make her pay!
Written for ocalhoun's Big 250k Contest as Derpy's POV in Pop. Cover art by Kazzuy

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Time is long and time is short,
how long must I wait?
I sit and cry and bleed and die,
until she is awake.

Another dusk, another dawn.
Will it ever end?
To beat the pain, remove a stain,
I sure could use a friend.

Edited by Drgnwolf. Cover art by AquaGalaxy

Thanks to Forgotten Dreams, it now has a great reading! Check it out! :pinkiehappy:

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