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A Lamenter goes to Equestria - McCrowley

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Fallen Brothers

>On Malvolion, during the Second Tyrannic War (992.M41)

The hulking monstrosities of chitin were nearly upon the small barricade the Astartes had erected. Scything talons and claws had already killed many of his chapter, but the sergeant of 5th company’s remaining Tactical squad had held fast. His men were battle forged by the Badab War and tempered in the acidic blood of the same Tyranids they were fighting.

Loses were heavy, both for the foe they were fighting and the squad. Unfortunately, the squad wasn’t an endless horde of ravenous monsters hell bent on devouring everything alive. Bolter slugs and the odd plasma burst pierced the flesh of the xenos, but to no avail. The horde was endless and the Marines few. But they were Space Marines of the Lamenter Chapter, they WOULD hold the line.

The sergeant was doing his best at rallying the men, but they all knew they would die here. Such is the curse of the Lamenter Chapter. But they would die in glory, knowing full well that thanks to their efforts, countless lives would be saved.
A chainsword swing by the Sergeant decapitates the unlucky Hormagaunt that was leaping at the squads plasma gun wielder, “Thanks for the save brother!” He says, “I owe ya’ one!”

The sergeant gave a light chuckle, “That’s what? Two THOUSAND favors you owe me then? Buy me a drink when we get out of here and I’ll call it even.”

The squad laughed along at the fun poked at their brother, but the squad had a type of bond that normal men could not comprehend; for they were Brothers in arms as well as Brothers in blood. This squad was completely unique in the fact they literally meant it when they said “Brother”.

The Battle was quickly turning away from their favor however. They were just one squad with no support and no heavy weapons. If anything larger than a genestealer showed their face, the squad would be hard pressed.

The squad was well known in the chapter for being light hearted; all ten members had a charm that seemed infectious even to their more somber brethren. Even after the death of five of their brothers, they still light up the chapters hearts. Garvel was the eldest and as such was trusted to be the squads Sergeant. He was the gentlest of them all, and had a reputation for actually caring about the lives of guardsmen and civilians. Next came the triplets; Silvanus, Frastus, and Titus, Who were the squads plasma gunner, Banner carrier, and sharpshooter respectively. These three probably could make an Ancient Dreadnaught laugh his chassis of, and if they knew they could, they would try their hearts out. While all the brothers were skilled in close combat, none came close to the skill in which Brother Thaddius possessed; as such he was always cocksure of himself, even in the direst situations.

The Badab war and this current conflict had claimed the life of the rest of their brothers save for Mordecai, the youngest, who was having both arms replaced upon the Battle-Barge of their chapter. Mordecai was the most reserved of the brothers, he had just risen above the level of scout marine and was immediately sent into conflict with his brothers, but being an aspirant meant he clung to the Codex Astartes much firmer than the rest of his brothers, and as such was a black sheep of the family.

“Garvel”, Thaddius suddenly shouted over the Vox, “Do you remember that one song? The one song mother always sang to us before bed?” Even with all their helmets on, the frowns of the squad were very apparent. The song was one of death and glory, the death of mighty heroes, and the glory to their families.

“Why on Holy Terra would you want THAT song? Of all the songs mother sang?” Titus asked. “Why not the song Father sang on his way to the fields every day? Or the one that one maiden you were so in-“

“OH shut you’re trap you! That was just… A fling!” Thaddius replied. A short laugh emanated from everyone. “But seriously… Garvel.' His tone becoming solemn, "Do you remember the song or not?”

A single puff of air and a few shots from his bolt pistol into the horde. “Yes I do, Thaddius. Yes I do…” A slow humming began, combining with the roar of their bolters and screeches of the Tyranids.

“Over the hills he went, on his steed of steel,
And though his family wept, pride was all they could feel.
His sword would sing through his foes, and at his feet they would kneel,
And his family would never know that his fate had been sealed.

By this time, the Tyranids had broken through the defensive barrier, forcing the marines into close quarters combat. Already the banner had fallen to the ground.

Gone for years without even a letter, never knowing his fate,
Until the day he returned, his mount sauntering through the gates.
His armor torn and ragged, his breath starting to abate.

The squad was broken now. The triplets had fallen together and Thaddius was being overrun. Garvel was doing his best and continued to sing and fight.

His spoke of glory and of lands unknown, his thirst for adventure gone,
He wished to rest his weary body, so he sung his final song.
His body falls to the ground, wishing his family no wrong.

Garvel was being swarmed. Dozens of Tyranids had swarmed him. His sword cutting a bloody swathe through them, but it was to no avail. Genestealers and Hormagaunts were already clawing through his armor, ripping past the hard ceramite and into the flesh beneath. But he still would not fall.

“Well, brothers” He said to no one in particular. “That is the end of our song… We fought like Astartes. And so shall we die like them.” Pulling out a frag grenade as the tide of flesh slowly pulled him down into their rending claws and gnashing teeth.

“THE EMPEROR PROTECTS!” One last noise, one last bright light,then finally. Blackness.

>Equestria. Twilight Sparkle’s Home.

Twilight sat gazing into the sky through her telescope as she normally did when she couldn’t get any sleep. But tonight was different. She didn’t know WHAT was keeping her awake! She was dreadfully tired but she felt like something as pulling her from her bed.

She gazed at her favorite quadrant of Luna’s sky, the Obscurus sector. This particular sector was personally named by her idol, Star Swirl the Bearded! One thing that she always wondered though is, in all of his writings, Star Swirl sounded… Scared of this particular sector.

Her favorite constellation, which was unique in its coloration and size, had little to no information. He always referred to it as an Eye of some sort. When Twilight was actually able to get all of her friends interested in astronomy once, Rarity referred to it as an Eye as well, but more as “A Miasma of perfectly chaotic beauty! Like the Eye of a god!”
Silly Rarity, there’s no such thing as a god! Even Celestia is just a normal Pony!

But still… She always felt a drawing towards this sector.

It wasn’t until the whole Eye suddenly lost all color save for blue that she felt anything. “Wha-! How… But... That’s NOT possible!” Twilight suddenly exclaimed.

“All my studies... I need to report this to the Princess! This has to be something incredibly powerful in magic!” At this thought, her eyes shone as if a diamond was lodged in them.

“Magic… That’s IT!” The last word came out much louder than she thought when she suddenly heard the thump of something falling upstairs. It seems she woke spike up. With a quick yell and a grunt in response, she reasoned he was well enough that he was okay. And thus began her new experiment.

“If it has to do with magic… Then maybe I can draw some of its power towards Equestria! And with a sample of the magic, I can test whether the source is benevolent or natural!” Her scientist nature was already erupting as she ran around the room, collecting note parchment, quills, and various magical tomes.

As soon as she was sure she had everything she needed, as dictated by her pre-Experiment checklist, she sat down in front of her telescope, making sure she knew where the Eye was. Her horn began to glow a magenta shade as she slowly gathered her energies into its tip, hoping to release them in a manner that would allow her to extract a sample of the star matter.

As she slowly released the energy around her horn, she didn’t notice the small change in hue. Her magic was gaining a tint of blue as her power surged forward from her horn into the sky.

One last noise, one last bright light, then finally. Blackness.

Author's Note:

First chapter. Worked on this late at night and early in the morning... I apologize ahead of time for how terrible I am >.>