Perfect Harmony

by Bloodwing

The Arrival

Perfect Harmony – Arrival

There is no good and evil, no black or white when it comes to balance, every event, every action taken, has only one ultimate goal, which is reaching the universal harmony. Knowing this, it’s obvious that there cannot be a realm, so a part of the Universe, touched only by order or chaos alone. Both have to be introduced to the World for the sake of equilibrium. Equestria is no exception, as the avatar of Chaos, Discord was a way for the Universe to keep the perfect harmony. This World however has promptly restricted the chaos and its role, dangerously tipping the scales to one side. Furthermore with first and second appearance of blasphemous tools called “The Elements of Harmony” the scale will soon fall and consequences of that would be disastrous. Universe cannot wait any longer and because of that, a drastic measure has to be taken… Damian Vermont, psychopath, murderer and a monster in human form, takes his last steps among the living. His green mile soon coming to an end, Damian was sentenced to death by electric chair for brutally killing and mutilating 117 innocent people. The media called him The Headless Shadow; police could never hope to catch this demon as the crime scenes were always clean of any condemning evidence. The trademark he left was a carving of letter H on the chest of the victim, but also a fact that every single corpse found by the law enforcers was headless (heads were never retrieved). The cuts surgically clean, the carving almost artistic, this psycho treated his victims and his doings as art. He eventually gave himself in, stating that his work is done. Death sentence was more than a sure bet in his case… However with his end the murderer shall become a tool for the Universe to once and for all get rid of the Elements of Harmony, the abominations that shouldn’t exist and came out of control, away from the Universes reach. Of course it can be expected that they won’t go down without a fight thus the new avatar of chaos has to be prepared. This is why the Universe… Or rather God (according to Damian) has whispered to Vermont, teaching the murderer the art of killing. Diagnosed as insane by the ignorant human race, Damian stayed true to his beliefs doing everything he was asked for by the voice, training his skills on 117 sacrifices. Time has come for the Headless Shadow to be reborn; time has come to fulfill his role…

Location: Earth, United States of America, California, California State Prison, Corcoran (COR), Super-maximum security wing

„Dead man walking! We have a dead man walking!”

Shouted the enthusiastic prison guard. Dressed in black anti-riot armor he was more than prepared for an act of disobedience coming from the murderer whose arm he was holding to. Damian Vermont was a tall muscularly build man, his skin almost white, this man had a dangerous and dark aura around him. His face covered in various tattoos was showing a cold analytical expression. His bones visible through his skin were giving the man ghastly and predatory looks about him. Every single prisoner went silent when The Headless Shadow was walking his green mile, every single prisoner, even the alphas of the prison world were literally unable to speak, the overwhelming feeling of dread paralyzing their vocal cords. A Catholic priest was following the dead-man. His long robes caused him to sometimes lose balance, as Damian was taking very long steps with his muscle rippled legs.

“Green Mile! It’s a Green Mile!”

Shouted the guard yet again, his companion on Vermonts other side gave the man a puzzled expression.

“I don’t think they are planning to do anything Charles. They’re not even moving…”

The one called Charles frowned a little and proceeded to guide the inmate to his doom. The Green Mile wasn’t really a long distance to take, but for the sentenced prisoner and the prison guards next to him it tended to become longer then it seemed. Minutes turning to hours in their minds this Green Mile definitely took way to long for everyone concerned. The priest was saying some prayers and rambled something about redemption and regret for ones sins. Headless Shadow however was very much not listening to the priest, as a matter of a fact he didn’t even know what a Catholic priest was doing on his Rebirth Ceremony. Finally after a few long minutes the guards, priest and Damian reached the thick iron door, not replaced since the beginning of the prison, this iron door was all rusted, decayed and had 143 years of constant usage to show for it. There was also a yellow piece of paper glued on a wooden board in the upper section of the door, obviously an old message that still applied to current practice of death sentence in this state.

“May God have mercy on your Soul… That pretty much sums it all up nicely Mr. Vermont.”

