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Dishonored: The Outsider's Reach - Bloodwing

Years after the plague Corvo Attano dies... But can one truly die bearing the mark of the Outsider?

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The Deal

Dishonored – The Outsider’s Reach

Chapter 1: The Deal

It was raining… Heavily… The drops were hitting the dark, dirty roads and buildings of Dunwall, mighty capital of The Empire of Isles. The streets were emptying very fast, as people tried their best to avoid getting wet. It seemed that skies themselves were crying, as if mourning a terrible loss. The bells of the Dunwall Tower rang twice announcing that something of importance has just occurred. On the streets of the Holger Square, under one of many marquees present in the district, a young woman was standing. Her skin was sickly pale. Her sad, empty eyes were observing the falling drops of rain. She was dressed in a thick leather coat. Shivers went through her frail body, as the cold wind blew suddenly. She tightened the coat around herself with her young, delicate hands. Next to her a boy was standing, his head brought up as he was intently listening to the heavy bells of Dunwall Tower ringing every few moments, trying to make every citizen aware of something. Drops of water were coming down his rosy cheeks. He seemed to be much livelier than the woman next to him. The curiosity was apparent in his big green eyes. After another series of rings the boy finally turned his head around and looked up at the pale woman.

“Martha… Why are the bells ringing?”

The woman weakly turned her head around, as she broke her gaze from the hypnotizing spectacle of the falling rain. Her cold blue lips trembled a little.

“The Lord Protector… Has passed away…”

She said quietly, barely audible over the sound of drops hitting the stone roads. The boy’s eyes suddenly lost their entire glimmer and became sad. His head dropped slightly.

“But… Who will protect the Empress now?”

Asked the boy suddenly, his head still hung down in deep sorrow. The woman entered a sick coughing fit and it seemed that she was about to collapse any second. It however quickly ceased, as she put her hand on the boy’s little head, gently stroking him.

“I don’t know William… But an era has ended… Heroes are no more.”

She stated firmly, any trace of warmth in her voice was gone. The boy’s head perked up, the glimmer back in his beautiful eyes.

“I will protect the Empress!”

He shouted out matter-of-factly with such vigor and energy that the woman slightly winced. But then suddenly a small smile appeared on her face, a complete contrary to her unhealthy looks.

“Yes… Yes you will, when you grow up… You will do anything you want William, I’ll make sure of it.”

She responded louder than usual, making the boy smile happily.

“I love you sister!”

He shouted out and hugged her sick sister, slightly shivering as he felt the coldness of her body. She slowly stroked his head, still embraced in the tight hug. She turned her head back at the road and the falling rain

“Goodbye Lord Corvo… May you find happiness and peace on the other side…”

She whispered

An assembly of people was gathered in the gardens of Dunwall Tower. All of them were dressed in black clothes. An atmosphere of sadness and loss was detectable amongst them. They were all standing in rows observing a white wooden pedestal that was in front of them. Next to the pedestal a woman was standing. She seemed the saddest from all. Dressed similarly to the others, she had a bouquet of purple flowers in her hands. No one even dared to move as the only thing breaking the silence were the drops of rain. Then the bells of the Tower rang again and soon synchronized steps could be heard. A group of people dressed ceremonially with black masks covering their faces came out of the Tower itself, slowly making their way to the garden.

They were carrying a white coffin that was not decorated at all, but was giving off a strange glimmer. Those men were slightly hunched as if a great burden was on their shoulders, greater than the weight of the coffin. Behind them another person was walking, dressed in a white robe with many golden decorations. He also had a black mask on his face. This man was also carefully carrying a white book in his right hand, holding to it as if it was a treasure. It seemed that eternity passed, but finally accompanied by the rings of the tower bells, the group of people arrived at the saddened crowd. The latter quickly made a passage, allowing the group to move further. As they went forward, people from the crowd started to toss some purple flowers under their legs as if creating an eerie path for them to walk through. Soon the coffin arrived at the pedestal and the masked people slowly put it down. Then they stepped back and formed a line, standing straight behind the coffin. Not moving, they seemed to have turned into statues, unfazed by the rain falling down and wetting their clothes. The man dressed in white took a position in front of the pedestal as the bells of the tower gave out their final chime. He cleared his throat:

“Today we are all in mourning, as we bid farewell to the hero of the Empire, the savior of Dunwall, Lord Protector Corvo Attano”

All the attention of the saddened crowd turned to the man in robes.

