• Published 3rd Apr 2013
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Beings from another world - Vmad

Chris gets a shock of a lifetime when 6 creatures approach him while he was sketching the scenery.

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The next morning

After the discussion about the girls being my presentation tomorrow, we decided to hit the sack after having a light dinner, a simple sandwich with lettuce, egg, tomatoes and mayo. Reason being is that their diet is mostly vegeterian, only being able to eat one kind of meat which is fish.

"Well, since I'm living here alone, you girls can take the main bedroom. There's two beds inside there. You can combine them both together if you want a bigger one. There's a bathroom inside there as well and if you want to take a quick shower, you can use the spare shampoo that my mom also uses. And if you want to, you can sleep using some of my moms nightwear" I finished telling them. They nodded and soon they were rushing back inside the bedroom.

As I went back into my room, I turned off the lights in the living room, room very dark. As I entered my room, I closed the door behind me and jumped into my bed. I was too lazy to remove my clothes and wear my usual nightwear so I laid there, on the bed, drifting into a dreamless slumber.
[Meanwhile/In the other room]
"This bed is so bouncy! It's like made of jelly!" Pinkie exclaimed while jumping ontop of one of the two combined beds.

"I must say, this bed is ABSOLUTELY to die for! It's so comfortable that I might fall asleep on it right away!" Rarity told her friends.

"Well...Rarity is right. This bed is...comfy" Fluttershy told her friends. Her voice was soft due to her drowsiness and soon she fell asleep at the right side of the bed, next and against the wall.

"Pinkie! Stop bouncing on the bed! You might hurt us or yourself as a matter of fact!" Twilight told her pink bouncing friend. She was laying laying down beside Applejack and Rainbow, whom were asleep not too long ago and soon, Rainbow Dash was drooling on one of the pillows.

Pinkie stopped bouncing in mid air and then slowly drifted back down onto the bed. She gave Twilight a small frown for a second before she layyed beside Fluttershy, who fell asleep a while ago as well.

"Well, goodnight darling. *yawn* A lady does need her beauty sleep" Rarity stated, soon becoming a victim to sleep.

Twilight sighed before letting her head rest against one of the pillows of the bed and she too, fell asleep. But she wondered to herself one last thing. 'Why is this bed so soft and comfy?'
[The next day]
My digital alarm clock went off and soon I found himself jolting out of my comfy bed, cursing to myself that I have to leave early for school. I hit the snooze button on my digital clock and looked at the time displayed on it. 5:45. It sucks that school is during in the morning and not in the afternoon.

I sat up on my bed and let out a yawn. I got up, took a towel spare towel and made my way to the other bathroom that the house has. Once inside, I stripped off my clothing and proceeded to take a nice warm shower. I could tell that the girls were also taking a bath, reason being is that I heard Rarity hum to herself a tune.

I was washing my hair when I heard a shriek, probably from Rarity. Then I heard her say something, "Rainbow Dash! Could you at least have waited for me to finish bathing?! A mare needs her privacy you know!". I chuckled a bit at what I heard.

"Oh don't be like that. We're mares after all! It's not like Chris will use this bathroom" I heard Rainbow tell her friend.

"Well...I guess your right. This tub should be big enough to fit you and me" I heard Rarity tell her friend. After a brief silence, except the sound of water hitting my head, I heard a loud splash and a gasp of air soon followed.

"RAINBOW!! YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME YOU WERE GOING TO DO THAT!" Rarity practically screeched at her, to which I can only imagine Rainbow giving her a sheepish smile.

'I bet the same thing happens back at their homeworld' I thought to myself. I just shook my head and diminished the thoughts.

After a while, I finished bathing and got out of the bathroom. I wrapped a towel around me to cover up and made my way back to my room, only finding myself bumping into Twilight.

"Oh! Sorry about that......Chris...." she stared me. Her face turned slightly crimson as she saw my bare chest. I could feel the awkwardness a bit too much, so I quickly told her it was fine and quickly went back into my room, only hearing a small sigh emit from Twilight.

"Never. Again" I told myself. I closed the door of my room and began to change into my school uniform, a light blue shirt and pants with my schools logo imprinted onto it and a dark blue jacket with yellow buttons. The jacket almost looked like a tuxedo since the dark blue was so dark, it almost looked like black. After changing, I took my bag, my tie, my wallet and a pair of socks and made my way to the living room, to find that the rest of the girls were ready.

