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In a world where 6 ponies got to the Elements of Harmony before Celestia and Luna, the sisters discuss what they could have become.

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The Summer Sun Celebration has a history of going wrong. Weather terrorism, revengeful, powerful, evil sister, you named it, it probably happened. And the second time in Ponyville is no different.

All the adults suddenly disappear, leaving the town is chaos. Not even Celestia is there to bring back harmony. And Discord ain't there either.

Some kids have powers, not like unicorn magic or pegasuii magic, but like none seem before. Like a earth pony levitating objects and a unicorn shooting lasers out of her hoofs.

And there's a evil entity in the Everfree who wants control.

This is a crossover of Gone by Michael Grant, which is similar to The Lord of the Flies.

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!Hi , I'm Lean . Have you notice stranges things in the sky? A Delayed sunrise , a rainbow coloured line traveling across the sky very fast to name a few. I've always wondered what was 'It' that caused our lovely land , Choria, to be the last strong hold of humans on their native planet. And what's beyond the Border . No human has been beyond it in 4.5 million years . And if they had , they never came back. Also I love horses . This is my horse . Her name is Waterfall . When chaos descends on my home town of Qunlopa caused by someone called himself 'Discord',who said he came from " a place beyond what we call the Border" I and my horse set off on a journey to find someone to help us stop him .

NOTE: there will be a granulal build up of My little pony stuff.

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