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Time is long and time is short,
how long must I wait?
I sit and cry and bleed and die,
until she is awake.

Another dusk, another dawn.
Will it ever end?
To beat the pain, remove a stain,
I sure could use a friend.

Edited by Drgnwolf. Cover art by AquaGalaxy

Thanks to Forgotten Dreams, it now has a great reading! Check it out! :pinkiehappy:

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The time it took to make this was well deserving of the story. It came out really good. Love the mind struggle or struggle of thoughts that were expressed throughout the story.

Holy Marie mother of Joeseph. That was awesome. I ACCTUALY talked toPinkamena ! And I would be more than happy to carry the burden of Pinkamena, especially if she was this lonely. Lovely, simply lovely!

Loved the fact that you decided to represent her differently!
Great job my friend :raritywink:

I feel pity for the poor soul trapped with Pinkamena. :twilightoops:

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