• Published 3rd Apr 2013
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Beings from another world - Vmad

Chris gets a shock of a lifetime when 6 creatures approach him while he was sketching the scenery.

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An encounter

It was a lovely day in the town of Ponyville. The street is full of ponies of different kinds and different colours. Unicorns using magic to help build a building, some pegasi chatting, normal earth ponies going on a daily stroll around town. Even with this, there was one particular unicorn that was running about in the streets. She has a long flowing purple mane and tail with a pink stripe. She was lavender in colour and was wearing her usual clothing, carrying books in her hands while her saddle bag was filled with some scrolls and ink pots. Her name is Twilight Sparkle and she is the protege of Princess Celestia of Equestria.

"I have to reach the library soon! The other girls are waiting for me!" she told herself while gracefully dodging other ponies.

A few weeks ago, Princess Celestia gave her a book. Now, to other ponies, this book seemed normal enough. But it was not. The book that Celestia had given had an ancient spell which was able to open portals that can be used for long distance travel. Princess Celestia told her student to practice the spell until she was able to use it properly. This would be a great spell for her to use since her normal teleportation spell could not teleport them further than Ponyville.

When she had reached the library, she was out of breath and was panting heavily. Inside the library, 5 mares stood there with worried expression on their faces. Those mares were Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and hyperactive pink bundle of mass, Pinkie Pie.

"Are you alright darling?" Rarity asked the panting unicorn.

"Y-yea...I'm fine. Just give me a breather..." Twilight replied back.

Few moments later, Twilight was back to normal, not heavily panting anymore. Now on her face, was a huge grin that seemed to rival Pinkies.

"Girls, I have great news!" Twilight exclaimed excitedly.

"Now hold it right there sugarcube. Whats this news her talkin 'bout?" Applejack asked her friend.

"Well, I just happened to know a spell that can open a portal for long distance travel! With this, we can go to Princess Celestia and ask her if she wants to attend that picnic we told her and instead of sending a letter, were there personally" Twilight told her friends.

"Yay! Portals! I love portals! Is the portal gonna be blue or orange in colour?" Pinkie asked her, seemingly able to reapear next to her.

"That I'm not sure Pinkie. Anyways, here goes nothing". Twilight then began to channel her magic, making her eyes glow white. Books in the library started to fly about in the air, while some light furniture like tables were floating. Twilight gritted her teeth, probably due to the spell being hard to cast.

"Are you sure this is safe Twi?" Rainbow Dash asked her, while trying to comfort Fluttershy whom was scared and his behind her.

After a while, Twilight stopped casting the spell due to utter exhaustion. "I thought I did that right..."Twilight muttered in between breaths. Twilight slumped her head, thinking that all her hard work was of no use, even though she was able to use it before.

"Ah don't worry silly filly! You can do it next time!" Pinkie told her reassuringly. However, that next time was right then and there . The room then began to glow a dark green and books were flying about, just as before only now it was more vigorous.

Then a portal had appeared infront of their very eyes, and t was pulling them into it. The girls tried to run or fly away from it but it was no use. The suction was too strong and soon, they were sucked Ito it, leaving nothing but an empty library and scattered book.

What a lovely day' I thought to myself. The weather was perfect, no clouds in the sky, having a gentle breeze in the wind as well the suns temperature being just right. That's one thing I love about this place. Oops, I haven't told you about myself now have I?

I'm Chris. Chris Marcolino. An 18 year old Filipino dude living in a lovely place called Singapore. I'm 5.7 foot tall and roughly 55kg. Pretty average for me. I have black hair, brown eyes as well as being brown in colour. All these are fine to me. I'm pretty lucky that I got these features from my mom, well, except for the brown skin. Anything else you say? Well, besides being an Asian as well as having a small brother, nope! I don't think you will bother with other details.

Getting back to the story. The day seemed normal enough and I was on my way to my favourite spot near my house. A small clearing above a hill that had my favourite resting spot, a big oak tree. As I reached the spot, I laid down the stuff that I brought, my bag that had my iPhone, my favourite headset, my drawing materials, as well as carrying my acoustic guitar.

The day seemed to roll by without a problem. I was able to finish my previous drawing, which was a gun blade that a game character I play wields. Being satisfied with the drawing, I stuffed it back inside my bag and took my guitar, which was right right next to me, and began to play a few chords as a warm up. I then stopped my warm up when I noticed a pair of eyes in a bush looking at me. I didn't care much and I decided to try and give them a show

I then just shrugged it off and began to play the same song I sang with my dad during Fathers Day. Sadly, my dad died a few weeks later. We found out, 5 weeks earlier, that he had lung cancer, due to being a smoker, and never told us about it. I closed my eyes and began to sing, trying to get rid of those bad memories of my fathers death.

Now, I'm no singer, but from the way I sang that song, I know that it was sure to attract attention. That Fathers day was a wonderful day. A day than bonded my family closer than ever.

When I opened my eyes, what I saw shocked me. 6...creatures of some kind. They were all female. How do I know of that? All I have to say is, Boobs. 'Nuff said. What shocked me even more was that two of them had a horn on their forehead and another two has wings on their backs. I pushed my back against the tree, trying to gain some distance between me and them

Suddenly, something that one of them did, shocked me even more.

The pink one spoke.

"That was a super duper awesome song that u sang just now! I also like you guitar! Why is it made of wood?! You should play it more often!" the pink one said to me. She had this massive shit eating grin that seemed contagious. Just by looking at her, I can tell that she is one of those kinds of people that kept their spirits high even if everything seemed so dull.

I couldn't move, I just sat there, surprised that this being was able to speak. If she was able to speak, then the others must as well.

"T-Thanks?" I replied to her, gaining a gasp from all of them.

