• Published 28th Sep 2012
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Pinkie & the Brain - ItsDoctorWhooves

While venturing through Ponyvilles Market, Pinkie finds something interesting; a Unicorn Horn.

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Every year in Ponyville, a flea market is held in town square. Ponies ranging from Apploosa to Cloudsdale meet up to trade trinkets and sell curios.

There is a running joke; every year you are destined to buy something that is almost entirely unlike what you were intending on purchasing.

Pinkie Pie was looking for a chocolate fountain.

She had always wanted one, ever since the party with Princess Celestia. She had this fantasy to cover herself in the warm chocolate, let it harden, and have Twilight divide the chocolaty shell in half down the middle, so she could get out if it. Of course , the plan was silly. There was no way that Twilight could be that accurate with her magic.

The town square was packed to the brim with ponies, selling things from antique saddles to horn cozies. Everypony was excited, and nopony was without some odd trinket to gawk at for half an hour.

"Hey, Zecora!" Pinkie practically sang when she saw her zebra friend.

"Hello, Pinkie Pie. How are you?" Zecora said, sorting through a pile of antique horseshoes.

"What, no rhymes?" Pinkie joked. "Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?"

Zecora smiled. "I am fine, pony of pink, I need not rhyme all the time, you think?"

Pinkie giggled. "How do you like our flea market?"

"It's extremely interesting, I might set up a stall next year."

"Oh, you could name it 'Zecurios'!"

Zecora chuckled, and paced off towards another pile of age-worn horseshoes.

At this point, Pinkie saw something—something shiny. Another running joke in Ponyville is that Rarity can be tossed head over heels distracted by anything with any sort of shine, but the truth is really that it's Pinkie whose weakness is glossy objects.

The object measured at about four inches, with a curling indent around it, like a candy cane, with a pointed tip. It was translucent, and sparkled like fine diamond in sunlight.

It was a unicorns horn.

"Ooh!" Pinkie remarked with glee.

"You like?" a soft voice asked.

"Huh? Oh, hi!" Pinkie's eyes focused in on a small figure below her. He was a black pony, with most of his body covered by a thick-looking cloak. His face looked almost skeletal, though weirdly not because of his age.

"Does the pink one like, darling?" the pony rasped out.

"Who...Oh!" Pinkie exclaimed. "You mean me? Yup, I think it's pretty."

"Does the pink one want to make a purchase?" he asked.

"Um, how much?" she asked, talking a bit softly with worry. "That thing has to be expensive, it looks like it's made of diamonds or something" she thought. Pinkie gazed at the horn. At the base of it was a thin, stark white leather strap—the horn was head wear. "What a funny hat"

"Eh... one bit, for the pink one. Yes... one bit..." he whispered, a small amount of excitement seeming to fill his empty voice.

"Holy guacamole! Only one bit?" she squealed out with marvel. "I'll take it, Mister..."

"Vernula... Vernula is Vernula..."

"Thank you so much, Vernula." Pinkie squeaked. She handed the single gold coin to the small pony, who seemed to handle it like it was a ticket to heaven. After, Pinkie walked home to gawk at her new little trinket.


Pinkie stroked the horn, in awe of its brilliant luster. It was warm to the touch, probably from being in the sun all day, and the light refracting through it's prismatic body created the beautiful illusion of life.

She picked it up, feeling the soft material that the straps were made from. They too had a warmth to them, and felt like thick silk in her hooves.

"Let's see how you look on my head..." she whispered to herself. She positioned the horn right under her 'Pinkie puff' as she called it. "Right where Twilight's horn is" she thought. She nabbed the straps, and attached them together at her chin with the barely visible little clip that made the attached strips look almost seamless.

She giggled at herself in the mirror. Pinkie Pie, the Unicorn. She felt weird with a big... stick just popping out of her forehead. How did unicorns manage not to laugh at themselves all day.

"Ooh, I could put it on Pound Cake and have him pretend to be an Alicorn. He would love that." Pinkie scanned her room, searching for the picture of the Cake Twins that she kept.

"There you are" she murmured. It was on the other side of her room, so she began to wal—

The picture moved.

"Eep!" Pinkie yelped, falling back into the wall behind her. "Why did you move!"

Unexpectedly, the picture failed to give an answer.

"It's... like..."

Pinkie had an idea. A clever, possible idea. She focused on the painting, willing it to...

It moved again.

She glanced up at the glittery stick of diamond strapped onto her head. Whenever Twilight used magic, her horn glowed. So...

The horn covered itself with a pink aura.

Pinkie Pie grinned. "Well, aren't you a fun little thing." So her new hat was functional.

She focused on the picture again, hoping to actually achieve lift this time. Immediately, it levitated about an inch off the table.

"It's like magic..." Pinkie thought, before realizing the truth. "It is magic!" I've found a magical horn! What should I do first? I could create background music for a song in town... ooh, I could make an infinite supply of cupcakes! Or..." she smiled. "I wonder..."

Pinkie looked up at the translucent horn. "Create chocolate." she said aloud.

Nothing happened.

Pinkie spoke louder. "Create chocolate!"

Again, nothing.

She sighed. "I suppose it can't make chocolate, then. Oh... it would be so nice though... warm, smooth chocolate... I can almost smell it—"

She could smell it. Pinkie looked up, and was greeted by a slow dribble of liquid brown heaven coming from her horn.

