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TwiMacVerse Part 3: The Apple of My Bulls Eye - ThatBronyWithTheClipOns

Sweet Apple Acres gets help from cousin Braeburn and his best buddy Mal, who Applejack has never been a big fan of. And in between all that, a certain pink party pony also finds romance, and we see more of our TwiMac couple.

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Epilogue: A Little Extra

And so, a couple days later, Twilight and Big Macintosh took their newborn foals home to the Golden Oaks Library. Of course Pinkie Pie had set up a banner welcoming the newborn twins.


Twilight’s parents, Andromeda and Orion had also shown up to see their first grandchildren. Naturally, Shining Armor and Cadence showed up as well.

“They’re so precious!” exclaimed Cadence.

“Shimmer looks just like you, Twily,” said Shining Armor.

“Now you two just need to give us some grandchildren,” Andromeda said with a smirk, causing them both to blush.

And there was much celebration abound, and gifts were given, and there was cake. And it was good. Twilight was also given the wonderful news that Rainbow Dash was pregnant now and again much rejoicing…and more cake.

Later that evening, Big Macintosh and Twilight, along with the other Apple siblings. decided to take the twins up to Sweet Apple Acres to introduce them to their great grandmother.

“Granny!” announced Apple Bloom. “We’re home!”

Granny Smith was in her rocking chair as usual. She was also sleeping at first, but Apple Bloom’s announcement woke her right up.

“Huh…wah…” Granny Smith mumbled. “Well it’s bout time ya’ll brought them little foals here tah see me.”

“It’s only been a couple days, Granny,” said Big Mac.

“Ah don’t need tah hear no excuses from ya. Now lemme see em.”

Big Mac and Twilight brought their newborn twins over to the ancient mare.

“This is Lil’ Macintosh and Shimmer, Granny.”

“Ah’ll be. We got ourselves another unicorn in the family. An they certainly are the cutest things ah seen since ya’ll was born.”

“Thank you very much, Granny Smith,” said Twilight.

“So, have ya’ll taken em tah see yer parents? Ah’m sure they’d love to see their first grandchildren.”

Everypony looked at the old mare with a little confusion.

“Granny…Ma and Pa…are…”

“Ah know where they are, Macintosh! Mah mind aint that far gone! Think that means they still can’t see ya’ll? Course not! Now, let’s head out, it aint far.”

They all made their way to the resting place of the Apple Siblings parents.


“Well, go on," said Granny Smith. "Interduce the little ones.”

Big Macintosh and Twilight walked up to the gravestone, holding their newborns.

“Ma, Pa…” began Big Macintosh. “These here are yer grandchildren. Lil’ Macintosh and Shimmer. And Lil’ Macintosh here is a unicorn. Aint that somethin? Um…ah wish ya both could be here in the flesh to see them…we all miss you…everyday…we love you both so much.”

Tears flowed from Big Macintosh, everypony else soon followed. Suddenly, there was a blinding light, nopony knew what was going on. When the light lessened, everypony was shocked to see Princess Celestia and Princess Luna in front of them. Everypony naturally bowed in their presence.

“You may all rise,” said Princess Celestia.

“Princess, what are you and your sister doing here?” asked Twilight.

“I wasn’t going to miss out on seeing the children of my most prized student.”

“But, it’s been a couple days.”

“We felt now was the right time.”

“My sister and I have decided to grace thee with a most wonderful gift,” announced Luna. She hadn’t quite stopped using her old world speech, but wasn’t using her “royal tone.”

“Oh…well…that’s flatterin and all your majesties,” fumbled Macintosh. “But, ya’ll didn’t have to.”

“We do believe you will approve of this.”

The Princesses moved to the side slightly to reveal in front of them all, Carter Blue Apple and Bella Donna Apple. Needless to say, they were all speechless for a moment. Apple Bloom was the first to break the silence.


The Apple parents both smiled and nodded at their youngest child. Apple Bloom began crying madly and embraced her parents. Applejack and Big Macintosh followed within seconds.

“You’ve all grown up so well,” said Bella.

“Eeyup,” agreed Carter. “We’re very proud of all ya’ll.”

Twilight looked in awe and confusion at this miraculous sight.

“But…but how?” asked Twilight.

