• Published 29th Apr 2012
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Perfect Harmony - Bloodwing

A human murderer comes to Equestria in order to save it from a great disaster.

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Perfect Harmony – Contact

Damian Vermont was standing in the middle of what he assumed was an Apple Orchard, completely still, a frown visible on his tattooed face. The murderer didn’t really know how different from Earth the new World is, but one thing he was sure of. The rules still applied and they were pretty simple to follow. His thoughts brought back a vivid memory of his first kill when God gave him these rules…

Three years ago, Earth, United States of America, California, Miami

A body of young woman was lying on the ground, drops of rain hitting the pavement and metal staircase in the alley. The rain was heavy today and that was something unusual, but Damian Vermont had other things on his head right now. He was standing in front of the laying body, the killing stab in the chest, was an amateurs doing at best. Forensics could quickly come to a conclusion, what the murder weapon was. Because of his shaking hands the strike was very uneven, lacked precision and confidence of the person delivering the killing blow. In his bare hand, Vermont was still holding the sharp knife, blood being washed from its surface by the persistent rain. He was soaking wet by now, his jeans and white t-shirt with black words “Game Over”, became heavy from all the absorbed water. Damian’s eyes were widened; terror easily visible in them, as he did something hideous, he took an innocent life and his mind was still not able to take in the whole situation. The woman had a simple yellow dress, some gold jewelry adoring her ears and fingers. Her beautiful eyes were now empty, devoid of life and her long blond hair strewed about, floating in the puddle of water, which formed around her corpse, slowly being mixed blood coming out of her fatal wound. One of her high heels boots was missing. She lost it while running away from Damian.

“God! I did it! I did your bidding! I killed an innocent woman!”

Shouted Vermont at the night sky, simultaneously dropping the knife to the ground.

Very Good Damian, you completed your task. Do not be angry, she was a necessary sacrifice. You have not done anything sinful.

A soft, calm and manly voice echoed in his head. God has spoken, he did his Lords bidding, he did what he had to as the chosen one.

Your work is not yet complete tough. This might be a simple, mortal woman, but when it comes to the evil abominations, you will have to do much more than simply stab them. I shall give you the only effective method to truly slay an abomination…

Present time, Equestria, Sweet Apple Acres

“First stab the heart
And their soul is torn apart
Cleanse the wound with water
And their powers will scatter
Carve an H in the chest
And their will is put to test
Put a rock at their side
And their courage is denied
Cut off their head
And they are finally dead”

Vermont recited silently, his frown quickly disappeared as he realized that no matter what he will face, God is on his side and gave him a method, method to kill that which is immortal. He smiled widely yet again and then proceeded to search his orange prison suit for a thing that he was able to hold to himself. He quickly found what he was looking for, a homemade, or rather prisonmade knife, very sharp and very much able to stab someone’s heart. How did he manage to keep it? Well, no one was willing to fully search a man that beheaded 117 people, was probably insane and had a death sentence on him. The knife was pretty-much simple, with the exception of the blade. This was a proper military blade, without an original handle that went missing. The blade itself however was still very much sharp. The wicked weapon reflected the slowly dusking suns light as Vermont was inspecting it with delight. His expression changing to a smile, as he truly believed that he will go to heaven for serving God so well.

“Remember Damian that nothing living in this world can stand between you and your mission. Nothing here is more important than your task and if you deem it necessary you may smite your obstacles.”

Said Vermont to himself, remembering the words of God. First time he killed, he didn’t much like it, had some nightmares and guilty conscience after that. However after God assured him he is doing the right thing, Damian quickly came to like the feeling of taking someone’s life for the greater good. That is why right now, he was almost shaking with excitement. His bloodlust was rising and the psychopath knew, he has to sate it soon. It was getting darker with every passing second, Vermont liked that, night was always closest to him, shrouded his movements and made him a true predator. He rotated the knife in his hand, weighting it down, he knew he was ready. There was however a question of what direction he should take. He looked around again and saw the thing he was looking for. Light… It was a light of a town or village, dispersing the deepening darkness in the distance.

“Best way of staying hidden is staying out in the open, where no one expects you…”

He mumbled to himself remembering the phrase from somewhere. Even if he was in a completely new World, it was hard for him to believe it could be much different from Earth. Humans were in fact the only children of God and thus they were bound to be even here. He could bet the technological development wasn’t also much different and so he won’t be having hard time adjusting. He started to walk in the direction of the light, moving between the apple trees and some shrubberies that were growing here and there. Knife still drawn Vermont was moving like a ghost, not audible to anything but the very sound-sensitive animals. His steps were light and silent as he wasn’t about to walk casually through this orchard. It was bound to be in someone’s possession and so there were definitely people in vicinity. In his prison clothing he looked very suspicious as it was no Halloween to explain his weird choice of clothes. His carefulness quickly paid off as he saw movement in front of him, quickly confirmed by a voice. It was whispering, which made it impossible to understand. It was clear that there was at least one person behind the thick line of Shrubs in front of Damian. He slowly kneeled down and took a peek through the growth, making close to no sound. What he saw on the other side was more than surprising and confusing to him, for it was a horse… A green horse, it had some kind of tattoo on its flank and shortly cut red mane. With its tail also red, the horse looked like a hallucination to Damian. The huge brown eyes currently fixed on the tree in front of them, were also a biological impossibility. The small horse had some kind of baskets filled with red apples on its back. It appeared that this creature was paying a lot of attention to its surroundings, looking around nervously once in a while. Then it turned around and bucked the tree with audible thump, causing a lot of sweet red apples to fall to the ground. Damian was not able to see any more details as it was getting even darker, but it appeared that the horse put the baskets down and was trying to gather the apples…

Green Runner was much stressed right now, as he knew that he was doing something very wrong and very evil. He was stealing the apples from the Apple family…

“I’m so gonna be caught and locked in the Canterlot dungeons…”

He whispered fearfully to himself putting yet another apple in his basket. He felt very bad already by doing something so terrible, but he knew he had no choice. He didn’t have any more money, his food supply was getting scarce and he was too prideful to ask for or accept any help; there were also no current job offers that would match his special talent, which was running very fast and at long distances.

