• Published 15th Jan 2013
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TwiMacVerse Part 3: The Apple of My Bulls Eye - ThatBronyWithTheClipOns

Sweet Apple Acres gets help from cousin Braeburn and his best buddy Mal, who Applejack has never been a big fan of. And in between all that, a certain pink party pony also finds romance, and we see more of our TwiMac couple.

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Chapter 6: Not Having Any Fun

Rainbow Dash and her husband/manager, Bookworm, had relocated to the sky city of Cloudsdale so Rainbow Dash would be able to easily train with the Wonderbolts. Within a few months of joining them, the cerulean mare had become the star attraction of the greatest flyers in Equestria. Naturally, her biggest move in her routine was the Rainboom Kaboom. She had originally worried that the side effects from her accident several months prior was just going to be temporary. But close to a year later, her eyes were still changing colors every second and she was still able to perform a Sonic Rainboom pretty much on command. She and Bookworm had been married a little over five months now, and both were flourishing in their careers. Bookworm managed to live in Cloudsdale thanks to a special set of enchanted horseshoes, which allowed him to walk on the clouds. Although, despite the massive success, Rainbow Dash didn’t seem to be her usual lively self outside her shows.

“What’s the matter, honey,” asked Bookworm.

“I don’t know,” said Rainbow Dash. “I just feel like something’s missing. I mean, I don’t know what. I’m living my dream for Celestia’s sake! I’m a Wonderbolt! Top that off with the fact that I’m married to the greatest stallion ever!”

“Aw, thanks,” said Bookworm. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

“Don’t I know it,” said Rainbow Dash smugly. “But, I just feel…I don’t know.”

“Maybe you just miss your friends,” suggested Bookworm.

“That’s a good point,” said Rainbow Dash. “I haven’t seen them in what feels like forever! I don’t even know how long it’s been.”

“I think Twilight was only three months along in her pregnancy,” said Bookworm.

“How far along is she now,” asked Rainbow Dash.

“I would guess close to eight months now,” said Bookworm.

“Oh wow,” exclaimed Rainbow Dash. “I don’t think I’ve ever gone that long without seeing them! Do we have any free time coming up?”

“Let me check,” said Bookworm. “According to my planner…we have some time off coming up in about a week.”

“Awesome,” exclaimed Rainbow Dash. “Then we gotta make a trip to Ponyville! No way I’m gonna miss the birth of Twilight’s kid!”

“Great,” said Bookworm. “But, do you think Spitfire will be ok with us leaving?”

“I don’t care what she thinks,” said Rainbow Dash. “My friends are the closest thing I have to a family. Besides, how can they say no to their star attraction?”

Rainbow Dash went to go talk to Wonderbolt captain, Spitfire.

“Are you out of mind,” exclaimed Spitfire.

“What’s the big deal,” asked Rainbow Dash. “It’s not like we got anything happening for a while.”

“That’s not the point,” said Spitfire. “We still have to keep training, work on our routines.”

“Our routines are always the same,” said Rainbow Dash. “Plus, you never let me actually fly along with you guys. I’m a separate part of the show.”

“That wasn’t my idea,” said Spitfire. “The other team members are a bit nervous being around you while you fly.”

“That’s so stupid,” said Rainbow Dash. “I’m not dangerous! It’s just beams of light! Light doesn’t physically affect you!”

“Regardless, I gotta think of the feelings of my teammates,” said Spitfire.

“Well then my feelings should matter,” said Rainbow Dash. “And I want to see my friends! One of them is gonna be giving birth to her first kid in a few months.”

“If I let you leave early, then all the others will want to leave early,” said Spitfire.

“Oh please,” exclaimed Rainbow Dash. “They’ll probably be glad to see me gone! Seeing as how they don’t like being around me! And I don’t affect any part of your routines! You just don’t want me to go because I might slow down your sales!”

“You’re just mad that this didn’t turn out the way you thought it would,” yelled Spitfire.

“If you mean the overall experience with this group, you’re right,” yelled Rainbow Dash. “I’m not having any fun!”

“This isn’t about having fun,” yelled Spitfire.

“Coulda fooled me,” yelled Rainbow Dash. “It’s just an air show!”

“Just an air show,” yelled Spitfire. “We represent Equestria! It’s not just some simple air show! You just want to be able to laze about all day!”

“You know I don’t need as much practice as the rest of you,” yelled Rainbow Dash.

“We can’t all have freak abilities,” yelled Spitfire.

“So you do agree with them,” said Rainbow Dash. “What happened to you being all impressed back when I auditioned?”

“Things change,” said Spitfire.

“You mean your popularity changed,” said Rainbow Dash. “You and everypony else on the team are just mad that I became the most popular team member. It’s not like that was my intention! I just wanted to be a Wonderbolt!”

“You act like we betrayed you or something,” said Spitfire. “We’re just team members. It’s not like all team members are best buddies.”

“Not with they way you all treat me,” said Rainbow Dash. “But the rest of you all seem pretty buddy buddy with each other; even with members that joined after me.”

“I’m sure it still beats being a weather pony in some tiny, insignificant town,” said Spitfire.

“That’s it,” yelled Rainbow Dash. “I quit! “And I’m sure you all will be so saddened by that!”

“Fine,” yelled Spitfire. “Go back to your stupid little down with your nerd husband!”

Rainbow Dash then socked Spitfire in the face with her right front hoof, knocking her to the floor.

“At least your outfit will cover your black eye during shows,” said Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash went back to her house to tell Bookworm what happened.

“Wow, you really did that,” said Bookworm.

“Darn right I did,” exclaimed Rainbow Dash.

“You sure you made the right decision,” asked Bookworm.

“I don’t need fame and fortune to be happy,” said Rainbow Dash. “And you still make good money from writing. You’re not upset by this are you?”

“I just want you to be happy,” said Bookworm. “I don’t care if we have all the money in Equestria. I just want you.”

“Jeez, you’re corny,” said Rainbow Dash.

“But you still love me,” said Bookworm with a confident smile.

“Yeah yeah, of course I do,” said Rainbow Dash with a slightly annoyed tone.

They then shared a kiss.

“Plus I can write anywhere,” said Bookworm.

“So, to Ponyville,” said Rainbow Dash.

“To Ponyville,” said Bookworm.

“Awesome,” exclaimed Rainbow Dash. “The look on my friends faces when they see me will be priceless! I bet nothing all that exciting has been going on since yours truly has been away!”

Author's Note:

I wanted to take a different spin on Rainbow Dash joining the Wonderbolts. Instead of it being a super fantastic experience, it ends up not being as wonderful as she thought it would. Also, I have to have her involved in the shenanigans of Applejack and Pinkie Pie finding romance! Next chapter will involve Applejack or Pinkie Pie, I promise, but I had to get the mane six back together.