“Nighttime is when spirits are at their strongest,” said Princess Luna. “But, bringing them into the physical plane takes a bit of energy.”

“That’s why I joined my sister tonight,” continued Celestia. “In order to help bring them forth.”

“I’m guessing that means this isn’t permanent,” said Twilight.

“Unfortunately, my student, no it is not. The spell will only last till sunrise.”

“Ah don’t care!” exclaimed Apple Bloom to the Princesses, still shaken up by the whole thing. “Ya’ll still gave us the greatest gift anypony could ever ask for!”

“Apple Bloom is right,” Applejack chimed in. “There’s no way we could ever repay ya’ll!”

“E-eyup!” fumbled Big Macintosh.

“There is no need for repaying,” said Celestia. “Applejack, you have helped Twilight Sparkle save Equestria on multiple occasions. You and your family are amongst the most noble of ponies.”

Carter and Bella then got a better look at their grandchildren; and soon put their focus on Twilight.

“So,” began Carter. “Yer the mare who wed our son.”

“Um…yes…I am,” Twilight fumbled nervously.

“You certainly are a fine looking mare,” said Bella warmly. “I don’t think he could’ve picked a better wife.”

“Or produced finer grandchildren,” said Carter.

“Oh my, thank you Mr. and Mrs. Apple.”

The two chuckled a bit at Twilight’s formality.

“We’re kin, sugar cube,” said Carter. “We don’t need formalities.”

The two then embraced Twilight, much to her surprise. But it didn’t take long for Twilight to embrace them back.

“Just so ya’ll know,” began Carter. “We woulda seen yer children even if we weren’t here in the flesh.”

“We’ve never stopped looking after you all,” continued Bella.

“Still, we aint gonna complain bout gettin to see them.”

“So, ya’ll saw me gettin mah cutie mark?” asked Apple Bloom.

“Of course we did,” said Bella. “We’ve seen all your little adventures with your friends.”

Apple Bloom began crying again, she was so overjoyed knowing that her parents were always there watching. Time passed and it was eventually time for Carter and Bella to leave. They began to fade with Celestia’s sunrise.

“Remember, we’re always with ya’ll,” said Carter.

“We love you all very much,” said Bella.

“And we always will,” they both finished together.

They then disappeared as the sun fully rose. Everypony was left in awe at what just transpired. Few moments would ever top what they just experienced.

THE END…of this story.

But the story will continue in My Little Pony: A New Generation

Author's Note:

This pic is also by me, made using the pony creator on deviantart. I needed to include more in this epilogue. I'd had this idea, but forgot to include it the first time around. Hope everyone likes it. I made Lil' Macintosh's face a bit more masculine.

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Fireball? Okay, who gave birth to Satan?

ok so who is sweet pea from?

edit: take that back yes who is fireball? Spike an guessing someone he is seeing but for the life of me I must have missed it if it said or I just can't remember

Rainbow Alicorn? Really?

3413849 Glad you liked them. Customizing those templates took a good while, but totally worth it. The guy that created them loved my designs too. :twilightsmile:

3413892 That will be explained in the next story where he came from.

3413896 He has no relation to spike.

3413916 I regret nothing. His mother is an pegasus and his dad is a unicorn, and it's never been stated in the show that an alicorn can't be from a natural birth. And no he's not gonna be royalty. And I'm gonna once again use the "it's my story" defense because...yeah, it's my story. :pinkiehappy:

If anyone wants spoilers on who these characters are you can always check out my deviantart page (which I'm pretty sure the link to it is on my profile).

Can't wait for the next installment!:pinkiehappy:

Let's see... Rainbow Sprinter= Dash and Bookworm.

Golden Orange = Pinkie and Braeburn.

Flurry= Fluttershy and Snowflake.

Bella Donna= AJ and Mal.

Sweet Pea= Rarity and Hayseed.

Not too sure on the last two though. And Fireball? No idea on that one.

again much rejoicing

3415032 I just woke up. What do you want from me?:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

3414965 Are you kidding about the last two you couldn't figure out? It's kinda hard to tell when someone is kidding online, you need a tongue smiley or something. As for Fireball, you can either read the followup story (coming soon) or spoil it by checking out my deviantart page (located on my home page). I made the Mane Six children with the pony creator on deviantart.

