• Published 29th Apr 2012
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Perfect Harmony - Bloodwing

A human murderer comes to Equestria in order to save it from a great disaster.

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Initial Terror

Perfect Harmony – Initial terror

Discord and Clean Street appeared in the Sweet Apple Acres with a loud pop. Clean Street looked very confused as it all happened in the middle of his thought process. The former Chaos God however looked around, seeing nothing out of the ordinary he grunted.

“Where can this creature of pure chaos be?! It should be right here, where I’m standing!”

Said Discord pointing to the ground, annoyed. Clean Street on the other hand, shook his head trying to get rid of the confusion.

“How did you do teleportation with like… snap of your fingers?! That’s some serious mojo right there!”

He shouted with excitation. Then he realized he was also teleported for a reason he didn’t really understand…

“Did you just… ponynap me?”

Discord looked seriously at the weird no-horn unicorn, brows furrowed.

“Be quiet you! Somepony not knowing about Discord has no right to speak!”

He said, scolding the pony

“Disc Rod?”

Asked Clean Street yet again not thinking his question through… It was his habit really…


Screamed Discord at the pony, murder in his eyes.

“Okay, okay, no need to get angry pops…”

Said the pony rolling his eyes, not really scared of the Chaos God, he assumed it was some fancy illusion spell that caused Discord to look like that.

“Pops…? Pops?!”

Discord was shocked… Nopony ever called him Pops... It was just too ridiculous.


A loud, ear-piercing sound echoed through the Orchard. It was a scream of terror and dismay. It immediately made Clear Street’s blood run cold and Discords expression turn serious. It came from behind the thick layer of Shrubs in front of them. Discord slowly approached the Shrubs and drew them aside looking behind them. Clear Street shrugged and did the same thing. What they both saw would scar a lesser mind for the rest of its life.

Damian was smiling widely raising the sharp blade in his free hand. He looked directly in the eyes of his new victim. Yet again he could see dread and plead for help in them, yet again he felt the agitation seconds before taking someone’s life. This time however it was different, this time Damian was slaying a true demon, clearing the New World from its filth. Damian brought Green Runner closer to his face and then whispered into his ear

“You’re playing an innocent very well maggot, but you’re not fooling anyone…”

The pony’s eyes were still wet from tears, that couldn’t stop flowing. He started to shake, fear filling his whole being. Damian gripped the knife firmly, feeling its lust for blood reflecting his own. He then brought the knife to Green Runners face and slowly moved the blade’s side across it. Still smiling wickedly the murderer moved the blade towards Runner’s left ear, scratching it slightly with the tip. Then with one smooth, powerful motion the blade sliced its way through the soft tissue of the pony’s ear cutting it elegantly. Because of the shock and fear, Green Runner didn’t feel anything for a while, but the sudden burst of searing pain brought him back violently to reality.


Scream of pain and terror made its way through the whole orchard

Blood covered whole left side of Runner’s face in a matter of millisecond. It slowly ran down, also covering Damian’s hand. The warmth of the liquid was well too familiar to the psychopath. It brought a sick pleasure to him - feeling the essence of life of his victim was priceless to the murderer. This intense feeling however dulled Damian’s senses, so that he didn’t hear the quiet rustle of nearby shrubs.

Discord and Clean Street were looking through the bushes and what they saw was easy to describe at first glance. There was a bright indigo unicorn, his cutie mark… Discord didn’t know what it was, but a human would be able to easily tell that it was an Uroboros. Crimson magic of the unicorn was holding both the green pony and a huge blade. Discord and Clean Street weren’t sure what is going on but it didn’t seem that any of those two ponies could the chaos creature… They were simply too similar to the species of Equestria and Discord knew, that the chaos creature will be very unique. Taking a closer look however, uncovered the horrific truth. The blade the indigo unicorn was holding was covered in blood. One of the ears of the green pony was missing, blood making its way down his face, expression of dismay glued to it. The indigo unicorn chuckled grimly, making shivers go down Discords spine, as he felt something new, something he never thought he will experience in Equestria… It was angst.

“I bid you farewell demon, BURN IN HELL!”

Shouted madly the Unicorn and then the blade moved with lightning speed, stabbing the green pony in the chest. Immediately a gush of blood covered both the ground and the indigo Unicorn. The green pony’s mouth opened as he tried to scream, but instead coughed up more red liquid. The strike didn’t hit the heart, but penetrated the lung, making it collapse quickly as Green Runner was drowning in his own blood. The Unicorn jerked out the blade.