Twilight wore the same blouse with a lavender coloured skirt. Fluttershy wore the same clothing as of last night, she probably likes those colours. Rainbow still went for the 'almost all dark blue' clothing scheme. Except now, she was wearing a sky blue jacket with cloud patters on it. Rarity was wearring a pure white blouse with purple stripes at the ends of the sleeves with a black pair of jeans. Applejack wore the same light blue jeans, with a red shirt and a brown jacket, still wearing her stetson on her head. Now what Pinkie was wearing made my cheeks turn like pink. She was wearing a red playboy bunny outfit with stockings and bunny ears. I have no idea where she got them from. I cant even recall wether my mom bought any kind of clothes like that. They were also wearing their hoofware(?) from yesterday.

I swear, if Pinkie can read my thoughts, she will find out what I imagine of her in that outfit.

"Pinkie.....Can you wear something a bit more appropriate?" I asked her, trying to hidd my blush from her. She pouted her lips and gave me puppy eyes, which could litterally melt ice. "No Pinkie.....you cant wear that..." I told her

"Awww! Fine!" she 'harumph' before spinning in circle. When she stopped spinning, she was wearing a pink skirt with red stripes, a pink blouse with blue and yellow stripes on the sleeves and a maroon coloured jacket. She was also wearing a.....cake hat? It must be a hat that looks like a cake......or the other way around.

"How did you-" I was cut off by Twilight.

"She's just being Pinkie. Trust us, you dont want ro go finding how she can do that. It will hurt your brain alot" she told me.

I left my mouth hanging there for a bit before shaking my head. I nodded to Twilight that I understood what she meant just now. I then took my shoes from the nearby shoe rack and quickly wore them. After that, I opened the door and signaled the girls to follow. Once out I closed and locked the door before heading off to school.

"So how are us this place anyways?" Rainbow asked me, flying beside me.

"It's not really far actually. Once we see a restaurant, we immediately turn right at the next corner" I told her.

"And what time didja say you were gonna present?" Applejack asked me.

"Well...Since its.....6:30, and school doesn't start till 7, we still have around 3 to 4 more hours to kill" I told them. They have a look shock. "It's a metaphorical term. It just means that we still have time to do things before the actual presentation" I said to them. They quickly relaxed again and soon we were chatting and making our way to my school.

Upon reaching the nearby restaurant, many people gave the girls a look of shock, curiosity and fear. Well....mostly shock and curiosity. I saw the owner of the restaurant and gave him a wave. "Mornin' Mr Lim!" I shouted to him, catching his attention.

"Chris! Good morning to you!.....too...." his voice faltered. His jaw lowered at the sight of the girls and before he knew it, we were waving goodbye to him. 'Oh poor Mister Lim. Guess his brain couldn't handle any of what he saw. Oh well' I thought to myself as we passed by the restaurant.

"Why is it that they look at us like that?" Rarity asked me.

"Is it very common to see some alien beings back in your world?" I asked her.

"No...Is it because that they have never seen us?" Rarity asked me with a different question.

"You got that spot on Rarity. Alien contact is almost none existent here on earth. Some people claim that they HAVE seen aliens before, but most say they were just probably lying" I told her. She gave off a small 'oh' and soon we were walking to the school in silence.

After a bit of walking, I could see the school over in the distance. "There it is girls", they looked over in the distance and saw the school that I studied in and gave a small 'woa'.

When we entered the place, I greeted the guard with a friendly 'Morning!' and he returned it, after he gave a shocked look towards the girls. "Dot worry sir. They're not here to harm anyone. They're actually my presentation for later" I quickly told her, to which he just nodded ever so slowly, letting his sanity return to him.

"Twilight, are you able to use an invisibility spell?" I asked her while looking around to see any students that may be looking at us. She nodded at me. "Great, how long does it last?" I asked her.

"That depends. Why are you asking?" She said.

"Well, I want you to cast that spell on you and your friends and please let it last till I present. Oh and if you can, try to make the spell visible only to me ok? I don't want to spoil the surprise you see" I giggle slightly. She gave a all knowing nod and began to cast the spell. A bright flash of light suddenly blinds me for a while and soon the light began to disappear.

Once the light was gone, and I regained my visuals, I saw the girls still standing in front of me.

"Did it work?" I asked the purple unicorn.

"Yup! So now you can only see us" She told me. I fist pumped the air and soon enough, I saw that I attracted a bit of attention.

"Uhhh...Nothing to see here" I quickly said to the two guys in front of me. They both just shook their heads and muttered the word 'weirdo'. Thankfully the spell worked and they didn't notice the 6 mares with me.

'Lets get this day stated'