• Published 3rd Apr 2013
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Beings from another world - Vmad

Chris gets a shock of a lifetime when 6 creatures approach him while he was sketching the scenery.

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Helping out

"Earth?" they all asked me quizzically.

"Yes, Earth. That's the name of our planet, which is the third planet in our solar system" I replied.

"So...we're not on Terra anymore?" Twilight asked me.

"If that's the name of your planet, then no. I'm sorry to say that all six of you are not on 'Terra' anymore, wherever the hell that is" I told them.

They were all shocked to know this. I mean, I too would be freaking out if I get transported to another world.

"Ok...So what the buck are you called then? I mean, none of us ponies have ever seen anything like you. I mean, really, you look like a skinny Minotaur!" Rainbow Dash said, earning a small chuckle from the other 5.

"Well, Im a Homo Sapien. A.K.A a human in simpler terms

"Hue-man? What does that mean?" Pinkie asked me.

'Oh man....This is gonna take quite a while' I thought

After explaining to them on what is a human, where they are right now and them explaining some brief discussion about their kind, I had found out that our worlds are roughly the same. One thing though, is that they call themselves 'ponies' even though they don't really look like one and look more like a human. They stand upright like us, wear clothing, as well as having fingers.

"So...can you tell me how you got here?" I asked them.

"Well, miss egghead here messed up her spell and caused us to end up here" Rainbow Dash told us, giving Twilight a glare.

"Hey! I said Im sorry for that! Anyways, like what Rainbow here said, I messed up a spell that makes a portal that can help us travel far distances" Twilight told me.

"Long distance travel suing portals? Now that is cool!" I said to her.

During the small conversation that we had, I failed to realise that the clouds were growing darker in colour, indicating that it is going to rain. True enough, I felt a droplet of water fall on my hand. Soon, it began drizzling and the 7 of us had anything to shelter us with. I got up, took my things and ran the same way I came. Second later, I realised that they were not following, so I shouted to them, hoping that they could still hear me.

"Come on! If all of you are not coming, you girls are bound to be drenched! Follow me!" I shouted to them over in the distance. Luckily, it grabbed their attention, and soon they were running beside me.

The rain began to grow more heavier, but luckily for us, we were near our destination.
Soon, we had reached our destination. My old home that my parents and I lived in before my dad died and my mom move away to live with her relatives in the Philippines.

I unlocked the door and a wave of nostalgia hits me again. The same one that hits me every time I came home from school.
Unfortunately for us, we got caught in the rain and are now completely drenched.

The house isn't so big, but it's fine for me. Two stories high with 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and a storage compartment full of memories.

"Go to the master bedroom. It's the in the last door at the second floor, just next to mine. There's some spare clothes that you can use, all are from my moms and you can dry yourselves with some of the spare towels in there. " I told them, to which the nodded.

I went to my room and quickly got dried off and changed into some comfortable clothes. Nothing too special, just a black and white striped shirt and a pair of blue shorts. I went back to the living room, sat down on the sofa and begin recalling the events that transpired. My mind began to wonder, what would happen if other people find out about them? Would they experiment on them? (not that kind of 'experiment' you pervs) Would they ever find a way back? Do I want them to go back? I mean, it would be fun having them around and such. And if they can't go back, how will they adapt to this world?

My mind was caught short when I heard a door close. Soon, the girls came down the stairs in my moms clothing.

Twilight was wearing a light purple blouse and a blue pair of jeans. Rarity was wearing my mothers favourite dress, a black dress with a silver lining on the waist line of it. Fluttershy was wearing a green dress with orange and red flower patterns on it. Pinkie was wearing a red shirt with a bit of pink and a yellow skirt with red stripes. Rainbow went for almost all dark blue. Having a pair of dark blue jeans, a dark blue blouse with white stripes as well as wearing my mothers blue jacket over it. Applejack was wearing a brown shirt with small red polka dots at the edges and a pair of light blue jeans, still wearing her Stetson hat.

I have no idea if they decided to show their cleavage or not but it didn't matter. I snapped out of my trance otherwise they'll realise I have staring at their boobs.

"I see that your a dressed" I said chuckling a little, hoping they didn't see a small blush on my face.

"Eeyup! Thanks for the help sugarcube. But can ya tell us why ya helpin' us?" Applejack asked. From what they said about them being 'The elements of harmony', Applejack is a living lie detector. So I couldn't really tell a lie.

"Honestly, I'm worried about the 6 of you. If you can recall from what I said about humanity and our almost endless curiosity, we can tend to be crazy when we find something new. If they find out about you girls, I can only hope to god that they don't slice you up" I told them.

"Awwww! Chrissy wissy cares about us!" Pinkie said while using the pet name she gave me.

"If that's the case, we can always beat their flanks!" Rainbow said with enthusiasm.

"Don't worry darling! We can take care of ourselves perfectly fine" Rarity reassured me.

"If that's the case, then I don't have to worry" I told them with a smile.

"You know what this calls for? A PARTY!!" Pinkie exclaimed, pulling our a cannon out of nowhere.

"How did you...Right...She's Pinkie Pie. Able to break the laws of physics apparently" I said, mumbling the last sentence to myself. "Pinkie please. No party just yet. I still have to find out what I have to present for tomorrows weekly presentation" I told her, making her sad one moment before she shrugged her arms and threw the cannon into the nearby rubbish bin, making it disappear.

"And what is that?" Twilight asked me.

"Well, my school holds a weekly presentation for the whole school. What they hoped to achieve is to give other students knowledge about things they don't know but others may and I got picked to do this weeks presentation, meaning that I can present anything" I told her.

"How about you present us! It'll be fun!" Pinkie suggested, throwing her hands in the air, emphasising the word fun.

" I don't know...They might freak out so hard they'll faint" I said, trying to use a little humour.

"Don't worry! As long as its not about egghead stuff, I'm game" Rainbow told me.

"Are you girls fine with that?" I asked them.

The answers I got were some, "Yea!", "Sure" and "Fine with me". And so it has been decided that THEY will be the things Im presenting.

May god have mercy on me.

Author's Note:

Here's chapter 2 guys! Hope you enjoy it.