Said the slightly calmer guard, his head nodding, as he read the message out loud. Damian didn’t respond, his expression still the same as it was a minute ago. He seemed dozed off; deep in his thoughts and whatever they were, the guard could bet, they weren’t pleasant.

“Damian, it’s the last chance for you to repent in the eyes of God. Are you willing to look for God’s forgiveness? Are you willing to confess your sins?”

Asked the priest, short but slim Afro-American. He was wearing a small silver cross over his neck. His voice was very soothing and melodic. If Damian had an aura of foulness around him, this priest had an aura of positivity, meaning that he clearly believed he was helping everyone who was willing to accept the help. Vermont simply stared the man down, jagging his self-confidence with ice cold murderous look that would probably freeze over water if there was any in vicinity. The priest felt cold sweat dripping down from his brow…

“I don’t need forgiveness…”

Said Vermont spitefully, seizing the priest up.

“All I have done is GODS WILL!”

He shouted angry at the priest for his ignorance.

“I take it as a “no””

Answered the priest quietly

The guards looked at each other slightly scared that the situation might go out of control. Fortunately for them, Damian didn’t say another word and went silent. The enthusiastic guard sighed and proceeded to open the iron door, using old valve lock, similar to ones used in submarines. The door protested with an unholy moan that could easily frighten the lesser man. The moaning of old metal and rusted hinges quickly gave away, as the door opened inviting the four men in. Old light bubbles slowly lit up, dispersing the disturbing darkness and uncovering the final destination of Damian’s life. He flinched, slightly and unnoticeably, but didn’t protest when the two guards in riot-armor slowly dragged him closer to the wooden contraption. The chair had visible marks of usage as it probably took no less lives than the Shadow. Dents and cracks on the chairs armrests could tell a lot about the procedure of being electrocuted to death. It had to be painful and agonizing, as convicts were squeezing their fingers so tightly around the wooden armrest, it caused the armrest to crack and dent even. The iron door was slowly closed by another man. This one was not wearing any armor, but standard blue uniform of the prison staff. His black short hair were wet, covered in sweat, the man was very much stressed, as this was first execution he was attending to. The two guards turned Damian around and placed him on the wooden chair. He still seemed very calm, but inside of him a tempest of anger was slowly rising.

He will be reborn but still through a very demeaning way.

The guards quickly strapped him in leather belts, limiting his movement. Then a wet sponge was put over his bald head, covering him in ice cold water. The demon however didn’t even blink. Over the sponge a kind of metal helmet was put, leather straps holding it on his head. The lights suddenly blinked a little, but then returned to their full potential. The man with black hair looked around unsure of himself, but then shrugged and took a place next to the main switch. Seconds were passing by, turning into minutes quickly. The guards were getting impatient and then they heard the atrocious moan of the old iron door as the Head of the Prison himself entered the small concrete room. He was a fat sort of fellow, wearing blue suit with ugly, dirty, yellow tie that didn’t match the rest of the clothing. He obviously gained a few pounds recently as his suit was visibly barely containing his rather large frame. Gasping for air desperately, the Head took a few minutes to recover as he probably ran to the execution chamber. Then steadily he approached the large window in front of the Monster. Curtains slowly went up and faces of four people could be seen. There were no next of kin and people attending to the execution were probably exclusive reporters. They nodded with anticipation, no sadness in their eyes, as World knew that in fact a rabid animal is put to rest and not a human being.

“Any last words Damian?”

Asked the Head of Prison with his husky voice, taking a measuring look at the demon. Vermont raised his head up and swept the concrete room with his sight.

“You are all… GOING TO BURN IN HELL!”

All his anger, disdain and rage exploded, as he was looking at these puny worms that tried to interrupt his work.

They didn’t deserve to be a part of it! They should all perish in flames!

