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Crossover with Dishonored

Assumes the Good ending of the game

Many years after the plague has ended and Empress Emily Kaldwin has been restored to the throne Lord Protector Corvo Attano passes away. But can one marked by The Outsider truly die and find eternal peace? Or is he doomed to become a part of The Void? Corvo's soul belongs to The Outsider and normally Corvo wouldn't be offered any chances...

However the Cosmic Trickster still finds Corvo particularly interesting and offers the human a deal...

If Attano manages to amuse The Outsider once again, the latter will bring him back to life, allow him to see Emily again and release his soul...

Seeing that as his only option, Corvo takes the deal and is thrown into a world that is a complete contrary to his own... To a peaceful world of Equestria with a mission that might change the fate of the colorful place forever...

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Universe… Unlimited space, the source of life and death, mother of all creation and destruction. Source of both religious beliefs and science. Nothing can be said for certain about this vast unshackled power except for one thing… It always naturally seeks balance, always manages events so that overall they lay in perfect harmony. However to reach such level of harmony a certain element must be introduced, as there cannot be order without chaos to fill the other side of scales. The balance of Equestria is dangerously disturbed as the only source of chaos, Discord, is trapped in stone. Even if freed Discord won't be able to stop the scales from falling. With no other options, the Universe brings forth a creature of pure Chaos, a human murderer and delusional psychopath, to even out the Scales of Balance in Equestria and destroy the blasphemous abominations... Destroy the Elements of Harmony...

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