• Published 29th Apr 2012
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Perfect Harmony - Bloodwing

A human murderer comes to Equestria in order to save it from a great disaster.

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The Alliance

Perfect Harmony – The Allience

Damian’s eyes shot open, his vision adjusting to the surroundings quickly. Dim light slightly illuminated the place he was in, doing a poor job dispersing the darkness. He could hear dripping of water echoing through the place, for it was a cave. Shadows danced on the walls as the light was very irregular as if coming from a fire. The murderer could feel heat on his back, as he was laying on his right side. It had to be a bonfire then. His ears twitched when he heard a voice he already knew. It was the hell spawned abomination which, as he suspected, knocked him out cold with its devious supernatural abilities. Damian came into realization that he was tied up. His hands felt numb as the rough rope disrupted his blood circulation system. He smiled wickedly to that, and tensed his arms muscles, testing the rope’s durability. He heard a straining sound, as the rope moved slightly. He knew now that with all his physical strength and resolve he could simply rip the rope apart and free himself. For now he decided to pretend being unconscious tough and listen what the demons were plotting.

“You can’t be serious! It threw a KNIFE at me and maimed me for fuck’s sake!”

He couldn’t recognize this voice much, but it was obviously the possessed animal, he threw his blade at.

“That he did, but I healed you didn’t I?”

Responded the abomination in a monotonous fashion

“It doesn’t change the fact that he outright attacked me! Why am I even talking to you?! I’m out of here, whatever it is that you want to do with this thing isn’t my business Disc Rod! As a matter of a fact I should press charges against you, for using your stupid magic to teleport me without consort”

The animal seemed to be angry, judging from the tone of its voice

“Fool! Do you even know who I am?!”

The abomination hissed, death intent filling the cave.

“A… An illusionist?”

Clean Street gulped, feeling the dense atmosphere.

“I am the Chaos God! I am the one that almost defeated the Elements of Harmony! I am DISCORD!”

Roared Discord, his eyes turning red as if reflecting his rage

Clean Street’s eyes widened with realization. He took a step back when the truth dawned on him. How could he possibly believe that Discord was an illusionist pony? Who normally can teleport with a snap of his fingers?! He wanted to bang his head against the wall for his stupidity but was currently preoccupied with a pissed Chaos God and a monster. The latter fortunately tied up.

“Look… I… I didn’t really… Umm… Please don’t turn me into a frog!”

Clean street shielded his face with his foreleg, shutting his eyes in fear

Discord’s arms fell down to his sides and his eyes turned back to normal when he himself sighed.

“I won’t, but I can’t let you go either…”

He said lazily

“What? Why?!”

Clean Street asked in desperation, obviously unhappy with this decision

“It’s easy! You saw the Chaos Creature and know its identity. If I let you go you would run off and tell your pretty princesses!!”

Discord said mockingly

Clean Street snorted to that and then started to laugh, tears quickly coming to his eyes.

“What?! What’s so funny?!”

Discord asked, annoyed. Clean Street contained his laughter immediately, going dead serious all of a sudden, lowering his head in a threatening manner

“I hate them… I despise them, for what they allowed to happen to me, when they could stop it!”

He shouted, as his black eye responded to his hatred and started to collapse on itself, creating a black hole in the place of an eye. Discord felt something menacing emanating from it, Clean Street on the other hand behaved as if nothing happened.

“Necromancy… Soul Wheel in a living creature… Remarkable…”

Discord whispered awed by the ancient magic he felt and believed to be forever gone from the order ridden world. He didn’t get to continue his line of thought when a powerful steel grip caught him by the neck surprising him and making breathing close to impossible. He turned his head slightly only to see an unicorn with a wicked smile on his face, magically holding him by the neck from behind. Clean Street almost fell backwards surprised, but regained his senses fast and saw the bald ape, holding the Chaos God in a death lock that was close to snapping Discord’s neck. Clean Street’s black eye returned to its normal state.


Was the only thing that came to Clean Street’s mind and was appropriate to the situation. Damian leaned close to Discord’s ear and said, still smiling.

