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One year has almost passed since a mysterious entity invaded Anon's mind and forced him to turn against his friends and terrorize the ponies of Ponyville. Though he was eventually freed from it's influence, Anon's attempts to return to his life in Ponyville have thus far failed.
Because even though he was said to be forgiven, no one can forget the fear and dread they felt during that time, least of all Anon himself.
Tormented by nightmares of his actions and the silent condemnations of the ponies around him, Anon is feeling his life spiraling out of control again, driven to shut himself off from the world as he is haunted by deeds that were not his own.
Now, his former friends must look inside of themselves and see if they can find it in their hearts to truly forgive and forget and if the bonds of friendship can be reforged... Before Anon is lost forever.

[03-02-2015] Holy crap! Featured!

This is an unofficial sequel to Hurt by Brainhorn. (Warning! Do not read if you are disturbed by graphic depictions of rape.)
PLEASE NOTE that this story does not contain any scenes of rape or sexual nature, but they will be referenced and hinted at. (Also, spoilers for "Hurt" if you plan on reading it first.)

Also, though the main characters name is Anon, this is not like most Anon in Equestria-stories. It is not written in a 2nd-person perspective but the main character instead has a personality of his own, and though I've left much of his appearance vague, he is not the green faceless man he's usually depicted as. The only real reason he is even named Anon is because that was his name in "Hurt", and it would feel wrong to change that into something else. I say this as a heads-up to both those who like or dislike AiE-stories.

Cover art is made by TetraPony. It's mostly a placeholder until I can get something more fitting.

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