Saliva coming down his chin, the monster raged, his skin color turning to red as blood was pumped rapidly through his system. The madness in his eyes terrifying everyone that dared to look at him. All in all he looked indeed like a rabid animal. The Head of The prison looked at his watch and then nodded. A gag was quickly put in Damian’s mouth, and soon after that the switch was moved. Ten thousand volts of electric current went through the body of the murderer that convulsed and thrashed about violently. Shortly after that the murderer left the Earth realm.

Location: Equestria, Sweet Apple Acres

Damian Vermont opened his eyes, his vision blurry, he was not able to process information from his optic nerves for a while. The clearness came slowly, as one by one his senses were rebooting and kicking in. First he smelled something, sweet and fresh, he knew that smell somehow…

Apples, fresh apples smelled sweetly like that…

Then his sense of touch awakened as he could easily tell that what he felt under his palms was soft grass. Vision slowly cleared out as he noticed, he was looking at pastel, bright, blue sky. He turned his head slowly to the right, bones cracking as if not used for a while; the Headless Shadow slowly took in his surroundings. He seemed to be in some kind of apple orchard… And all this, to his bewilderment, was slowly making sense…

The voice was right, it indeed had to be God, speaking to him… He was reborn anew in another World!

He stood up slowly, his muscles rippling under his skin, as 120 kilos of murder raised from the green grass and stood up slowly. He took a deep breath and smiled… Smiled, like he was always smiling just seconds before beheading one of his victims. The psychopath made his own reasoning about the situation he was in right now. Normal person would probably start looking for signs of civilization, possibly freaking out at the same time. But no, Damian Vermont was not freaking out; he was smiling widely and disturbingly

“My mission begins here…”

He said in enthusiastic deep voice, that was perfectly matching his visage, chuckling darkly soon after that. This new World was about to face its greatest challenge yet, as pure hate, madness and wild brutality came to the beautiful innocent realm of Equestria to actually save it from a greater disaster... How crazy was that?

Location: Equestria, Canterlot, Royal Gardens

Discord, despite being petrified was very much conscious, not able to see, smell or touch, but able to feel… He felt energies around him and also felt the scales of balance being touched by something new, something very chaotic and, using the ponies terms, evil.

The Second One has arrived…

A whisper echoed in his head, low and gentle one.

“I can feel him…”

Thought Discord… Then he suddenly felt a surge of power go down his body…

You will be freed First One, despite failing the equilibrium terribly… You shall teach this New One of the universal harmony, become his mentor and recruit allies for his cause.

Discord felt a slight pinch of fear in his heart. The Universe was freeing him but also knew that he failed miserably, consequences were sure to come, and he feared them…

You are forbidden to directly interfere with this World and will be severely punished after the balance is returned!

The whisper got sharper, hissed the sentence, voice full of venom.

Discord would gulp if he could, however punishment was better than disintegration. But what exactly “directly” meant? He didn’t know so he said the only thing reasonable

“Yes, my Creator…”

He replied with respect and loyalty. The whisper didn’t reply and Discord could feel enough power running through his veins to claim his freedom yet again…

Location: Equestria, Canterlot, Royal Service Recruitment Center

Clean Street was very much furious, anger boiling in him as he was being fired from his work… Again…

“It’s my name isn’t it? You’re firing me because of my stupid name, right?”

He asked angrily, eyes narrowed.

The mare responsible for recruitment of staff for Canterlot Castle sighed deeply, her blue wings twitching slightly as she wasn’t really good when it came to arguing and stress resistance. This weirdo was definitely making her stress levels go up. Why was he a weirdo? Well, she never ever saw a pony this old, without a cutie mark. That’s not the only problem, Average sized with crimson coat, the guy was an unicorn without an actual horn to begin with. Okay he had one but it was broken in half, which probably made casting magic impossible (How did he even break it in the first place… Weird, huh?). And those freaky eyes… One black and I mean completely black, no iris or pupil whatsoever and some kind of scar (I think) going down from his brow to the end of his muzzle. The other eye would be normal if not for the pupil… It simply looked like a lizard’s eye, oh yeach and the iris was red, so again weird color. His hoofs were actually normal looking, but white, which didn’t exactly match the coat. And lastly he was, well, bald… No mane to begin with and his tail was poorly kept, white hair dropping down as if they made of something heavy, scarcely covering the whole tail… In some places his bare skin was visible.