“Through his brave and bold actions the plague that ridded our Empire has ended, our Empress was saved and traitors were punished. He was a shining example of a man, loyal and heroic. And even though so many stood against him, so many tried to stop him and prove him wrong he stayed true to his beliefs and to the Empire.”

Some people in the crowd nodded

“Today the Empire has lost a beacon of light that may never be replaced, today we all have felt a tremendous hurt in our hearts, as Lord Corvo allowed the Empire to enter a new golden era and with his passing we can see this era come to an end.”

Some nods again, a few people seemed to clear their throats

“None of us however can truly speak about this magnificent figure… But we all can say for sure that nothing will be the same ever again.”

Silent murmur in the audience and energetic nods could be heard and seen.

“Let us pray…”

The people gathered in the crowd lowered their heads in unnatural unity and synchronization

“Universe, so vast and dark, guide this spirit to the beyond. As this soul travels far and the evil stalks it as its prey, we deny. With our faith and our will we deny. No evil shall come to the man, the void shall not take his soul as his spirit stays sacred, beyond the darkest reach. Living by the seven strictures the man forced the darkness out and stood pure. And as the Strictures dictate so has lived Corvo Attano. With our will we deny the Outsider. He shall not corrupt this spirit, shall not extend his reach. With our prayer we protect this soul so it may travel far and find eternal peace, as the Darkness we deny…”

The man said as a priest would, with pathos and increased volume

“We deny… We deny…”

The crowd repeated in unity, their heads still hung down. Silence befell again, soon interrupted by the priest

“No one however knew Lord Corvo better than our beloved Empress”

The man turned his masked face towards the woman in black dress with the bouquet of purple flowers in hands. The crowd looked at their Empress and although none could see it, Emily Kaldwin was crying ever so quietly. When addressed however she quickly shook her head and approached the priest, who moved aside making place for her. She slowly raised her head, her eyes were slightly reddened and glossy, an indication that indeed she was crying recently. The crowd however didn't pay attention to that, as everyone was waiting to hear what the woman had to say.

“I... prepared a speech…”

She stated matter-of-factly, putting the flowers down in front of her and bringing out a piece of paper from underneath her pricy black dress. She brought the sheet in front of her eyes, ready to read from it. Her lips trembled as a teardrop trickled down her white cheek. The crowd was however unmoving, still waiting patiently. No words came out of the Empress’s mouth as the prepared speech suddenly fell down from her hands onto the wet ground, where it quickly absorbed the water, becoming utterly useless.

“No speech could possibly express the love and respect I had for Corvo…”

She said quietly

“This man was more than a simple bodyguard…”

Her voice was very sad, but still an amount of authority could be heard in it. Emily Kaldwin was in fact a very strong woman and not many saw her in a state she was now in.

“He was my savior, my hero, my love…”

The people in the crowd seemed to be moved

“He was… Like a loving father to me…”

She stated with sudden determination

“And although he is no more, his beliefs and actions will be an example for generations to come…”

She picked up the purple flowers from the pedestal

“He will forever hold a special place in my heart…”

She turned around a placed the flowers on the coffin

“I hope you can see it Corvo… These were always your favorite flowers…”

She said quietly, so that no one else could hear what she was saying. She then leaned forward and delicately kissed the lid of the coffin. Two tears silently dropped from her eyes, hitting the white wood quickly mixing with the rain water.


She said, as tears were flowing freely from her eyes now. The empress then turned around without care for someone spotting her crying anymore. She moved aside allowing the priest to come forward again. The latter raised both of his arms into the air and started to sing a sad song, with the crowd soon joining him

“Earthly heavens above all men
Gates of paradise now and then
Yet another soul is gone
And close to you it’s drawn

With the faith in the heart
That cannot be torn apart
As our will cannot be bend
We are guided to the end

Earthly heavens above all men
Gates of paradise now and then
Yet another soul is gone
And close to you it’s drawn

As we leave the mortal plane
Our beloved are left in pain
Sorrow is all that’s left
Deeper than the deepest cleft

Earthly heavens above all men
Gates of paradise now and then
Yet another soul is gone
And close to you it’s drawn

As we find our way beyond
We hold to our sacred bond
With our beloved we are still tied
So The Outsider’s power is denied

Earthly heavens above all men
Gates of paradise now and then
Yet another soul is gone
And close to you it’s drawn…”

The Bells of the Dunwall Tower rang three times, giving their farewell to the soul getting ready to embark on a cosmic journey, saying goodbye to the Lord Protector Corvo Attano.

