• Published 15th Jan 2013
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TwiMacVerse Part 3: The Apple of My Bulls Eye - ThatBronyWithTheClipOns

Sweet Apple Acres gets help from cousin Braeburn and his best buddy Mal, who Applejack has never been a big fan of. And in between all that, a certain pink party pony also finds romance, and we see more of our TwiMac couple.

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Chapter 28: The Moment You've All Been Waiting For

Big Macintosh rushed away towards the Ponyville Hospital, while Braeburn and Applejack made their way to Sugarcube Corner to tell Pinkie Pie the big news knowing that she could gather everypony up faster than anypony else.

“Pinkie!” exclaimed Braeburn and Applejack.

“Oh, hey there Braeby Wabey! Hey Applejack!” responded Pinkie. “Did you take time off work to see me!? Oh that is super duper sweet!”

“No no, not that! There’s big things going on!”

“What? Is somepony throwing a party that isn’t me!?

“No, Twi…”

“Is there a crazy attack by dragons or timber wolves or something!?


“Is the sky falling!?”

“Pinkie, listen! Twilight is havin her baby!”

This caused Pinkie Pie’s eyes to widen wider than anypony thought possible. And to say her smile passed ear to ear would be the understatement of the millennium. She soon began to shake like made till she finally launched into the air with excitement cheering as if speaking in tongues.


“We gotta get the others now!” exclaimed Applejack.


“Alright Pinkie,” replied Mrs. Cake. “We’ll see you later.”

Pinkie grabbed her colt friend and best friend and they darted out of the bakery. Pinkie ran around town collecting her friends. She first ran to the edge of Ponyville to grab Fluttershy, then made her way to the Carousel Boutique grabbing Rarity, and finally Rainbow Dash at her newly constructed house. Before any of them had time to blink, or say anything, they were at the hospital. Big Macintosh and Spike had already made it there. Mal, Bookworm, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders came following after.

“Pinkie, what the hay!?” exclaimed Rainbow Dash.

“I must agree darling,” added Rarity. “You’re acting very strange…well, stranger than usual.”

“And…um…why are we at the hospital,” finished Fluttershy. “If it’s ok to ask.”

“Twilight is in labor!” exclaimed Pinkie, which caused them to gasp in unison.



“YAY!” yes, even Fluttershy let out an audible cheer.


Applejack went over her big brother, who was sitting in a chair and sweating like crazy.

“So what’s goin on, big brother?”

“Ah have no idea, Applejack! The doctor hasn’t said anything yet! Ah haven’t even seen Twilight yet!”

Finally Dr. Stable appeared before the anticipating party.

“Good day, Mr. Apple,” said Dr. Stable.

“Is mah wife okay, doc!?” asked Big Mac, still panicked.

“We’re getting her ready now, Mr. Apple.”

“Alright, then ah’m gonna go back there with her.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Mr. Apple. You see, unicorns often give off powerful bursts of magic while delivering their foals. While safer for unicorns, earth ponies are at a much higher risk to get harmed.”

“MACINTOSH! WHERE ARE YOU!?” came Twilight’s voice from her room.

“She’s callin for me! Ah don’t care what the risks are, doc. Ah’m goin in there. An apple husband is always with his wife when she‘s in labor.”

“I’m still going to have to advise against that, Mr. Apple…”


Finally, Big Macintosh then nudged the doctor against a wall, with intensity in his eyes. And he said calmly, but commandingly:

“You listen to me very clearly, Dr. Stable. In that room is the mare ah love. Mah wife, my best friend, mah lover, and the mother of my future child. Nothin is gonna stop me from going in there. Not you, not yer security, not even the very evils of Tartarus will keep me from bein with mah wife.”

The waiting area became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Dr. Stable let out an audible gulp.

“Right this way, Mr. Apple.”

Dr. Stable lead Big Macintosh to Twilight’s room, leaving the others in the waiting area.

“DAAAAAAYYYYYUUUUUUUM!” exclaimed Rainbow Dash. “I had no idea Big Macintosh could get so intense!”

“It’s a rare thing to see,” said Applejack. “And ya don’t wanna see it often.”

Big Mac was taken to Twilight’s room, where the purple mare was tossing and sweating in her bed.

“Ah’m here, Twilight.”

“Oh thank Celestia! I wasn’t sure they’d let you come here.”

“Ah managed to convince Dr. Stable. Nothin’s gonna stop me from bein with you.”

“I love…ugh…so much, Big Macintosh.”

“I love you too, Twilight.”

The two then shared a kiss. Then Twilight started to groan more in pain and her horn began to spark some magic.

“I think you’re ready to deliver, Mrs. Apple,” said Dr. Stable.

“I…can’t…do this.”

