• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Unexpected Roommate. - Ditz

Life was not going well for John, but that changed when a strange visitor became part of his life.

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“Hey John, I need spaghetti noodles!” came the sound of an angry voice through a speaker.

Soon as those words were said, the person in question groaned: “Hey boss, both spaghetti and noodles are the same thing…” he quickly muttered under his breath in an annoyed tone.

It was Sunday, and there was the usual rush of hungry customers coming in, and as usual, he was being used as the stand-in cook, since the main cook was sick... Again.

Work in a restaurant could be tough, or at least John thought as much.

He quickly took the “spaghetti noodles” out to the ravenous customers, quickly returning inside to avoid it all. Just wanting it to be over with.

“Aww, poor John can’t handle it?” cooed Michael, one of his co-workers before adding ”Maybe you should just go home, you know you can’t do shit here.”

John felt the sting of his words, as he knew them to be true, he had worked at this dead end job for over a year, and never managed to do anything correctly, he always wondered why he hadn‘t been fired yet, he wasn't allowed much time to rethink his life choices when the angry voice returned with a vengeance.

“The noodles are cold! Hurry up and heat them up!”

He stifled a scream, and begrudgingly, left to attend to his boss’ demands.


“Alright boss, I’m off” John told his boss as he partook in a phone call, in response, he just waved his hand at him, not really paying attention, he took the action as a sign to finally go home, or rather, as not being 'send home' just to be brought back in a third time.

“Ugh, this day was just terrible!” John screamed out loud as he walked out of the restaurant, not caring if any customers saw it Maybe I can save them from terrible food he thought with a satisfied grunt. Feeling slightly better, he began the walk home, but as luck would have it, he was promptly stopped by a certain voice calling for him.

“Hey, John!” He felt a sense of calmness envelop him at the sound of the voice, and he turned around to meet it, it came from a slender girl, calmly driving her car, passing by him, and quickly adding a “See you tomorrow!” before driving off.

John sighed wistfully while waving at the girl of his affections, quickly reminding himself of the slim chances with her, but he needed a reason to stay in the living hellhole that posed for a job, and she made a good argument.

The moment of euphoria now passed, he resumed his walk, but quickly halted as a car stopped next to him. The window rolled down to revealing the insulting man from earlier.

“You know, everyone knows that you like her, why don't you tr- Oh, wait..." he stopped suddenly and chuckled “You don’t have a chance in hell with her, just give her up, women like men like me, not some idiot like you who doesn’t even know how to drive, has no personality and has no friends,” he explained as if having read them off some script, probably having learned them down to a t beforehand.

John was ready to shoot an insult in retort, but stopped, unable to stand up to Michael -not that he could- he was right to a certain extent.

“Heh, later you fucking loser”

"You are a charmer, Michael," John sighed and made the short walk home go faster by speed walking, if only to leave the outside, away from the annoyances that the world seemed to be giving him. He made his way inside where he saw that neither his aunt or uncle were home, and quickly made his way into the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat, then, he headed to his room with plate at hand, when his phone began suddenly ringing, startling him and making him drop everything.

“Really!?” He huffed and quickly reached into his pocket to check the caller before reluctantly answering it.

“Yes, hello?” He said barely containing his dread.

“John! You burned the Macaroni! You know full well that's forty bucks worth! That is coming out of your paycheck!” his boss roared, letting all his anger out without allowing John a moment to explain. All he could do was take it.

“Yes, I understand, goodbye,” He hanged up before finally snapping “FUCKING REALLY!?” He yelled to no one in particular, just wanting to vent his anger, before getting on bed with pitiful sigh.

“Well, at least my life can’t get any more complicated than this” he sighed in defeat.

He cleaned up the mess on the floor and decided to ditch eating, instead opting for turning in early, he jumped in bed, and felt himself being taken by sleep, his problems soon fading into the back of his mind.

Author's Note:

Hello. If you are reading this, it means you actually went through that terrible first chapter WAY after I published it.

You can skip this if you'd like, I'll just be placing some tidbits about the chapter here. Yeah, it's okay.

Note 1:
This chapter was -originally- written SO fast and without much thinking, and it was basically done after reading a fic called 'Xenophilia' which is... A clop fic, yeah... But. The way it narrated everything was just beautifully done, and I felt in awe when reading it.

I wanted to do that, to learn how to do such wonderfully written things.

And thus, my journey into pone writing began.

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