There is a place where no rules of the Universe apply, where time and reality have no meaning… The Void… Only one being rules in this location… It’s The Outsider… Some call this being a demon, an evil force that wants to corrupt all of humanity, a trickster. Some however worship the being knowing full-well of its possibly unlimited power. There are also those who treat the being as a complete mystery and desperately try to find it, never to succeed. He grants power to some, supernatural abilities of unknown potential and limits, but there is always one condition that all of those receiving the gift have to fulfill first. They have to be interesting… They have to be unique in a way, possibly to give The Outsider some fun in observing the struggling mortals. Some of the people that were granted the Outsider’s Gift over the years never wanted to find the cosmic being nor did they worship him, neither did they think of him as an evil force… The truth is that The Outsider always found his new toys himself not the other way around.

And so was Corvo Attano found by the trickster. He received a gift from the latter, powers that were meant to make it easier for him to change the fate of Dunwall and the Empire of Isles. And so Corvo indeed used these powers, combined with his skills the man turned into a ghost, killing almost no one on his mission, not killing his targets either, but always opting for a non-lethal solution, which would surprise most. How this man retained his morality after being backstabbed, betrayed and accused of killing the previous Empress? It remained a mystery, but made the Outsider even more interested in this particular human. And so after Empress Emily was back in power the Outsider observed Corvo closely, studied him and allowed the Lord Protector to study his supernatural abilities further… Developing them… Just as one Granny Rags. She lost her sanity eventually… It seemed however that Attano’s tremendous will held his sanity in place.

Corvo found many runes through the years as the Lord Protector to Emily and decided to make good use of them as if predicting that maybe someday, some faithful day, these powers will become useful once again. As if feeling that once the Outsider got a hold of someone, he wouldn't let go easily… And it was the truth, as no soul marked by the Outsider may rest in peace, it becomes the property of the cosmic being. And what the latter decides to use that soul for is entirely up to him.

That is why somehow Corvo wasn’t surprised when his eyes shot open again, seeing the twisted violet sky of the Void. He was laying on a platform made entirely from whale bone, it had many markings carved into it. Most of which Corvo didn’t recognize, except for the Outsider’s mark that was apparent in the carvings.

“I knew it…”

He said through his teeth, not so calm after all. It was one thing predicting that something as twisted as this will happen… But actually seeing it happen was a different thing entirely.

“I knew it! Damn it!”

He was still laying, the silence around him was very unnerving, making this out-of reality world even more strange and alien… If it was even possible. Corvo sat up slowly, feeling some nausea kicking in. He however quickly buried it down as there were definitely more important matters at hand and puking violently in a place such as this was not one of them. Silence was quickly broken when a slow, ironic clap echoed through the Void. Corvo immediately knew who was clapping… It wasn’t hard to guess. The Outsider materialized himself in front of Attano, still clapping ironically, with a smug mischievous grin on his face.

“Dear Corvo! Your fantastic predictions came true… You indeed belong to me…”

The Outsider’s smile became wider as Corvo’s expression turned into a very annoyed one.

“So… What now?”

Corvo went straight to the point, making the cosmic being even more amused

“There are two options for you to choose from… One, you will lose your consciousness and individuality to become a part of the Void, for eons to come…”

Corvo stared daggers at the trickster, obviously not happy with the first option

“Second… We’ll strike a deal…”

That sounded more plausible to the Lord Protector who waited for the cosmic being to finish

“As you know I observe those who are interesting, who can amuse me... Sometimes I help them, grant them powers, knowledge, answers… You Corvo are by far one of the most interesting and amusing mortals I ever came into contact with… It would be a real shame to waste your potential and talents…”

Corvo could only nod, not sure where the Outsider was going with this.

“Tell me Corvo, what would you give to live with Emily again? To hug her again and hold her in a warm embrace? What would you give up for your soul’s freedom?”

Corvo didn’t even think after that question


He answered firmly

“The deal is simple then… Amuse me yet again Corvo, change the fate of another World and turn the tides… And in return I will let you live again… With your beloved Emily… I’ll set your soul free.”

Corvo stood up slowly and looked straight into the Outsider’s eyes

“Where’s the catch?”

He asked predicting that there had to be one… There always was one.

“Oh there wouldn’t be fun in telling you all the details now, mortal. Give me your answer Corvo and you will know the details about the bargain.”

There was a moment of silence after which Corvo snickered slightly.

“You have a deal, of course.”