3415040 No... I wasn't sure if I had them right, that's all. And I can wait.

3415049 You had them right. But yeah, Fireball will have an explanation in the next story. And I was unaware of the OC Nyx when I came up with Fireball. Much like how I named Shimmer long before the character Sunset Shimmer was introduced in Equestria Girls.

3416621 I haven't really thought that far ahead, though I guess it would make sense for Lil Macintosh to get that big one day (we'll see). But yeah, when I decided to go with twins, I wanted one of each because I felt it could lead to some fun story lines.

I like it! Very nice! Cute ending! I still need to catch up with the rest of your fics... I owe you that. Either way, I can't wait for your next story!

3425520 Well I hope you've read the other TwiMacVerse stories because it introduces some characters and such.

"One does not simply read the third story in a series without reading it's predecessors."

Hmm, not too sure what to make of this. Yes, it's nice for them to know, but if others found out about this ability of Luna's, things could go bad very quickly.

3436840 It's not something that's permanent though, and she needed Celestia's help to make it happen. I thought I made that clear. Nighttime seemed like the best time for it to occur because of the cliche of being gone with the sunrise; either way both sisters are needed for this to be possible.

3436862 Oh, I understood that. I meant if somepnoy shady were to hear of it, they might trick the princesses into get a hold of another shady pony that has passed on.

Also, Twilight's mother is called Twilight Velvet, which can be found on the mlp wiki. Any names in bold have been confirmed by the creators of the show. Twilight's dad is still up for interpretation though.:twilightblush::twilightblush:

3436901 Well again, it wouldn't do much damage since it's a temporary spell. Plus, I doubt the princesses would do this for just anypony. If you've read my other entires, you will see that I give her the name Andromeda Twilight Velvet. Besides. Besides, this is more of what I would call an Alternative Universe story since I don't have Twilight becoming an alicorn or featuring Sunset Shimmer. Besides, I like the name I gave her more. :pinkiehappy:

*Finishes updated epilogue with a sigh*
That was so sweet. Even better than before. Reminds me of the Stone of Resurrec-
*Second-takes Rainbow Sprinter*
Why is he an Alicorn?

3438249 Because his mother is a pegasus and his father is a unicorn. No other reason. And no he won't be royalty. The show has never stated an alicorn can't be naturally born. Plus it's my story. :pinkiehappy:

Very well... I see... I mean, genetics don't work like that... but ok! :pinkiehappy:

3439813 Yes, who are we to question the genetics of magical talking multi colored equine? :derpytongue2:

Touche... :trixieshiftright:
But! Magic is simply science we do not yet understand.
Oh what the hell am I saying? Equines using mysticism?

3439948 Well to that I say...IT'S MAGIC BITCH! :pinkiehappy:

:twilightblush:at the end of the chapter hilarious might i add

3475341 I'm still not getting what you meant by your first comment.

2812022 some times i put on goth makeup and dance to rock:pinkiehappy: i think i scare my mom:derpytongue2:

“Twilight, she went into labor. Dr. Goodall is taking her to the hospital. She was panicking about me growing again so she…”
“Who gives a buck about you!? Mah wife is in labor! Ah’m becomin a daddy! We gotta get to the hospital now!”

3481817 Ah, ok. Sorry it was just a little confusing because of where you placed Bic Mac's heads.

Before today, I was on chapter 26. Read the reset today, great fic!

3615707 I like to think Granny Smith is smarter than she acts.

Agreed so when you plan on starting up the branch off from this and how are you gonna tie the numerous oc colts and fillies in even though only two have been born so far

3615915 I'm working on that now. The story itself will span multiple years and some chapters will focus on specific offspring. I'm also planning to make a side story to tie up the sub plots in this story that featured the CMC. I was gonna wrap that stuff up in this, but then got distracted by the main story. But I wanna tie that up as well. So all this could take a while.

No problem im sure be as bucking amazing as the twimacverse series is

I love this story. I can't wait to read the sequel to this story. Don't keep us waiting.

3739407 Glad you liked it (hope you liked the previous entries as well). I'll get on it very soon.

THE FEELS !!!!!! IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a little late on reading this. Sorry I haven't been on, my computer broke. Anyway, good job. I would like to see a sequel to this.

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