“In the name of the Father!”

Roared Damian as he randomly stabbed the Earth Pony’s body again…

“The Son!”

And again…

“And the Holy Spirit”

And yet again…


This time the blade hit the heart directly, by then Green Runner looked like cheese as stab wounds covered his body. All his life force leaving him, the pony went pale; his eyes half closed, blood lose making it impossible for him to even think. A few seconds later Green Runner’s eyes became glassed over, empty, lifeless as he became limp. He died, after experiencing severe pain and fear… His soul however didn’t simply leave the realm of the living as the laws of Equestria were quite different from Earths own.

Here death always occurred naturally, as the order-overdosed World didn’t know any other kind. All the souls passing through the Underworld were always peaceful, calm and understood why their time has ended. Because all aspects of Equestria were embodied within the two Godlike Sisters and because death was something natural, one of the two Goddesses had a delicate connection to the Underworld, feeling every death as a wave of sadness. Luna was always the one responsible for more grim aspects of the world and so with every death she always saw an image of the dead pony as a silhouette appearing next to her. The images of all the ponies were always calm and smiling, disappearing after a while in a bright light that enveloped their being. She was sad but also relieved that they always accepted their fate and seemed to be saying their goodbyes to the World, through Luna.

Currently she was on the balcony of her room. She didn’t really have a whole segment of the castle to call her own.The room she had was a simple one. Painted magically so that the walls and the celling were showing a night’s sky with stars shining brightly. The floor was made of obsidian, which curiously was warm in touch. There was also her bed, simple one not much different from any other except for its sheets and bedclothes, all made of delicate navy-blue silk. She also had a stylized table in the middle of the room, made of dark blue oak. Various bookcases and cupboards also filled the room, with books, scrolls, notes and such filling their shelves. Except for that the room wasn’t anything special, no fancy decorations, no huge paintings, no gold or silver ornaments. The doors to the balcony were also made of oak (black this time), with smoked glass panels in them. For Luna however it was just right, as according to her, she didn’t deserve to have the same amount of status and power as her sister, after all she did something she couldn’t forgive herself. Luna was still bothered that she wasn’t really punished for any of her actions as Nightmare Moon. She should have been the same as any other pony committing a crime, but she was simply forgiven, just like that… And why? After all she WAS Nightmare Moon, who was not a different being, it was Luna’s darkest side brought to life. Her line of thought was quickly interrupted, as wave of sadness washed over her. She knew the feeling very well… Somepony died.

She turned around and entered her modest room, now waiting, as any second a phantom of the pony will appear, bidding her farewell with a smile. This time however the feeling of sadness was different. Previously it was somehow warmer, promising a fast return of happiness as the soul will find itself in Heaven. This feeling had no warmth, it was cold, deep and was clawing at her insides viciously. She gulped, getting a little anxious. Seconds were passing by very slowly, Luna had a feeling that time itself slowed down, frozen from all the cold she felt around her. Wait… She took a deeper breath and released it immediately, as it came out it turned into white vapor. It wasn’t just a feeling of coldness, the temperature in her room was indeed dropping down and fast. She heard a cracking sound behind her and quickly turned to see what made it. The smoked glass of the balcony door was slowly being covered in white frost. Her eyes widened, now she was getting scared. She turned around again and gasped as the phantom appeared out of nowhere in the middle of her room. It was flickering in and out of existence every few seconds. Luna felt something was not right… This phantom was not smiling; it had a blank expression on its face and was sickly pale. It was looking at her, its eyes empty and cold, making Luna shiver slightly. Then she heard a dripping sound, as if drops of water were hitting the obsidian floor. She quickly realized it was no water… The Phantom started to cry soundlessly… A trickle of blood was coming down its face, drops hitting the obsidian floor. On its chest 4 red spots appeared, blood slowly started to flow down from them. The spots became deeper and darker as Luna noticed with terror that they turned into 4 wide stab wounds. Soon the phantom was standing in a puddle. It slowly opened its mouth, just to make more red liquid come out of it and suddenly it let out a horrifying wail, making Luna deaf and immediately drop to the ground, close her eyes with pain and try to block out the sound with her forelegs. For her the wail lasted eternity, but in fact it was a few seconds of torment. The Phantom was then enveloped in black flames that ate it away leaving disgusting smell of burned flesh. Luna opened her eyes and slowly stood up. She heard only ringing in her ears and was breathing heavily, still shocked by the phenomenon. She could still smell burned flesh and see marks of intense heat on the floor, where the phantom was standing. She shook her head to regain her senses. An expression of confusion and fear on her face. She didn’t know what all of this exactly meant but the stab wounds were enough to make a wild guess… Somepony was murdered…