The Outsider smiled happily, obviously content with the mortal’s answer. The symbols carved in the whale’s bone suddenly lightened up, giving out a sickly violet glow that was increasing in intensity. Corvo was caught slightly by surprise and had to cover his eyes, as the glow became unbearable. Attano felt a sudden pull, felt his consciousness sipping away and then it was blackness for a while. But when he uncovered his eyes he immediately spotted an unnaturally pastel blue sky. The sun was shining brightly, dazzling him a little. It was also somehow off… As if not entirely real. He quickly sat up looking around, seeing nothing more than calm green of trees and some chirping birds flying above his head. Not wasting any second he stood up to his full height. Soon after that the Outsider materialized himself in front of the Lord Protector

“The World we are in now knows nothing about the darker aspects of life. It knows not the meaning of war, the suffering, the death. It knows nothing of the horrors of poverty or plague. It never experienced anything beyond the positive aspects of life… It’s… Unnatural…”

Corvo was listening intently to the Outsider, already wondering what he will have to do here then.

“The mortals here are boring Corvo. They have nothing interesting to offer, nothing that could amuse me. Not like you…”

Attano nodded, still waiting for the end of the speech

“And so they never experienced my influence, they know nothing of me Corvo. This World is in a constant stalemate, constant status quo that is not about to change…”

Lord Protector was slowly starting to understand where this is going

“That is why I sent you here, I want you to change the state of this world, upset its perfect balance, change its fate. End the boredom”

The cosmic being said still having his arms crossed

“How am I supposed to do that?”

Corvo asked slightly perplexed

“It’s rather simple. This World is ruled by two sisters. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, they are what stands between you and the fate of this entire boring World…”

Corvo narrowed his eyes

“So you want me to neutralize them?”

The Outsider smiled, quite amused


There was silence for a while, as Corvo was staring the Outsider down with disgust

“And if I do this… I’ll be free and able to live with Emily again…?”

The Outsider only nodded. Corvo lowered his head in deep thought as if fighting an invisible enemy in his mind. Then he suddenly raised his head again.

“Why would you need me to neutralize them if this World is already so perfect?”

Corvo asked not hiding his curiosity

“Corvo, Corvo... There’s no such thing as perfection... And ignorance is definitely not a part of it... How will you change this place is entirely up to you, but we have to start somewhere...”

The Outsider said smiling truthfully. There was a pause.

“Very well…”

Attano said coldly, all traces of doubt gone from his face. The Outsider chuckled and extended his arm pointing at Corvo. The latter immediately felt something… Some kind of energy and vigor he remembered feeling many years ago. Violet light enveloped Corvo, blinding him. And when it was gone Lord Protector was young again, young and full of energy. In front of him something materialized… Something familiar… On the ground just in front of him a set of tools was laying, a set he knew all too well. The silvery blade he used so many years ago was reflecting the rays of sun. The crossbow and pistol were neatly laying next to it with a full stock of ammunition in a pile close-by. Grenades, spring razors and other gadgets were set down in a row just behind the crossbow and the pistol. Corvo observed these tools of murder and mayhem for a while. Finally however he reached down picking them up one by one. He was in his old coat again, so it was easy for him to get a hold of all of the items. Finally he picked up the menacing blade, which was still very sharp, seemingly able to cut through anything. He held it tight and made a few swings with it, quickly remembering its weight and the ease with which he was able to use it in the past.

He slowly nodded to himself and looked at the Outsider again. The cosmic being was holding two items in its hands. The first one Corvo remembered very well. It was an artifact, Jessamine Kaldwin’s heart, which was able to tell secrets to its holder. The soul of the late empress was forever trapped inside this object, doomed to stay in a state between life and death forever. Corvo always felt guilty when using the item and again remorse hit him as he stared at The Heart. The latter disappeared after he was done with his previous mission of restoring Emily to the throne. To see it again made Corvo feel uneasy.

“This World might be boring, but there are many mystical artifacts here dear Corvo. The heart will help you locate them… Consider it my personal favor…”

Corvo reached for The Heart and grabbed it, taking it from the cosmic being. He immediately heard a whisper in his head.

“Where are we? This place is so warm… So peaceful… Yet somehow wrong…”

Attano quickly hid the heart in the depths of his long coat. He took a look at the second object in the Outsider’s hand. It was the mask, a symbol of an assassin, a symbol of progress and change. It was slightly corroded in some places as if time took its toll on it, despite the object being materialized by the Outsider. Without much thought Lord Protector reached for the mask, feeling its familiar weight again, looking at its fearsome exterior. He turned it around, seeing the soft red material inside. Seconds were going by as Corvo seemed to again be fighting some unknown force inside his mind. Yet again however the force lost as he slowly brought the mask to his face, placing it firmly... It fitted perfectly. The masked man switched his attention back to the Trickster.

