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One day, Stargazer, a pegasus is lost in the Everfree Forest. She finds a surprise, that will change, and scar her life forever.

Sorry, for short script! :P

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Being an alicorn takes responsibility. Like taking care of not using your magic to powerfully, or using it for bad causes. But one thing that haunts you forever can change your life. This is the curse of the alicorn. And Celestia has to tell a certain lavander alicorn then sometime right? And Celestia has no idea how to tell her, or how she or herself will react when she tells her.


So, I will tell you something, if you like this story, then I might make a prequel. I hope you do because I want to WRITE! XD

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This takes place a little bit before Twilight and her friends stopped Nightmare moon. What happened before Twilight and her friends saved Celestia, stopped Nightmare Moon, and brought back Princess Luna?

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