“Tsk, tsk, it wasn’t nice of you, knocking me out like that, monster…”

Discord was completely confused by a number of things. First, how did this unicorn managed to actually grab him with magic? It was impossible for any magic, except that of Elements of Harmony to do anything to Discord. Second of all, how did he get out?! He was bound by a spell! Impossible!

Discord quickly snapped his fingers and… nothing happened… That’s the third thing! Why did his magic stop working?!

“Well I don’t know what would snapping your fingers accomplish, other than make me laugh, but I have to punish you now… How sad…”

Said Damian with a sad voice and then chuckled breaking the steel grip. But before Discord could do anything, he was kicked in the back with incredible force, throwing him forward into Clean Street. The latter tried to jump away, only to fail miserably. Both of them crashed into the wall. Discord slowly opened his eyes knowing everything was wrong. He shouldn’t be able to get hurt physically, so how come he could feel intense pain in his back and taste something coppery in his mouth?! The former Chaos God tried to stand up, slowly raising his head, only to see the unicorn looking down on him. His eyes widened when he felt the steel grip on his neck again.

Damian quickly approached the two demons, before they could even properly regain their senses. He looked down on them, smiling widely, knowing that these demons couldn’t do anything to him, as he was the Child of God and he could easily dispose of them, alas he needed information first. He bent down and grabbed the two by their necks with his muscular arms. He raised them up, both were a little beat up, but salvageable. He smacked them into the wall with such power, that he could hear the sound of bones cracking as the two grunted with pain.

“One, two, three, whose death will it be?”

He laughed maniacally, madness filling his bloodshot eyes. Both of the demons seemed to be scared now… And he loved it.

“Now, hell spawns, please do tell me kindly what have you done with humanity, hmm?”

Both looked confused, but Discord recomposed himself fast.

“I don’t know of any humanity!”

He said through his clenched teeth with hardship and anger. He then felt excruciating pain when Damian’s knee connected with his stomach, making Discord lose air and grunt in pain.

“Lies, lies, lies! Let’s try it again and this time the horse will answer!”

Damian said happily smacking both his victims into the rock wall, again causing a few bones to shatter. The fire illuminating the cave created shadows on Damian’s face, making him look menacing. Clean Street held his forelegs on the muscular arm of the ape, but little could be done in his position. He quickly assessed, that this thing was completely delusional and in order to survive he should probably play along.

“Okay! You got us! Our… Lords enslaved… Humanity?”

Damian’s smile disappeared as he looked at the possessed horse, measuring him up seriously.

“Like I suspected! What’s the name of your Lords and where are they, demons?!”

Damian roared in Clean Street’s face

“Their names are Celestia and Luna, and they both reside in a castle you’ll be able to see from here…”

Discord said calmly… Then he felt a very powerful presence, his ears perked up, knowing the presence very well. And even though breathing was a little harder than usual, Discord took a deep calming breath anyway. Damian on the other hand looked up as if awaiting something.

Second One… Release the two creatures, for they are allies in your mission.

A warm, deep voice echoed through the cave.

“Yes God!”

Damian said enthusiastically, releasing the grip on both Discord and Clean Street letting them fall to the ground. Both of them slowly got up. Clean Street looked around nervously not knowing where the voice was coming from.

“What the hell?”

He said in surprise. None however paid any attention to him. Both Discord and the ape were looking up listening to the voice, as if it was something of a tremendous power.

Second One… The one you think is a hell spawned abomination is in fact the First One… He was tasked to do your mission and failed me miserably.

Damian looked at Discord, disdainfully. Discord lowered his head as if in shame.

He will teach you of this World and help you the best he can. He cannot however directly interfere with it anymore. Consider him your advisor.

“Yes, my Lord”

Damian said respectfully

You should also know that this World is drastically different from Earth. There are no humans here, the talking animals you thought were demons, are in fact the citizens of this World and the Elements of Harmony also took the shape of the ponies, as the people of Equestria call themselves.

“God, why didn’t you tell your humble servant of this earlier?”

Damian asked fearfully.

I cannot interfere with any world much, as it would upset the Perfect Balance. You didn’t live up to my expectations and didn’t see this World for what it is Second One. This made me interfere, upsetting the balance further. Do not fail me again for I won’t be as forgiving as I am now.