“You are almost ready. There are however a few things you must know, before venturing deeper in this place.”

Corvo was silent

“Your gift from me will be more powerful here. This place is deeply connected with many mystical energies. The latter fuel your own additionally.”

Attano seemed a little surprised by this. Mystical energies? What could this possibly mean?

“You are my favorite pet and I couldn’t possibly leave you completely alone here… If you run out of your precious ammunition, use the Heart and find my mark Corvo...”

Those were good news, but if this World didn’t knew of the Outsider how could there be his mark here?
The Outsider then started to dematerialize, turning into some kind of black dust

“Remember however dear Corvo… You belong to me… If you’ll ever think about breaching our deal, you will never see Emily again and you will become a part of The Void…”

The Outsider chuckled grimly just before dematerializing completely. Corvo was left alone on the green field, surrounded by trees and other plants with a long blade in his right hand and his masked face hung down. There was no other path for him to take now. He shook his head getting rid of the persistent thoughts and cracked his neck ready to begin his new mission.


He whispered as the mark on his left hand lightened up. Then the masked man vanished in plain sight, without any indication that he was ever there.

It was a beautiful morning in Ponyville. The bees were buzzing, the birds were chirping, Ponies were beginning their daily routines, preparing for yet another calm and fulfilling day…

“It’s boring…”

Some of the Ponies were already starting conversations, talking to each other with smiles on their faces…

“So boring…”

Others were setting up their businesses for the day, preparing to serve their customers if the need arrives…

“It sickens me…”

Unbeknownst to all the citizens of Ponyville a cosmic being was observing them. Its dark eyes following their every movement as if looking for something. It had a disappointed expression on its pale face. The Outsider was not amused. But then his expression turned into a cruel smile.

“Oh Corvo… What amusement will you offer me?”

Then The Outsider saw what he was looking for. A masked creature materialized itself out of nowhere just outside the forest called “Everfree Forest” by those mortals. The Outsider chuckled darkly.

“So it begins…”

Corvo was standing just outside of the forest he sped through. He then crouched down… Something he did out of habit really. The ability he used previously was a rather new one, it was something similar to what he saw Granny Rags do. Was he becoming like her? No… His sanity was in perfect shape, he was just learning new tricks.

Corvo was able to turn into white mist on thought. It seemed that this ability might be more useful than he thought previously. Normally he would feel a little tired after using this power, but here… It was as if it cost him nothing. He still felt full of energy. Could it be that it was what the Outsider had in mind? Those mystical energies… Did they fuel his power? He had a lot of questions but obviously there was no one to give him answers. Enough… The faster he completes his mission, the sooner he’ll get to see Emily again.

“Canis Aspectus…”

Corvo whispered, as the Outsider’s mark started to glow. He then could see… Everything… Darkness would no longer be a problem to his eyes. He could see through walls, as every creature in vicinity was marked with a yellow aura… Some items were also marked with an aura… He could also hear the heartbeat of any creature he would look at, an indication of it being nervous or calm. But that was not the end. The power seemed to gain more characteristics than he remembered… He could smell the creatures, see the paths they were walking through, but also hear them, from afar… This power was no longer limited to only his sight… Corvo recoiled from it slightly. It was somewhat overwhelming to get so much information in an instant. He blinked twice, getting used to seeing. smelling and hearing everything so clearly. And then he realized something quite… Strange…

“Why are there only animals here…?”

He looked around, seeing many yellow auras in horse-like shapes, but no human shapes whatsoever. There was obviously a village or a town in front of him. He spotted it earlier as he was moving through the woods. There was smoke coming from many chimneys and where there’s smoke, there’s bound to be civilization. And of course he was right. Something was very wrong here however. He decided that it would be best to find a better vantage point, than right outside of a forest. He looked around spotting many houses in the distance and… Yellow auras in the sky…

“What the…”

He stammered indeed seeing horse shapes flying through the sky. And he was not hallucinating… He blinked twice and took a few steps back inside the forest, feeling suddenly that a possibility of detection quadrupled. He put a hand inside his coat and took out the heart… Waiting for it to whisper…

“There are no humans in this World… This place… It’s full of mysteries and secrets… Mythical creatures roam it… Pegasi and Unicorns are a normal sight… They all call themselves “ponies”, but they have little in common with Equines from the Empire…”

