• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Unexpected Roommate. - Ditz

Life was not going well for John, but that changed when a strange visitor became part of his life.

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Gaining her trust.

Without a second thought, John rushed into the restroom, closing the door as softly as he could possibly muster, trying his best to derail any suspicion on the pony, all while taking a bath to gather his thoughts.

“Ok, I have a talking horned purple pony that wishes to study me by showing how friendship can work on a pathetic human like me... Well, I was oddly specific but I got that so far, what else do I have?” he quickly recapped to himself. “Yeah, okay, I need this bath more than I thought,” realizing he was literally shaking, he decided upon a bath instead, laying down on the tub as the water filled it up, allowing the stress to melt away.

'Well, what am I going to do with her now?' he wondered, the conflicting thoughts of relaxation and stress making him feel uncomfortable as he thought of ideas.

“I can’t tell anyone, that’s for sure, they would think I’m crazy, and Twilight wouldn't let herself be seen by anyone else, especially if she tried to keep me quiet,” he reasoned.

Taking much longer than he expected, he made his way back to his room, where he could see Twilight from the part of the door he left partially open. 'Seems she is a reader,' he quickly noted as he saw one of her giant eye move left to right at a speedy pace. And a fast one at that he added.

“Uh, I’m back Twilight” he waved as he went into the room, but to his annoyance, found himself ignored. “Okay…..” with a smirk, he grabbed the door, and with slightly more force than he had planned, slammed it shut.

“BANG” The door went, making a louder noise than he wanted, making Twilight jump in surprise, her horn lighting up for a second. She turned to his direction, and gave him an unexpected glare.

“Spike! How many times ha-” she began spouting before being cut off by John's amused stare.

“Oh, sorry, force of habit“ she said apologetically, turning to the book that currently floated by her head, and putting a marker before closing it.

“Right…” John simply said, just waiting to get it over with. “Back to business, as they say. Twilight, what now?” he asked, sitting at the edge of his bed, awaiting for her response.

“Well, I will make a list of questions that I c-” She was cut off by a grumble coming from her stomach causing her to blush a bit. “I-I guess I’m a bit hungry, hold on a moment,” she giggled before composing herself and looking inside a bag she had put aside.

“It’s all good,I will eat later!” she said quickly closing the bag, and returning her attention to John. Noting the odd behavior, he decided to intervene.

“I’ll get you something to eat, you don‘t seem to have brought food of your own” he simply remarked, leaving the room before she had a chance to deny it. Until he realized something, returning to the room to ask “What do you eat?”

“You don’t have to do it, y-,” yet another grumble from her stomach interrupted her making her sigh in defeat. “Practically anything, except for meat, if I'm correct... Huh, odd, of course, we don't eat meat!” she haphazardly explained, looking confused. John tailored it to hunger, and with a shrug, left to get the food.

He made to the kitchen at a brisk pace, noticing the bulk on his pants as he went downstairs, he reached into his pocket, and took out his phone. “8:50!? Shit!” he shouted as he checked the time, realizing that he had no time to groom himself, give Twilight some house rules, and giving her food.

"Dammit!" choosing to do the two latter, he rushed to the kitchen, grabbing two apples and a cookie he had saved up for himself. "I guess no breakfast for John!" he mumbled before rushing upstairs, and giving Twilight the food.

“What’s wrong, John?” She asked eyeing him with concern.

“Work! Don’t go out! Secret agents might get you to study you! AH… Stay put!” He rambled before grabbing his hat and heading downstairs and out the front door.

“Have a nice day?” She replied looking blankly at the spot he had just been seconds before.


'Crap, crap, I’m gonna be late! I can’t afford to be late today! he thought while running, , and yet, to his luck, arriving with a minute to spare.


“Almost late again, huh?” came the voice from one of his co-workers who chuckled from nearby, John didn't think much of him, but he liked him enough to be on speaking terms. “I thought you lived 5 minutes from here now?” he asked amused.

“Hey, Reuben… Shut up,” he said exasperated and embarrassed, as his acquaintance just laughed at his forgetfulness, he still wasn't used to his new place, even if he liked it more, habits were hard to break.

“Why do you look so tired anyway? I know you are usually late, but you never seem to care,” asked his co-worker.

Then it hit John: He had a freaking magical pony in his house and it had somehow slipped his mind during the run. 'How did I even manage that?' He thought face palming at his own stupidity. “I woke up late, sue me," he lied, just wanting the day to continue.

The rest of his day went by uneventfully, his thoughts caught between wanting to leave, and finding ways to deal with Twilight. 'as much as I don’t like it, she is staying there, and to be honest I don’t want to anger her, what if she is plotting something by hiding her true motives? Or what if she refuses to leave and ends up hurting me?' thoughts like this occupied his head, making him desperate to come up with something good.

“You are off tomorrow!“ his boss yelled from his office as John walked out of the kitchen getting his thoughts interrupted, but grimacing as he realized what that meant. 'Good, I guess, it may give me some time to talk with Twilight,' he thought as he waved his boss a half-assed bye.

I’ll be nice, that’s all I can do at this point. he thought for the umpteenth time that day as he made his way home. 'Home sweet home!' He thought sarcastically as he opened the door to his room and found his thoughts shift at what he saw when he opened the door.


Author's Note:

Notes 3
This chapter was boring, and actually, I wrote it the same day I released the other two... Which sorta explains the rushness of this story, but what do?

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