• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Unexpected Roommate. - Ditz

Life was not going well for John, but that changed when a strange visitor became part of his life.

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Getting to know him.

Twilight wasn't having much luck getting her thoughts together, for some reason, she didn’t have a very concrete plan of what she was supposed to do in this strange world, this was very unlike her and she knew it, but she had to let the human know she was to be trusted before getting her act together, even if she had been a little desperate on her struggles, she was looking forward to it, and scaring him half to death was not on her to-do list.

“I think I need a shower Ms. Sparkle, so if you will excuse me for a bit,” he told her, as he went to a nearby drawer and taking out some clothes from it.

"Of course! Don't mind me!" she said in return, trying her best to avoid being a nuisance.

"Be right back, miss," he said, making his way to the door.

I need to show him he can trust me! she thought, and without noticing, letting the words out of her mouth. “Uh, John?” she asked before being able to stop herself.

“Yes, Ms. Sparkle?”

“Call me Twilight,” she simply said, giving him the best smile she could manage, earning her a smile in return from him before walking out of the room.

'That went better than expected'. she thought.'I think I've earned myself a little b- Oh no! I only brought one book!' she sighed sadly, shrugging. "Might as well read it now."

She remained in the book, caught in the words that brought upon knowledge that she might not yet possess, a world contained in its pages a w-SLAM! a world being interrupted by-

“Spike! How many times ha-” she stopped, coming to notice that what she was staring at was indeed, a human, and not in fact, a dragon in her library. "Sorry, force of habit!"

"Right..." looking disinterested, John quickly waved the event off, sitting down on the bed before talking.“Back to business, as they say. Twilight, what now?” he asked.

'That’s right, I need to begin my assignment,' she thought excitedly, preparing herself by reaching for a scroll and quill on her bag. “Well, I will make a list of questions that I c-” Growl she was cut by the sound of her stomach begging for food.. “I-I guess I’m a bit hungry” she said embarrassed by her stomach’s behavior. "Hold on a moment!"'Bad stomach!' she scolded it in jest, excusing herself for the moment, searching her bags for food

Of which, there was none.

'Spike forgot to pack my food… Uugh!' she thought angrily, thinking of how the baby dragon would be grounded for forgetting such an important thing.

“It’s all good, I will eat later!” she said nonchalantly, attempting to wave the issue away for the time being.

“I’ll get you something to eat, you don‘t seem to have brought food of your own” John simply said and walked out but quickly returned to ask. “What do you eat?”

“You don’t have to do it y-” She begin but was interrupted by her stomach growling once again. Traitor! She sighed in defeat. “Practically anything, except for meat, if I'm correct... Huh, odd, of course, we don't eat meat!” that was... Interesting. I guess I'm just hungry.

He nodded and left Twilight to her thoughts, but she didn’t have much time to think as a mere minute later, she saw John run into the room, hastily dropping a plate in front of her, but despite her best attempts, talking to him in while in his current state of panic proved fruitless as he ran out with a hat in hand.

“Have a nice day?” she replied to the long gone human before adding.“That was… Interesting” she giggled amused.

Maybe I should get my questions in order. She realized and took out a piece of parchment to take notes on how to approach John.

Maybe I should let him ask the questions first to better ease him into my own questions. She thought and wrote it down as step one while eating one of the apples. 'Good start Twilight, now, step 2,' she continued writing down different questions that would be good to ask, not too personal, but open enough to give her some insight on John. This way I can get to know him a bit better without having him get too nervous. as she checked the contents of her questionnaire for the fifth time, she had found out that a good number of hours had passed.

“Well, that had me entertained for a while,“ she noted, realizing that she didn't have much to do until John was home. “I think I should take a nap, I don’t have anything to do anyway.“ She said surprised, she had never been without work. “I guess once in a lifetime can’t hurt," she said, simply laying down on the floor, and without problem, passing out.

Minutes passed, as Twilight twitched, growing excitement for the assignment to begin, and before she knew it, her eyes opened, the sleepiness long gone.

Well, so much for that... Maybe I should inspect the room, I will be staying here for a while after all, and I still don‘t have much to do, maybe I‘ll find something about him as I look around... But, what if he is angry... No, I am simply doing research! And there is nothing wrong with that!” she finally reasoned.

She walked around looking at anything and everything that could be of interest. She decided to check the doors inside the room that seemed to lead to a closet, but quickly recoiled as she got closer.

“What is that smell!?” she busted out with a look of disgust on her face, regretfully returning to her previous sitting spot. I’m not getting close to that again! she thought, then noticed the rectangular window on top of the drawer.

"This reminds me of a movie theater... But smaller," right beside it, she noticed a smaller rectangular object with buttons, her curiosity having gotten the best of her, got her to press the bigger button on it.

The window flared to life showing different images of many different things, Twilight quickly jumped, not knowing what she was looking at BILLY MAYS HERE the screen began excitedly, making Twilight press the buttons, causing the window to change to something else SQUAREPANTS, SP- now growing desperate, she pressed all buttons and the window shut off and stopped making noises. “Oh! Thank Celestia!" she exclaimed relieved. "Not going to touch that again!” she muttered, nervously pushing the thing away.

Noticing a good number of other strange objects, she gulped, choosing to note it down to 'lesson learned, Dear Princess Celestia'. “I don’t have a death wish…”

Just then, her eye caught sight of a magazine sticking out of the edge of the bed. “Oh! Something new to read!” she said excitedly. “I wonder, what sort of literature does this world enjoy?” she opened the magazine and looked at it, curiously, the magazine only had pictures, using some common sense, she realized those were female, but unlike John, weren’t wearing any clothes.

“Hmm… A picture book?" she took a gander of the beings in it, noticing something strange. "These females are doing some strange poses,” she noticed. "Maybe some sort of open exercise? Sure would explain the lack of clothes."

Curious, she began copying the various poses as best as she could. “This is certainly strange” She said as laid on her front legs and raised her behind, instantly realizing what she was doing would get her a strong talking to, even from Pinky herself. How did I not see this? she thought with a blush and a groan.

Just as the door was opened by none other than John, who was now, obviously staring at the sight of her... Stuff, in full display

"J-John! H-hi!” She said awkwardly trying to break the ice, her cheeks as red as the apples she had eaten earlier that day.

Which wasn't helping by her staying the way she was.

With a quick notion, she composed herself and pushed the magazine away.

'Well, it certainly can’t get any worse than this,' she thought conflicted and added. 'Well, I'm sure HE got to learn something about me'.

Author's Note:

Notes 4
I... Honestly have no excuse for this part. I had read a clopfic three days prior, you know? Inspiration and whatnot, my mind was in the gutter.


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