"Y-You can speak?" The purple one asked me. She looked like the smart type out of the 6. I nodded at her.

"W-well...Y-yea.." I replied, still in a condition of shock. Well, whatever they are, I'm going to find out soon enough.

Thankfully, that 'soon' was right now.

"Well....I guess we should get acquainted. My names Twilight Sparkle" she held out a hand for me to shake. She was wearing a librarians uniform that was white in colour with light purple stripes on the side as well as wearing a pair of black spectacles. She had her sling bag with her while the rest of them had theirs next to them.

From what I noticed as well is that they have fur coats, similar to the kinds that ponies have. How did I know this? It was from when I shook her hand. Her fur coat seemed to be the same just like a ponies.

"Uhh....Pleasure to meet you Miss Twilight" I replied to her, gaining a grin from her.

"Anyways, these are my friends" she then pointed to one of them that was wearing a Stetson hat, some leather boots, a red shirt and a pair of blue pants. Her fur coat was orange in colour. "This is Applejack" Twilight told me.

Then, Applejack quickly went to me and began to shake my hand furiously. "Howdy thar mister! Mah names Applejack! Pleasure ta meet ur acquaintance!" She said to me in a southern accent. I just flashed her a small grin and spoke.

"N-N-N-Nice t-to m-me-et you Miss A-Apple-j-jack" I said to her. My voice was wobbly, due to the hand shake she gave me. With that, she let go of my hand and gave me a smile, to which I just smiled back.

"Hehe. Next is Rainbow Dash" Twilight pointed to the cyan coloured fur coated, rainbow coloured hair and tailed girl. She was wearing a dark blue shirt with light blue stripes at the side, as well as wearing dark blue running shorts with the same light blue stripes at the side. Both of her clothing had a cloud with a rainbow lightning bolt on it.

Now she didn't walk up to me, no. Instead, she flew right up to me, giving me a big smile and staring at me face to face. " Heh. Your a funny looking thing. Anyways, Im Rainbow Dash! The fastest pegasus in Equestria!" She exclaimed. I can already tell that she was the brash and bold type.

"Heh..Well, nice to meet you too, oh miss fastest flyer. Heh, cool name by the way" when I told her that, she too gave me a smile and went back to where she sat just now, beside Applejack and the yellow creature.

"Oh don't worry about her. Next, is Rarity" she pointed to a the, white as snow female being. Oh god...from the easy she wore her clothes, she is what I can say, the posh type. She wore a very elegant dress, purely white in colour and seemed to have....GEMS FOR DESIGN! Holy crap! Those kinds of gem are worth a lot from what I can tell! Those diamonds, ruby's, sapphires and even opals!

"Greetings darling. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance" she said in a heavily defined tone.

"Pleasure is all mine Miss Rarity" with that, I took one of her hand and kissed it, gaining a blush from her.

"My my, what a gentlecolt" she said, while winking to me. I was still siting down there, against the tree, wondering why the hell I did that.

"Quite the gentlecolt I see" Twilight said to me, smirking. "Anyways, and up next is Pi-" Twilight was then soon cut off by a pink blur that shot past her.

The blur collided with me, knocking my head against the tree trunk. "HI THERE! IM PINKAMENA DIANE PIE! BUT EVERYPONY CALLS ME PINKIE! NICE TO MEET YOU! Do you like parties?! Do you like cakes?! Do you like parties with cakes?! Cos I love them both!" She said. As I regained my consciousness, I was surprised that when I heard Pinkie Pie talk 100 miles per hour. She spoke so fast, I only heard her say her name, if I like cakes and/or cakes.

I smiled at her hyperactiveness. She was a kind being, with a smile that could melt ice. Her fur coat is pink in color, as well as her hair and tail. Heh, I think I might know why they call her Pinkie pie. Now she was wearing a pink blouse with light blue and yellow stripes as well as a pair of dark pink shorts. From what I could tell, she loves parties and anything that's sweet. Me included.

"Heh, nice to meet ya Pinkie. Now can you please get off me? Your kinda hurting me" as I said this, her eyes went wide with shock.

"Oh I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have done that!" Pinkie said with a sad expression. What was even weirder was that her usual cotton candy like hair went from poofy to straight out flat.

"Oh, it's ok Pinkie. Just try not to do that again ok? Cos it kinda hurts" I reassured her. With this, she went back to her bubbly self as if nothing ever happens.

"How did you-" I got cut off by Twilight when she held out a hand to shush me.

"Don't try to understand. We can't explain either" Twilight told me. I nodded and we continued to our last member of the 6.

"Lastly, is her" Twilight pointed a finger to yellow fur coated being. She was hiding behind her friend Applejack and I can infer that she is very shy. I stood up and walked towards her. When I gotten near her, Applejack stood aside and soon I held out a hand to her. She was shy beyond anything I have ever known. She is wearing a green dress that had pink butterflies at the side of it.

"Hey don't worry. I won't bite, I promise. Now, what's your name?" I asked this shy being.

"Fluttershy" she replied. I couldn't hear her, probably because she was still scared of me.

"I'm sorry miss, but I couldn't quite catch that. What's you name again?" I asked her again.

"Fluttershy" she replied.

"Ahh Fluttershy, what a lovely name" I told her, gaining a small blush from her.

Twilight then got my attention by putter one of her hand and turned me around, making me face the rest of them. "Now that you got to know us, can you tell us who are you? What are you? And where are we right now?" She asked me.

"Well, my name is Christain Marcolino and the 6 of you are currently in a place called Singapore, on a planet called Earth, and on a galaxy called The Milky Way"

Author's Note:

Hi guys. I decided to make a new story. This story had been in my head for as long as I could remember being a brony.
Anyways. Hope you guys like it.