“I will answer all your questions soon, sir…”

She said as calmly as possible, but then curiosity took over and she just had to ask

“Mind if I ask a question first?”

She asked smiling widely

“Is it about my eyes?”

He asked with a sight, rolling his eyes

“No, no… Well… A little”

She said staring at him directly


“What’s with the eyes?”

Asked the perplexed Pegasus. Clean Street facehoofed and took a deep breath.

“I’m a victim of black magic, okay? Can we just skip this nonsense and get to the point WHY the F… Why the hell are you FIRING me?!”

The Pegasus didn’t react much to this and seemed to be completely devoid of emotional sensitivity, as she asked:

“What magic now…?”

Her expression was that of bewilderment

Clean street simply stared her down

“You can’t be this ignorant, can you? NEVERMIND! Why was I fired for Luna’s sake?!”

He screamed and gesticulated at the annoying Pegasus. She was immediately intimidated.
“Oh… Yes of course… Well, I was told that Canterlot Castle cannot possibly have somepony who looks… Well…”

“Like shit?”

“I wouldn’t say that… But yes… Pretty much…”

He sighed; nothing was ever easy for him. His parents both accused of practicing “black arts” were banished from Equestria, turned out he was a test subject for both of them, hurray… And of course nothing could be done to repair the damage. Doctors said some parts of his body were… Replaced… He didn’t want to know the exact details. Until he reached adulthood, he was raised in Canterlot Orphanarium, where they gave him this ridiculous name, not reflecting his skills or character in ANY way. Orphanarium was not a nice place to begin with, but still beat dying horribly from starvation. This was his 3rd job, from which he was fired. Every employer reached the same conclusion after a while – they can’t have a fruit of hideous magic working in public place. Only after they studied his past more closely would they always come to this decision.
He turned around saying nothing and went out leaving the annoying blue Pegasus. Path to the tavern he was living in now lead directly through Canterlot Royal Gardens. Clean Street was deep in thought as he was passing by the mysterious sculptures of the garden. First thing on his head was… What now? He didn’t have a job (again) and the dole he was living on would expire in a month. He will stay without an…


He suddenly stopped and looked at the sculpture of Discord… He could swear he heard a cracking sound from this direction.


He came closer to the sculpture and took a good look at it.


Visible cracks were appearing on its surface, pieces of stone falling down from various places. Clean Street took a step back, mouth agape his heart racing a mile a minute; he couldn’t stop staring at the sculpture.

“That’s some kickass trick…”

He said to himself


Suddenly the sculpture exploded, stone debris coming down like rain, high silhouette of the Draconequus took the sculptures place. Discord stretched and then cracked his fingers.

“Aaand, free again! Teehehehe!”

He laughed cheerfully and then noticed the weird pony looking at him intensely


He asked, confusion on his face. The pony shook his head suddenly, as if coming out of trance

“Well, what?”

He asked not really thinking the question through

“Aren’t you going to run away? Scream, as I laugh menacingly and plan to wreck chaos upon this land?”

The pony put a hoof on his chin, seemingly deep in thought.

“Are you… Somepony I should know or something?”


“Wait! You’re this illusionist! Whatcha call him… Silver Star!”

Discord didn’t really facepalm much, but this was one of those times… Then suddenly he remembered his very important task of tutoring the new Chaos Avatar.

“Darn it! I have to go… But you and me are not done yet, pal! Wait, scratch that, you’re coming with me, I can’t simply let somepony who doesn’t know about Discord go, walking freely like that! I worked hard for my reputation!”

Discord snapped his fingers and then, both dumbstruck Clean Street and Discord teleported to meet the new avatar, with Discord thinking he’s ready for what’s coming. But hey, everyone can come to wrong conclusions! It’s a matter of how wrong they are that’s important, and Discords assumptions… Well, they were simply dead wrong…