“Course ya can! Ya’ve taken on Nightmare Moon. Ya took on dragons, changelings, and all kinds of other crazy things! You successfully bucked a tree!”

That last one made Twilight laugh a little, albeit a strained laugh.

“There’s nothin in Equestria that you can’t do.”

Twilight simply gave her husband a warm smile, as she prepared to deliver. Some of other unicorn nurses were brought in to help shield Big Macintosh from any possible magic surges. Twilight breathed deeply and starting pushing with all her might.

“Here we go!” exclaimed Dr. Stable.

A huge burst of magical light engulfed the entire room. When the light finally faded, Big Macintosh was the first to open his eyes.

“How’s mah wife, doc? How’s mah baby? Is it a filly or a colt?”

Twilight came to soon after.

“Macintosh? Is it a filly or colt?” she asked weakly.

Big Macintosh walked over to his recovering wife to show her what they made together.

“Oh my goodness,” exclaimed Twilight. “I can’t believe it.”

Meanwhile, out in the waiting room, many of the party had started to grow impatient.

“UGH!” Exclaimed Rainbow Dash. “How can this be taking so long!?”

“Labor isn’t something that one gets over with, darling,” replied Rarity. “Why I recall my dear mother being in labor with Sweetie Belle for nearly a day.”

“A DAY!? I can’t stay wait here a day! I got things to do!”

“Just be patient, sugar cube. Big Macintosh’ll bring the little guy or gal when he’s able.”


“It’s always wonderful to have new life come into this world.”

“Well, I wish it would come faster!”

Just then, the doors swung open and out came Big Macintosh pushing a cart.


“Hush it, Rainbow Dash! Alright big brother, what do ya have to show us?”

Big Macintosh smiled a soft smile.

“Everypony…ah would like to introduce ya’ll…to mah son, Lil' Macintosh."

Macintosh pulled off the cover to show a tiny, dark red unicorn with a yellow mane and white freckles.��

“He’s so adorable!” exclaimed Fluttershy.

“He is a cute little guy,” said Rainbow Dash.

"Simply darling!" said Rarity

"Super duper adorableness!" proclaimed Pinkie Pie.

“And…” continued Big Macintosh.

“AND?!” exclaimed everypony else.

“Our daughter, Shimmer."

Underneath the other blanket, was a pink earth pony with a purple mane.

“TWINS!?” exclaimed Applejack.

“YAY! MORE TWINS!” declared Pinkie Pie.

“How in tarnation!?”

“Well…the doctor couldn’t give Twilight a proper ultrasound. We had no idea what we were getting.”

“This is fabulous!” exclaimed Rarity.

“I’m an aunty of twins!” proclaimed Apple Bloom.


“Ah need to take them back to Twilight now.”

Applejack and Apple Bloom then gave their big brother a loving hug.

“We’re so proud of you, Big Macintosh,” said Applejack, beginning to tear up.

“Yer the best big brother ever,” said Apple Bloom, also tearing up. “And you’ll be the best daddy ever.”

A tear ran down Big Macintosh’s cheek at both of his sister’s remarks. He then took his newborn foals back into Twilight’s hospital room, once again leaving everypony else in the waiting area.

“Things have definitely gotten 20% cooler!” declared Rainbow Dash.

“Here’s hoping you and I can have our own some day,” said Bookworm warmly.

“Well…you won’t have to wait too long.”

Bookworm’s face went into utter confusion.

“I beg your pardon?”

Then Rainbow Dash jabbed her husband in the shoulder.

“HA! You shoulda seen the look on your face!”

Bookworm, despite being confused, joined Rainbow Dash in the laugh, and the others soon followed. After the laughter subsided, Rainbow Dash let out a sigh.

“Yeah…but seriously I’m pregnant.”

Author's Note:

Pinkie babble translation: “Oh my gosh! This is so super duper uper smuper exciting! I can’t believe Twilight is finally having her baby! And I’m gonna be an auntie! And we’ll play with it all the time and feed and take it to parks and give it lots of toys and sweets and everything else that could possibly make it happy with joy!”

“Okie dokie lokie! Mr.and Mrs. Cake! Twilight is having her baby so I’m going to the hospital now!

"I'm so super duper excited! I can hardly contain myself!"

And now serious Authors Notes. I'm sure many are thinking it was a bit cheapy of me to the baby be twins. Buuuuuuuut, it's my story...so yeah. I have no regrets in my decision. Also, I cam up with the name Shimmer LOOOOOOONG before the character of Sunset Shimmer was ever introduced. And since my TwiMacVerse doesn't take place within the same canon of the show, we can all safely say Sunset Shimmer doesn't exist in my verse (nothing against the character, there's just no logical place to put her). Also, the babies I designed using a template from DeviantArt.