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My first blog in ages · 10:53pm Dec 18th, 2014

Hello there. You are probably wondering why this person you never remembered following is in your feed. Well that's because I haven't be very active lately.

Or have I...

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How did this happen? · 8:14pm Apr 10th, 2014

I was typing the next chapter of No Adults and I noticed something. My commas were gone weird. I got up my keyboard and did a bit of poking around.

I relised I was using a Hawaiian keyboard.

Ya, my iPad is messed up.

Which means I have to do a lot of editing to get rid of all the weird commas and anything else that looks strange.

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Look, Look! · 9:13am Apr 6th, 2014

So I have a new avatar. It's a hybrid of a mockingjay (iif you read the hungers games or watch the movie, you should know what I'm talking about) and a black horse. Pretty cool, huh.

And on the suject of No Adults, the next chapter is on hold at the moment because I just can't get the words out of my head for some reason. But- ops, sorry I was going to give you some spoilers but you probably hate them.

But it's coming. Slowly but surely.

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The pain, oh the pain! · 10:28pm Mar 22nd, 2014

On Wenesday, I got not one, but TWO injections. By force. One in each arm. And it was painful but fast.

Yeah, one of them I was meant to get last year but someone decided it was better to wait a year and get it with this other injection. I hate that money-saving idiot. I mean it's an ordeal to get just one but TWO! It's an outrage.

And worse thing is that it's sore to move each of my arm so high yesterday and the day before was so painful it took me forever to get the sleep.

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Where have all the treads gone… · 3:17pm Mar 19th, 2014

Ok, I might be the only one but for some reason, I can't see any treads in my notications anymore. It started this morning and I didnt mangaged to unjoin from all my groups. Ugg, thread make up 99% of my notications but them not being there is definatly something to worry about.

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An Update of sorts… · 5:38pm Feb 25th, 2014

So I'm taking my time with the next chapter of no adults, so expect it in a few weeks.

In other news, I'm working on a St. Paddy's day fic, which shall be 100% Irish. What will it be about, you will all just have to wait and see.

And I've a few busy weeks coming up now so yeah.

And at the moment, I'm addicted to Minecraft Hide n Seek( the app for iPads and such) so that's making the writing process even slower. I'm pretty good at it too.

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Stuff · 10:07pm Feb 11th, 2014

Happy early St.Valentines Day.

So I hope the next chapter of No Adults is out by Saturday. Its 90% done just needed to add a cliffhanger, edit and it will be out. And try and improve the sad scenes. Its very hard to write some of the scenes because I don't know whats its like to lose your parent(s) all of a sudden.

And thaks again for reading it.

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Ku he fat choy, Everybody · 6:31am Jan 31st, 2014

Or as we said it a few years back in school.


I didn't make it up.
It's the Chinese New Year today. And I want to thank everyone who favourited ' No Adults'. And to my followers it's finally out.

Also I found a very offensive place name this week.


With means 'the church of bronagh'.

And there's also a place called Kil.

With means 'church '

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Happy super late new year! · 10:50pm Jan 3rd, 2014

I'm going to try and do blogs more regularly and jam up your feed with random stuff. < insert evil laugh >. My plans for this new year are
To get 50 followers
Write more
Find a way to stop a friend freaking out about test and exams (top priority)
Make this year better than 2013( the first 6 months were a nightmare)
I'm not sure when I will update a girl and her horse but I'm trying to work on a Gone crossover.
Ekluvstuff out!

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Just started · 2:20pm Sep 25th, 2013

Ok now I am writing a story
I don't know if any one will read it .
But it should be very good .
It's gonna be called 'A stupid Wish!'' (not final)!

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