• Published 7th Oct 2012
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Geoverse Part Five: Prisoner of Love - GeodesicDragon

Twilight and Geo are parents now, but the latter is still serving his sentence.

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Apple Of My Life


Apple Of My Life

"Are y'all quite done laughin'?" Applejack asked of John, who was lying on the ground clutching his sides.

"You should have seen the look on your face!" he replied, "Oh, Celestia, it was priceless!"

Applejack's raised eyebrow look turned into a scowl.

"The last time Ah heard those words," she said, "Ah was corrupted by Discord. Now, Ah was hopin' ta get over it, but y'all just had to go an' remind me of how Ah let mahself and mah friends down."

John stopped laughing and stood up.

"Oh, shit." he said, "I'm sorry, Applejack. I didn't mean to."

He reached out to hug her, but she pushed him away with a hoof, her scowl even more prominent on her face.

"Y'all just went too far." she said sternly, "Just go home, John. Ah... Ah don't want ta be near ya right now. And consider yerself confined to the couch until further notice."

"But I-" John began, but was cut off by Applejack's raised voice.

"BUT NOTHIN'!" she yelled, tears beginning to flow freely, "Just git on outta here! Now!"

John looked around and saw that many of the ponies in the market had stopped to watch the show. Sighing dejectedly, he did as he was asked, not bothering to apologise to anypony he pushed out of his way as he did so.

"Celestia damn it all." he muttered, "I've gotta make this right."

His legs propelled him towards the train station.

"And I know just who to speak to."


"I'm sorry, John. But I cannot allow you to see Geo. You know the rules of his house arrest. No visitors, no exceptions."

John groaned in exasperation.

"Dammit, Shining Armour!" he said, "Not even for ten minutes?"

Shining shook his head.

"Sorry, John." he said sternly but fairly, "But I can't."

John propelled himself around on his feet and punched the wall.

"FUCKING HELL!" he roared, causing Shining Armour to jump, and the nearby guards to survey their surroundings, looking for the source of the outburst.

"Whoa, whoa!" Shining said, trying to calm down the raging inferno that was John's emotions, "What's the matter?"

John sighed.

"I royally fucked up with AJ, and I need to make it up to her somehow." he replied, "I was hoping Geo could give me some pointers, because he's known her longer than I have."

Shining patted John on the shoulder.

"Well, as bad as that is, I still can't let you see him." he said, "However, I might be able to help. Celestia knows Cadence and I have had the occasional falling out, so if you'll let me... maybe I can help?"

John smiled.

"I'd appreciate that." he said, "Though I think making it up to Applejack will be much easier than making it up to a Princess."

Shining nodded.

"Yes, I'm sure it will be." he said, "Now come on John, we've got a lot to discuss. And once we put our plan into action, I guarantee Applejack will be more than willing to forgive you."

John grinned and followed as Shining Armour led the way down the halls of Canterlot.


Applejack sat on the edge of her bed and wiped her eyes with a hoof. She had returned from the market to find that her boyfriend wasn't there, and that nopony had seen him. The worries that plagued her mind replaced the worries of what Discord had put her and the other Elements through.

The front door opened with a click.

"AJ?" John's soft voice called, "Are you home? I've got something that you really need to see."

Applejack's ears perked up and she rushed downstairs to find John standing with a small smile on his face. But rather than return the gesture, Applejack ploughed into him and sent him onto his back.

"Where the hay have you been?!" she yelled, "Ah've been worried sick about you! Ah was beginning ta think that y'all had been beaten up by another brother ya didn't tell me about!"

"I went up to Canterlot." he replied, "I was hoping to speak to Geo, but Shining Armour wouldn't let me. However, he was more than willing to help me out."

Applejack slid off John's chest, allowing him to stand up.

"Help ya out with what, exactly?" she said, raising an eyebrow.

"How I could make up for what I did." he said, "I'm sorry I said what I said, and I'm sorry it brought back those memories. I guess my time as a spy left me blind to the well-being of others. So, I talked to Shining, and together we worked out how I could apologise, as well as show you how much I care."

Applejack sat down and watched as John produced a large envelope from within his jacket.

"You are the bearer of the Element of Honesty," he said, "so I figured that the best gift I could give you would be showing you just how honest I am about us and our relationship. So, I made a few stops and got a few things. Things which I hope will tell you exactly how much I love you."

He handed Applejack the envelope and she opened it with her teeth, emptying the contents onto the floor. As she cast her eyes over the paper, her sour expression vanished, as John watched nervously for her reaction.

"Ah can't believe it." she said, "Y'all did this... fer me?"

"Of course I did, AJ." John replied, "This is my way of showing you just how committed I am to us. I want us to spend the rest of our lives together, here... on our farm."

Applejack looked down at the documents. Clearly visible amongst them was a title deed with an official-looking seal, naming Applejack as the owner of Sweet Apple Acres.

Her eyes filled with tears as she propelled herself at John yet again, this time wrapping herself around his chest and kissing him. A minute later, the two of them broke away and Applejack cast her gaze towards the pile of paper.

"How in tarnation did ya manage it, darlin'?" she asked, "Every time Ah try to buy the farm, the bank wouldn't let me."

John laughed.

"It would seem that having connections to royalty helps me out a lot." he replied, "Once they realised that I was with Shining Armour, who was married to a Princess, they were more than willing to let me buy the farm."

"But it must have cost ya a fortune!" Applejack retorted, "Y'all didn't take out a loan or nothin', did ya?"

John shook his head.

"I've been saving up since I got here." he said, "And Shining gave me the rest."

"So it is a loan." Applejack sighed, "Just without the interest. Well, Ah guess we can pay back Shinin' Armour when we can."

"It's not a loan, AJ." John interjected, "It was an early gift."

Applejack looked perplexed.

"An early gift?" she asked, "What for? Both our birthdays have passed already, so Ah really don't know why-"

John silenced her with a raised hand, and reached into another pocket with the other. He pulled a box out and dropped to one knee, eliciting a gasp from Applejack.

"We have our own home now," he said, "but I still want to make an honest mare out of you. AJ... will you marry me?"

Applejack bit her lip as more tears threatened to cascade down her cheeks. She didn't speak a word as she nodded vigorously.

John smiled and opened the box to reveal a gold necklace, adorned with rubies which were arranged in the same style as Applejack's cutie mark. He slipped the jewellery over her neck and brought her in for a hug, only to be tackled to the ground as the farmer invaded his mouth with her tongue.

Breaking apart, John smiled.

"Remind me ta thank Shinin' Armour next time Ah see him." Applejack said, "He's given me... us, a mighty fine weddin' gift."

John nodded at that, before suddenly groaning.

"What's wrong?" asked Applejack.

"I just realised that I slapped Geo on his wedding day." he replied. "So please, could you remind me not to show any signs of nervousness on our big day?"

Applejack nodded and the two of them lay in contented silence among the pile of paper.