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Being an alicorn takes responsibility. Like taking care of not using your magic to powerfully, or using it for bad causes. But one thing that haunts you forever can change your life. This is the curse of the alicorn. And Celestia has to tell a certain lavander alicorn then sometime right? And Celestia has no idea how to tell her, or how she or herself will react when she tells her.


So, I will tell you something, if you like this story, then I might make a prequel. I hope you do because I want to WRITE! XD

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Hmm.... It's Everypony.
But anyway, it feels like Twilight should be a lot sadder. I mean, everypony she's ever known and loved is going to DIE around her! I think she'd show a lot more emotion.

And also try to give some build up to Celestia telling her. Maybe a few silent tears dripping down the Princess's cheek?

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Did any of u guys dislike this :twilightangry2: :raritycry::raritycry::fluttershyouch::fluttershyouch::applecry::applecry::applecry:

Is this, like, some kind of imminent death? Has Twilight's becoming an Alicorn sucked the life from them? Because I can see how that might lead to hard feelings, grief, and scarring.

Otherwise, they're dying from....what, exactly? Shouldn't they be informed of their impending demise so they can tie up loose ends? I'm feeling very lost here.

3904860 What they're saying here, is that her friends are going to die around her of old age, and she's gonna be alive to see their death wish. Get it?:unsuresweetie:

Oh, okay. In that case, I have a couple criticisms.

One is that this was kind of going to happen anyway. Rainbow Dash is a stunt flyer, Pinkie Pie consume massive amounts of sugar, Fluttershy regularly handles dangerous animals, and Apple Jack does constant hard, manual labor. The only one of friends likely to be done in by old age is Rarity.

Two is that this bunch, in addition to the normal dangers of their lives, gets tossed into even more dangerous situations all the time, both because they are the Bearers of the Elements and because Ponyville is a disaster magnet. Heck, even Alicorns aren't immune to this; both Celestia and Cadance stood a good chance of dying during the Wedding. Twilight herself has no guarantee that she'll still be around when her friends start turning old and grey. If any of them last that long.

So, while Twilight worrying about outliving her friends being gently shuffled off their mortal coils at the ends of decades of life is the popular way to handle this concept, there's still quite a bit to play around with. Twilight might come up with an immortality elixir and have it refused. It might be worthless because the cause of death is not old age. She might feel she has years to work on it and be surprised by tragedy. She might find out that becoming an alicorn is no shield against misfortune and regret all the effort in staving off a senescence that will never come.

And, of course, if such a cure for old age is found, why should only Twilight's friends have it? Won't Applejack fret at outliving Big Mac and Applebloom? Unless everyone gets it, the problem (if it is one) is only being spread out further.

3908508 Hey bro, r u trying to get a job as an editor now? This is only my third story, go easy man sheesh. :applejackunsure:


Oh, don't worry. It's not just you. This is a story concept that's been popping over and over again since Twilight got her wings. Heck, you haven't even done anything wrong yet.

What I'm saying is: have some fun with the concept. Don't just skip sixty years into the future. Give the characters questions to ask and don't feel too obligated to provide answers. Relative mortality is a big, messy subject. It'd be easy to deny the mess and just have Twilight's friends be perfectly okay with her plan and only care about Twilight while their own loved ones perish forgotten off-screen. It'd be easy to just go, "Well, it's impossible to do immortality for X made-up reason and it's just better that way because, who wants to live forever anyway?"

So my advice is to revel in the mess. Twilight's in panic mode and Celestia's not far behind her. They're about to do something incredibly important with barely any thought put into it. There's bound to be some ugly consequences to this and it'd wonderful to see them unfold.

3911036 Yeah, go see ur family again, say, "Hey my friends!" when u see ur buds.
Who wants to live forever anyways? Hense the title; The Curse of The Alicorn. Duh, nowonder I named it that, it's not like I would just slap up a title, and call it; When Celestia Tells Twilight Her Friends Are Going To Die. Wow, that's just sad.:fluttercry:
P.S. U just earned urself a new follower!
Thx, BROHOOF! /)

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