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Here I Am · 3:20pm Feb 8th, 2018

Been a while. Real life stuff going on. But I recently published a new fic elsewhere, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to post something new soon. No promises though :fluttershysad:

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Writing is hard · 6:20pm Apr 2nd, 2016

I've made little progress on my Twilight story. On the other hand, I just published a story about Derpy for ocalhoun's Big 250k Contest. Then again, I stayed up all night to write it and submitted it about a half hour before the contest ended.

I've learned something from this experience:
- I can write about 1500 words give or take 5.5 hours
- I CAN write about 1500 words give or take 5.5 hours

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Working on new story · 2:36am Jan 6th, 2016

I've started working on another story, this time involving our favorite purple unicorn. It's going to be another Horror/Dark story, but instead of a oneshot, done piecemeal by way of logs. It may be a while until I can finally post it, but hopefully the time spent working on it will help me produce higher quality content.

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It's official now · 3:52pm Dec 26th, 2015

Now that I've published a story to the site, and have (admittedly few) followers, I feel like it's time for me to start writing blog posts and whatnot. I've got two fresh ideas for stories, so stay tuned for more!

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