“Yes, my Lord”

Damian lowered his head

Remember Second One, only those who saw both white and black can see you for who you truly are.

With that, the presence was gone. Discord raised his head and took a good look at Damian as if trying to see something that wasn’t there. Damian’s image distorted suddenly and Discord couldn’t see an unicorn anymore, but a tall, muscular, bipedal creature, that looked really menacing.

“Who the hell are you two really?!”

Clean Street shouted unable to process all the new information.

“You know of the Perfect Harmony?”

Discord asked calmly, still looking at Damian, who answered

“I know my mission here, I know what I have to destroy in the name of God…”

Discord nodded to that

“It’s good enough for now”

He said firmly

“What’s your name?”

Damian asked in return


Answered the former Chaos God

“Damian Vermont”

Damian introduced himself slowly to his new advisor, not daring to question his God’s decision. If the God himself told him those were his allies and no demons, who was he to question the Father? He turned his head towards Clean Street.

“Who would that be?”

He asked. Discord turned towards confused Clean Street

“His name is Clean Street and he is the only pony I came across, able to use necromancy, even if he still doesn’t know about that.”

Discord explained with Damian nodding to that, placing his hand on his chin.

“What?! Seriously, what the hell is going on here?!”

Clean Street shouted at Discord, taking a step back as if preparing to simply run away. Discord smiled to that disappearing with a pop and appearing behind Clean Street. The latter gasped.

“Let me shed some light on you my bald pal! You see world is not only bright colors, candy and love!”

Discord said with a toothy grin on his face

“World is also pain, suffering, despair and death… It consists of all of these, both order and chaos. If there is something nice happening somewhere, you can bet that something not so nice is happening elsewhere…”

Discord put his arm around Clean Street’s neck and poked the pony’s chest with his other paw’s finger.

“But not here, not in Equestria… Here if something nice happens, there is nothing chaotic happening elsewhere to even out the nice thing.”

Discord said sadly

“If there is no chaos, there can be no order. This World is unnatural and if it continues to shun chaos something really bad will happen not only to it, but also to other worlds.”

Discord explained with distaste

“I experienced the good and the bad things. I saw death Discord, this world has both sides…”

Answered Clean Street firmly, ignoring his own confusion about the entire thing he was told so far.

“Oh, that WAS the truth, very long ago my friend. Now ponies like you are unique here, very, very rare. That’s why I was sent here and that’s why he is here.”

Discord pointed at Damian.

“My methods of creating chaos were… Insufficient obviously…”

Discord said with a huff

“I failed when the Elements of Harmony trapped me in stone... Twice… That’s why this guy was sent here. He’s the new Avatar of Chaos, whose methods are… more drastic to say the least…”

“Like murdering somepony randomly?”

Asked Clean Street with distaste

“It seems so… To me it’s despicable however and I’ll teach him to use other methods, than taking somepony’s else life.”

Damian approached them after that, with dead serious expression on his face

“Lives don’t matter as long as my holy mission is complete. Any who stand in my way will feel my wrath, any who dare oppose the will of God will be punished!”

He roared. Both Discord and Clean Street were looking at him somewhat nervously

“You have no real influence over me nor my actions and if you will become a liability to me, I will end you!”

He said with a booming voice

Silence fell over the cave, only the dripping of water disrupted it every now and then. Damian then slowly moved past the two creatures and directed himself towards the exit from the cave. He could already see sunlight slowly replacing the darkness of the night.

Clean Street sighed with relief when the ape left the cave

“It will be harder to change his ways than I thought…”

Discord stated. Clean Street on the other hand came back to a quite important topic for him

“What would… Avatars of Chaos want with me?”

He asked with suspicion

“Oh that’s simple. We, or rather the Second One, wants you to become his ally, just like the voice you heard said.”

Clean Street raised an eyebrow

“Why should I help somepony just because some weird voice said I’m his ally? He threw a knife at me and then tried to strangle me…”

Discord stroke his beard for a while

“Well first of all it wasn’t some voice but The Universe…”

Clean Street’s eyebrow went up even higher

“Second of all, I guess if you won’t agree to help him, he will simply rip your heart out… You can guess how unhealthy that is…”

Discord said without a trace of humor


Was all Clean Street was able to stammer…
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