“Lousy country doesn’t even need earth pony couriers… Stupid pegasi taking all the jobs…”

He said with an angry snarl filling the basket with enough apples.

“Phew, this should last for a while”

Smile made its way to his face, as he was actually a little satisfied that even though he’s doing something despicable he will probably avoid punishment.

“And now to simply get back to my house and forget about all of it”

He said a little louder, confident that if nothing caught him yet, nothing will. And so he turned around fast preparing to leave the orchard and… Gasped, immediately jumping back startled, hitting the tree with his back and making all the apples fly in random directions.

“Holy Celestia!”

He shouted collecting his thoughts and slowly standing up, at first sure he’s done for. Taking another glance at the thing that startled him he could confirm three things. First, it was no one from the Apple family (that’s a relief), second the one standing in front of him was a bright indigo unicorn (he wasn’t sure of the color tough, as he could barely see it), third the culprit was probably in the same situation as he is right now, because who normally would come here at night and what for? Stealing apples is the most reasonable explanation he could come up with.

“You gave me a scare! Don’t ever creep up to anypony like that, besides who are you and why are you here anyway?”

Green Runner already came up with an excuse to explain him being here this late… He was a guard of the Orchard, making sure no one comes here and steals apples at night! The perfect excuse, this guy won’t be able to check it and will have no choice but to believe and run… Or give himself in?

“Answer me mister! I’m the guard of the Sweet Apple Acres! You have no right to be here at that time! Explain yourself right now!”

He said with a threat in his voice, stomping with one hoof to increase the effect of intimidation…

Damian was not amused, his confusion not entirely gone, he simply stared at the horse. The green thing just talked to him… No, it made a threat! The murderer quickly analyzed the situation and came up with a quick answer to the phenomenon. Devil has to be here, ready to block his path to salvation and interrupt his holy mission. Damian however can remove obstacles on his path and a possessed animal was definitely an obstacle.

“Most glorious Prince of the Heavenly Armies, Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in our battle against principalities and powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places!“

Said Damian loftily, increasing the volume of his voice. He took a step forward, decreasing the short distance between himself and the wicked abomination. The horse looked at him eye-widened and flabbergasted.

The unicorn took a step forward, an expression of scorn on his face. His indigo horn started to glow vile scarlet. Green Runner came to a conclusion quickly. This had to be the real guard and he had been exposed. But what was this unicorn saying? It was some gibberish…

“Come to the assistance of men whom God has created to His likeness and whom He has redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the devil!”

Continued Damian, feeling no force pushing him back or trying to attack his mind. It had to mean the exorcism was working.

“Look! I was not stealing the apples! I just… it’s just… Okay I was stealing them but please… I have no money and will starve if I don’t eat anything! I can repay you with work! Please!”

Green Runner pleaded desperately, gesticulating with both his hooves, trying to reason with the angry unicorn. But the unicorn was not changing his expression and made another step forward. Green Runner tried to take a step backwards only to hit the tree behind him with his flank. He was pretty much without options. He closed his eyes in fear. The unicorn made another step and was centimeters from Green Runner. Nothing was happening… Green Runner opened his eyes slowly and saw the pony’s face. It was covered in markings… Like cutie marks but all of them were grim and completely black. The Unicorn’s eyes were blue and cold as ice, drilling themselves into Green Runner’s soul.

The demon was not resisting, and it was time to take proper action. Damian quickly extended his arm and grabbed the little horse by the neck, raising it up to his eye-level. The thing was small, 1/3 of his size maybe. It simply looked puny, but the murderer was not about to be fooled by its appearance.

“What’s the name of this World foul demon?”

His powerful fingers squeezed the soft neck of the horse making its eyes bulge out and drool come down its chin.

“This unicorn is a madpony!”

Shouted Green Runner in his mind, when he was lifted into the air by the scarlet energy of the unicorn’s magic. He was expecting punishment, but never something like that! Unicorns couldn’t use their magic to hurt anypony! Green Runner was proven wrong when he felt the grip of magic tightening itself around his neck, making breathing close to impossible. Then there was the question the Unicorn asked. Runner had no time to dwell on it much, as his neck was close to being snapped.


He wheezed with a lot of effort. The pressure on his neck decreased as the Unicorn was giving him a very hateful look.

“Where are the humans, demon?”

Asked the unicorn grimly, narrowing his blue eyes

“I don’t know what that is! Please, don’t hurt me!”

Replied Green Runner huskily, terror rising in him as he figured out, that this pony indeed can hurt him and maybe even… Maybe even kill him…

“That is your game then monster? Did you enslave humanity?!”

Shouted the Unicorn loudly, his voice filled with hate and anger

“No! Please, I don’t know anything!”

Answered Green Runner, his voice breaking down. He was never so scared before, never… Tears appeared in his eyes, as he sobbed quietly, still being held by the powerful magical grip.

“I wasted enough time on you… I can always ask another demon, can’t I?”

The unicorn’s expression changed after that. A twisted, cruel smile appeared on his face and a chuckle escaped his lips

“First stab the heart…”

He stated grimly…

A/N: Was drunk when I wrote that, appologies for any stupid grammar errors and such, enjoy :)