Discord simply couldn’t believe his eyes and Clean Street on the other hand was frozen on the spot, blankly looking at the scene that unfolded itself in front of them. The indigo Unicorn, having fanatical expression on his face just murdered the other pony… And he was smiling disturbingly… Not at all affected by what he just done. Clean Street seemed to regain his composure as he started to back away slowly, trying not to alarm the unicorn. His attempt however failed as he stepped on a root making it crack loudly. Discord didn’t seem to notice it, his eyes still fixed on the Unicorn, which now turned his head towards them. The smile gone from it, only hatred was visible in his blue eyes.

“I can see you filth!”

Surge of crimson magical energy enveloped the Unicorn, starting from the tip of his horn. The raw power making the grass around him burst in flames

“This power… It is him… He’s the Second One”

Whispered Discord feeling intense heat from the Unicorns magic.

“What on Equestria is this thing?!”

Asked Clean Street, panic apparent in his voice

The Unicorn started to walk towards them, the blade still enveloped in the crimson magic pointing at them both.

“It’s an unicorn obviously! Stop asking stupid questions!”

Retorted Discord cynically not even looking at the no-horn Unicorn

“What?! I don’t see any Unicorn there! It’s some kind of bipedal bald ape… And it just murdered somepony!!”

Clean Street was now in full-blown panic mode

“I’m getting out of here!”

That said Clean Street turned around and was about to gallop his way out.

Damian was not surprised or confused anymore. He was certain now, this World was overrun with different kind of evil demons and possessed animals. This time, despite the darkness around him, he saw another possessed horse and something only able to spawn in hell. It was a grotesque animal, composed of different parts of other animals. What dark hole it was created in, Damian didn’t know. What he noticed though was an attempt of the possessed horse to run away.

“I won’t let you run…”

Whispered Damian, tossing the knife up in the air and then catching it skillfully by the blade. He then took a powerful swing and threw the military knife towards the horse. It flew through the air with a swish and Damian was rewarded by a meaty sound of cut flesh, a thud and scream of intense pain.

“Pathetic! You stand no chance against the wrath of God!”

He roared passionately.

Just when Clean Street was about to run away with haste he heard a swishing sound and then immediately felt something penetrating his skin, ripping muscle tissue and tendons apart and scratching the bone of his left leg. He fell to the ground headfirst and screamed in pain. Discord quickly turned around flabbergasted by what just happened. His surprise didn’t last long as he figured out, that this Unicorn did not understand chaos as Discord did, but rather took it to a completely new hideous level. Discord didn’t like that, murder was not chaotic, it was simply despicable. He couldn’t allow the Second One to simply wander around Equestria killing everything and everypony he met. Universe was right, that this guy needed a mentor… And he just seriously maimed Clean Street, thinking he’s some kind of demon… This didn’t look good…

“Anger and crazy management issues I see… Nothing else to do but disable you temporarily, so you won’t do something… wrong…”

Said Discord looking at Second One and snapping his fingers. A huge brick appeared over the head of the Unicorn and before he could even notice it, the brick fell down hitting him in the head, successfully knocking him out. The Unicorn fell to the ground with two parts of thick brick around his head.

“That’s a pretty tough skull, you have…”

Discord then turned around to look at the no-horn unicorn and as he suspected his condition wasn’t great. He lost consciousness because of the pain. Only the handle of the knife was sticking out of his leg grotesquely. This meant that the whole blade pierced his leg.

“Not good...”

Discord however had a remedy even for that. He snapped his fingers again and the knife teleported next to Clean Street, away from the wound. Immediately a burst of blood got out of the it as the blade severed an artery.

“Hope my healing magic is still somewhat good…”

Said Discord to himself cracking his fingers. Then he snapped them and the wound closed, the damage repairing itself.

“Not bad, still got the juice!”

Discord smiled smugly

Then he saw light coming from the direction of the Apple Family home. The various screams had to finally awake them. Discord didn’t lose any more time, as he snapped his fingers and he, Clean Street, Damian and the knife all teleported out of the Orchard… Leaving the body of Green Runner in the open...