• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Unexpected Roommate. - Ditz

Life was not going well for John, but that changed when a strange visitor became part of his life.

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John's uncle was beginning to worry.

His nephew hadn’t made a sound for the whole day, what if he had finally given up to his bad memories? Or what if the date had gone badly, either way, he had to talk to him, and he made his way upstairs to his room.

“What the?” he saw the door was open and rushed his way in, as expected, he found no one there, but his eyes quickly moved to a note on his pillow, and John's phone that was left charging onthe same spot.

He walked towards the bed and sat down, he could only guess what was written in the note, but he had a few ideas.

He opened it and some money fell on his lap, he ignored it and read the letter.

‘Hello uncle, by the time you read this, I will be gone, don’t worry, I am fine, I left because I needed a fresh start, and the only way to do it was to follow my sister.’

He stopped reading the note and begin panicking. 'Frankie? Did he really go kill himself? No, no, no!' he tried to calm down and took a deep breath before going back to the note.

‘Don’t be alarmed, as I said I am fine, to answer your question, unlock my phone, but I warn you, you may be surprised.’

Confused, he unlocked the phone and gasped.

“What the hell is this?” he threw the phone aside and went back to the letter and kept reading.

‘Do not look for me, because you won't find me, I thank you for letting me stay and I give you all of my saved up money, hoping that it is enough to repay some of your kindness.

His hold on the letter began to waver as he realized he would never see John again, he forced himself to keep reading.

‘I realize that this is a selfish thing to do, but I think it will be for the best, my only regret would be not getting to know you better, but know that even if that was the case, I love you, and I thank you for everything you have done for me.

Your loving nephew, John Pennick.’

He tossed the letter aside and made his way downstairs yelling at his wife to call the police as soon as possible, minutes later, the door smacked close and no other sound was heard

Meanwhile upstairs, the phone laid damaged on the floor, showing the image of John and his strange purple friend, it stayed on for a few seconds longer before the screen went dark, and then, showed no more.

Author's Note:

I hope you all enjoyed this story!
A New Day, A New World is the sequel.
Thank you!

Notes 14
So, this is the end of the original story, didn't plan on continuing it, but... Yeah, read top link.

This was HELL to edit, specially considering it was confusing before. Still, I did my best to make it more readable and to even add some details for the next story, so yay!

gg me

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Comments ( 30 )

Sequel please? This was too good to end :pinkiesad2:

1569959>>1569976 I am not really looking to making a sequel of this, whether his life in Equestria is good or bad, I left it open to interpretation.

Also, thank you for your kind words, I appreciate that many of you stayed till the end. :raritywink:

1570257 well if you make another story as good as this one or better I will literally use pinkie and break the 4th wall to give you a hug.

1570258 You can be sure I will write more stories.
And I would certainly enjoy a 4th wall breaking hug! :pinkiegasp:

1570269 Done..PINKIE DO IT NOW! *I break through the fourth wall and jump out of your computer and give you a hug* see I told you I would do it!!

1570336 Pinkie would be proud.:pinkiecrazy:

1570354 she would Okay I am going back home cya! * jumps back through your computer*

1622361 Ah' don't know...:applejackunsure:

Maybe later after I'm done with other ideas, might be a while though...:unsuresweetie:

I wanted to read this to the end to comment. Very nice story, like the happy ending. :twilightsmile:

1705172 I'm glad you enjoyed it!:pinkiesmile:

1842251 Yeah... I let that go. Not everyone will enjoy my story, each has their reasons not to.:twilightsheepish:

Hmm.....you just got another like.From someone whos username starts with a silver and ends a kirby.

I only say this. This was the best story I have ever read in my entire life. I envy and salute you dear sir:twilightsmile:

198834 :rainbowderp: WHAT
B-but, it really isn't, I mean, what did you like to give me such praise?:applejackconfused:

2073725 Well, that certainly was a fast read... Anyway, I actually started a sequel that I'm currently updating if you would like to check that one out.


Well it proves that we ae more powerful than they think.... luckily they didnt know that we are destroying eachother...

john could turn on protection

2603590 Go to my profile and you will see it there, it's called "A New Day, A New World", it's a work in progress, and I'm glad you liked the first part!:pinkiesmile:

2861647 I'm still a very new writer, although that shouldn't be an excuse.

I apologize if this story didn't do anything for you, I didn't mean for it to offend you, or perhaps for it to ruin your day.:unsuresweetie:

2862107 PM. Figure it's safer to post critiques in private.

You wrote an amazing story, extremely touching.

3016633 Well, I am glad you think so.

I aimed for at least keeping it interesting, and if you enjoyed it, well, it gives me hopes that I can get better at it, and allow more people to enjoy my work.

Thank you so much for the kind words.

ok well I am way late to this story but dam this is a good story.
I will be blazing threw the sequel tomorrow.
Harts Fire

6154548 Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying this.

I only really see one problem and it is a hug one. now I know life is a butch served cold but I see some huge time gaps in the chapters.
is this righters block or just life?

6154668 It's been a while, but from what I can recall, it's mostly plot convenience. This was actually a story I wrote fast (as in, a chapter a day fast) and didn't give it as much care as I should have.

This is also my first story, which I say shows! :rainbowlaugh:

A good answer I am starting the sequel at some point soon.

6738678 Glad you enjoyed this one! :twilightsmile:

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