• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Unexpected Roommate. - Ditz

Life was not going well for John, but that changed when a strange visitor became part of his life.

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Clopping for the Soul.

What in the actual fuck!? John began thinking as his face turned scarlet at the sight in front of him, a sight he never expected to see in his entire life -or expected in any way for that matter- and yet, there it was.

"J-John! H-hi!” Twilight began sheepishly as she composed herself looking extremely embarrassed, her magic pushing a magazine John hadn't noticed earlier under his bed.

“A-ah yo-you” John began spouting at a loss of words. “TWILIGHT!?” he shrieked, not knowing how to deal with the situation at hand.

“You okay up there, John?” a male voice called from downstairs, making John regain his senses.

'Shit!' he thought, covering his mouth in instinct.“Yes, I’m ok, sorry.” he replied and quickly, made to close the door to his room.
“What the hell, Twilight!?” he hissed at her, the image of... 'Stuff' still in his head.

“H-hey! It was your magazine, you know?” she began, in an attempt to defend herself.

“Well, no, I mean, yes! Well, kinda! Not really!” he retorted on his defense, as he was telling the truth, the magazine having come from a friend years before, and yet never given it back, he had brought it with him to his new place and just tossed it aside when he'd found it once more, finding it an useless addition when there was enough of that content online.

“I-I’m sorry” she began interrupting his thoughts. “I thought it was a book for exercises, yeah, it was dumb, I know! But they didn't have clothes on, and I figured that's because clothes got in the way, but you were coming in as I was about to stop a-and…” she huffed, just as tears of frustration and embarrassment began falling down her cheeks.

Shit. “No, Twilight, it-it’s alright” he began spouting not knowing how to handle it, feeling helpless and standing there just as the being from another universe cried on his floor. “Um... Twilight, it’s okay! Please, don’t cry! It’s okay, I’m over it! And it was my fault too, I think...” he began apologizing not really thinking about anything, but just attempting to calm her down.

“A-a-alright,” she hiccupped, attempting to stop her bawling, but only failing miserably.

'Geez, lady... Pony girl?' he thought, quickly waving it off to focus on the moment. “Here” John said handing her a towel nearby to get her to dry her tears.

“You good?” he asked after a minute, receiving a weak nod in return. “Phew,” he sighed and slumped back on the bed. “I'm sorry, let’s just try to forget this happened, please?” he pleaded, simply holding his forehead.

She stared at him and nodded once more, looking to the side afterwards.

“Do you want to get started on the proje-” he began, trying to shift the conversation into something else but quickly changed his mind. “You know what? Never mind, I think we had enough excitement for a day.”

“O-okay, I am going to lie down a bit if you don’t mind,” she said, laying down on the floor, facing away from him.

'Oh man, I can’t take it, curse my small bit of friendliness!' he thought, sighing at what he was about to do. “Hey Twilight?”

Barely managing to hear it himself, Twilight sighed softly. “Yes?” she managed, not even bothering to turn to meet him.

“I…” he began awkwardly, to which he quickly shook his head, his resolve on the task at hand. “I want you to lay down on my bed, I think it would be better than laying on the floor, especially for a young gi- I mean, mare? Like, um, yourself,” he finished lamely.

Her ears raised at his words, and slowly, she got on all hooves, turning around with a neutral stare, she scanned John for a few seconds before giving him a kind smile. “You are sweet, but I can’t let you do that.”

“Twilight, it took me quite some effort to ask you this, just get on the bed," he replied with a sour tone.

“Oh,” she muttered and giggled before saying. “Okay mister, I think I’ll take you up on that offer, then,” she replied, easily jumping on the bed, John grabbed a blanket from the closet and settled it down on the floor. “There we go, I’ll sleep on the floor while you stay here, ok?” he explained, quickly raising his hand before the argument came out of Twilight's mouth. “My room, my rules.” He said with a victorious grin on his face.

“Very well, you are the boss," she chuckled in defeat.

'Well, that should do it,' he noted. 'And I think she trusts me a bit more because of this, good job you stud, you,' he thought proudly.

“I think I’m good, trust me, I already slept most of the day away,” said Twilight turning to face him. “And if you don't mind me asking, John, how do you occupy your time off?”

“Oh, well…” he began, caught by surprise by the question. “Well, I usually just watch some TV to pass the time.” he told her, causing her to give him a questioning look.

'Oh, yeah, duh!' “This is a TV.” He explained while grabbing the remote causing Twilight to flinch. Well that’s not the reaction I expected.. "Something the matter?"

"Ah, ha, ha... No, sorry, just a bit jumpy with excitement, I guess! Ahaha..." she said with a nervous tone.

"Uh huh... Odd," then turned on the TV, leaving it on a child-friendly channel. 'I think I’ll leave it here, wouldn’t want her to lose her innocence with our other shows,' he thought as he returned to his seat on the floor.

The pair watched TV for some time, all the while, Twilight's nervous stare simply grew into astonishment, causing John to chuckle a bit as she watched and analyzed 'Spongebob'.

“But, wait, that’s just highly illogical, how can there be beaches with water underwater, and how can the talking sponge drown in water while in water itself, this leaves me baffled!" she continued, leaving John in hysterics at her piquing of a children's cartoon.

“What’s so funny mister?” she finally said, noticing John literally rolling on the floor in laughter.

“Well, let's just say you aren't really the most logical thing, 'Ms. Magical Pony,'” He said pointing directly at her horn.

“I suppose you have a point," she answered, then inexplicably, releasing a sigh.

“What’s up with you?” John asked, seeing her obvious discomfort. “You seemed so good at pulling yourself together that I thought you wouldn’t be the whining kind.”

Twilight simplyshot him a glance that disappeared as soon as it had appeared leaving a face that John could only be described as boredom. “Sorry, I just find this.” She began pointing at the screen “A bit overwhelming for me at the moment, I usually spend my time reading a book or making progress in my magical studies, this is a bit new to me, I mean, we have movies where I come from, but nothing like... This!” she said giving John a long face, something that could be considered rude if he decided to ask with her having a 'horse face' and all.

Simply said, he would not ask that.

“How about this… Since it’s my day off tomorrow, I’ll go get you some books from the library, would that be okay with you?” he said with a grunt, it was his day off and he was gonna have to spend it on getting books. 'I'm a genius, ugh,

“Really!?” Twilight asked excitedly.

“Yes Twilight.” he assured her, showing her by setting his alarms. 'Early, of course, might as well deal with this fast.'

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” she exclaimed a bit too excitedly before calming down. “Sorry, I’m just excited to finally be able to read some of your world’s books,” she added, clapping with her hooves once again.

“Ugh.” John shuddered.


“Nothing.” Why am I finding that clapping -or is it 'clopping'?- of hers cute? John asked himself before shaking himself from his stupor and turning back to Twilight. “It’s nothing, I’ll be going to bed now, so if you don’t mind. He said turning off the lights and laying down on the blanket.

“Oh, goodnight then…” Twilight said confused at his behavior, settling on the bed.

Oh man, that darn 'clopping' just won’t leave my head! he kept thinking, but was quickly forgotten as sleep overtook him.

Author's Note:

Notes 5
This chapter was on the easy side, simply said, I decided to go for the cute on this, what with... The other stuff happening and all.

Like the previous ones, I wrote this in a day and posted it soon after, needless to say, there were a lot of things wrong in this one, but I tried to keep it on the lower end this time around.

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