Corvo was flabbergasted… Ponies? Really? This was just ridiculous…

“Thank you…”

He whispered, feeling bad about using The Heart again…

“You’re welcome Corvo…”

The Heart answered at which Attano almost fell down from surprise…


He asked shocked…

“Yes… It’s me my Lord Protector… The Outsider gave me my memories back… I know what happened to me now… And what I am now…”

There was silence for a while

“He promised that he will set me free if I’ll help you on this journey…”

Corvo didn’t know what to say… So he said the only thing that felt right to him…

“I’m so sorry Jessamine…”

To his surprise the Heart laughed silently

“Don’t be Corvo… We are both fighting for our freedom… And for you to meet my daughter again… Don’t hesitate to use my talents…”

Corvo only nodded, hiding Jessamine back inside his coat. His keen mind started to analyze everything… First he needed information about his targets and seeing as they were the rulers of this World he would need to get information about where they resided, how they looked like… And that is common knowledge… Corvo looked around again searching for something… Or rather someone… He already had an idea.

The distance between him and the town wasn’t very long, but way too long with those “Pegasi” flying around like that. Then he spotted it… A lonely hut just outside the forest… And inside the hut lots of yellow auras possibly belonging to many different animals. There was also one unfamiliar horse-like aura with wings. Another Pegasus… Lonely Pegasus… Corvo crouched again and zoomed in on the hut’s roof with his mask. He concentrated on it.


He whispered as the Outsider’s mark lightened up brightly. He then felt as if being pulled through reality. In an instant he found himself crouching on the roof of the hut, seeing the Pegasus attending to some animals inside of its (probably) house, just below him. Were those “Ponies” really sentient? It was a very hard thing for Corvo to believe in… All his doubts were however dispersed as he heard the Pegasus say something in an unknown to Attano language, possibly speaking to the animals.

“That might be a problem…”

Lord Protector whispered to himself

“Let me help you with that Corvo…”

He heard Jessamine say in his mind. He then felt a tremendous headache, as he put a hand on his head wincing from the pain. The mumblings of the Pegasus distorted somewhat and in a matter of seconds became a language that Corvo understood and knew perfectly… He blinked a few times still massaging his temple, not quite understanding what just happened

“Here you go Mr. Bunny… Fresh carrots for you…”

The Pegasus said in a timid voice. This certainly proved Corvo that indeed the “Ponies” were sentient. Not wasting any more time than was necessary Attano concentrated


He whispered and the mark on his hand responded. The Lord Protector turned into white mist and seeped between the cracks of the roof. Soon he was inside of the hut. He could see the Pegasus giving out food to the creatures with a happy smile on her face…

“They even have faces…”

Corvo thought

The white mist arrived right behind the unaware Pegasus, as Corvo materialized into a solid form, standing right behind the yellow mare. The animals reacted to that fact by giving out some panicked chirps and screams

Fluttershy was in the middle of her routine, feeding her many animal friends. The day began as always. She was pretty content, as it seemed that it will be just another normal day.

“Here you go Mr. Bunny… Fresh carrots for you…”

She said to a bunny right in front of her. Possibly Angel’s relative. She was about to go feed some of her avian friends next, but the sudden outburst of screams from the animals startled her, as she turned around quickly alarmed by it. What she saw made her worst nightmares fluffy in comparison. There in front of her a horrifying creature was standing. Taller than most of what she saw, a biped. Its build was unlike anything she ever saw and it’s snout… No… It was a face… But it was blank, made out of some kind of metal. It inspired true dread in the yellow mare. Even Diamond Dogs seemed to look friendly in comparison. The creature was also fully dressed and that was an indication of sentiency, of sinister intelligence… She started to breathe sharply, her fear skyrocketing, she felt herself glued to the spot, unable to move or do anything comprehensive. Where did this creature come from? What did it want? Why did it have no face?! For a while they were both standing still until…


The creature whispered as a strange mark on its left paw lightened up menacingly. Fluttershy was about to take a few steps back, but some kind of unknown dark force suddenly tightened around her mind. She could see that the creature turned into black energy that was making its way inside her body. She wanted to scream, but couldn’t. The grim power was squeezing all her rationality from her, all of her conscious thought. And soon all of her consciousness seeped away becoming completely dormant. Her mind shut down as she could only see limitless blackness…

The Outsider observed the whole situation. And as Corvo used his abilities the Supernatural Being smiled widely

“Dear Corvo… You’re one cunning human…”

He said, finally feeling that the boring World was about to become very, very interesting… And soon…

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