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After a freak accident happened while saving their worlds, a blue hedgehog and a cyan, rainbow colored mane pegasus meet and find themselves in a new dimension called Earth! In order to survive in this world, they will have to work together to find their missing friends, as well as the Chaos Emeralds and the Elements of Harmony! And with the help of two human siblings Christopher and Katherine Thorndyke, AKA the Thorndyke siblings, they are in for one hell of a ride! However, troublemakers from their worlds such as the evil genius Dr. Eggman and the mad scientist pony Steam, are also here to cause trouble for our heroes! Who will come out on top with the Emeralds and the Elements? Find out in this exciting adventure in Sonic X: Friendship is Universal!

A/N: The MLP side is an adaptation to Super Writer's fan game Curse of The Lost Kingdom. All credit for the original characters and elements from the game goes to him.

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