"Oh!" she squealed with delight. She focused harder, willing for the chocolate to drip down to her mouth.

Not a moment later, the chocolate found its way down into her watering mouth. Her face suffered from this, the sticky candy leaving a trail, but it was well worth it.

"Mmmmmm..." she spoke through her mouthful of horn-made-chocolate. "Chocolatey..."

Again, she had an idea. An absolutely, extraordinarily Pinkie Pie idea.

"Cover me in chocolate" she willed the horn. "I want to be head to hoof in milk choc—"

The horn had already responded to her desire with a wonderful gush of creamy ambrosia.

"Starting to get to know what I want, are w—mhmphh." she hadn't time to finish her sentence, as the chocolate had already engulfed her face.

A few seconds later, Pinkie was completely encased in liquid chocolate.

Without even having to gather the thought together, the horn hardened the chocolate into a delicious shell around her, which she perfectly separated down the middle.

Pinkie wobbled her way out of the chocolate mould, and then sealed the two sides back into one.


She giggled. "Hello, Chocolate Pie."


"La la... so sweet and tasty..." Pinkie hummed to herself. She was testing out her new horn by making cupcakes.

A hundred cupcakes.

"Flour, sugar, water, vanilla..." as she listed off the ingredients, she amused herself at watching them literally fly off the shelves into her plethora of mixing bowls.

"Whaddya' think, Chocolate Pie?" Pinkie asked. "Is my magic impressive?"

The chocolate statue failed to reply.

She looked at the work that she had completed. One bowl of cupcake batter filled two sheets of cupcakes. One sheet made a dozen cupcakes—with five bowls of batter; she would have a total of 120 cupcakes.

Pinkie crossed her eyes. Since when did she do random math like that? "I should stop talking with Twilight so much." she thought, affection towards her geeky friend making her smile.

"Alright, guys, into the cupcake sheets!" Pinkie commanded. Of course, her commands were now pointless, but she felt like a magician when everything seemed to respond to her voice.

The five bowls levitated into the air, pink with Pinkie's magic. They each poured out their contents into the cupcake sheets, more or less perfectly.

"Now... can I cook them without an oven?" Pinkie asked her chocolatey friend. "Ooh! I'll use a heat wave!"

Pinkie had no idea what a heat wave was, but she somehow knew how to make one. At her command, the molecules of air and metal surrounding the raw batter vibrated, causing vast amounts of heat to bake the cupcakes in a matter of minutes.

"Yum!" she exclaimed. "Look, Chocopie, aren't they just delicious looking?"

Chocopie was speechless.

"Oh, right! Icing!" without a second thought towards the idea, multicolored streams of sugary icing streamed from Pinkie's horn, covering the cupcakes with a colorful array of decoration.

"Perfect!" Pinkie squeaked with triumph. "Mr. Cake!"

Mr. Cake walked in, a list of chores practically pressed against his eyes. "What is it Pin... kie... pie..." his eyes suddenly caught the hundred cupcakes, and then Pinkie's horn. "Pinkie... how did... why do you have..."

"This should fill my quota for awhile, right?" Pinkie asked nonchalantly.


"Do you mind if I take the day off?"

Mr. Cake blinked. "Sure.. but where did you get a ho—"

"Bye!" Pinkie chirped.

Mr. Cake's eyes never left Pinkie as she bounced out of Sugarcube Corner. After she left, he left the kitchen, hoping to forget about the impossible number of cupcakes that the hopefully nonexistent Pinkiecorn had created.


"Wow, Pinkie, it's so pretty." Fluttershy remarked.

"Thanks, Fluttershy." Pinkie crossed her eyes down at her hay fries, searching for one that wasn't completely covered in ketchup.

"I'm probably not the pony who would be best to judge... but it really matches your coat so well. The pink crystal and pink strap... how did you fin—"


Fluttershy's ears flattened against her head. "Um. I was just saying—"

"What color did you say the horn was?" Pinkie demanded.

"P-pink..." Fluttershy whimpered. Had she said something wrong?

Pinkie looked up. The once diamond colored crystal now appeared to be a translucent pink, and the straps were nearly invisible against her pink coloring.

"Oh, i'm sorry Fluttershy" Pinkie cooed. "I could have sworn it was a different color when I bought it. Weird."

"O-oh." Fluttershy filled with relief at that. "Sorry."

Pinkie smiled. "You're way too cute for your own good. Why hasn't some big strong stallion just scooped you up yet?

Fluttershy blushed, nervous about the conversations turn. "I'm not that cute..."

Pinkie seemed to ignore Fluttershy's protest. "You probably inherited some a-dow-a-ble-ness from all those little animals you hang out with."

"Like Angel Bunny?" Fluttershy perked up at the relieving swing from love interests to her animals.

Pinkie smiled at her relief. "mmhmm."

Fluttershy took a bite of her delicious sunflower salad. "Are you sure that it's safe?"

Pinkie licked off a bit of ketchup from a fry. "What, the horn?"

Fluttershy nodded.

"Of course, what could possibly be dangerous about it?"

"Well.. it changed color..." Fluttershy blushed.

Pinkie rolled her eyes. "Oh, no! It's a color changing horn bomb! We're all doomed!"

Fluttershy giggled. "It's possible Pinkie."

"And why would a weak little thing like Vernula try to blow me up?"

Fluttershy blinked. "Vernula?"

"He's the pony who sold me the horn. Small little thing." she explained.

"No, I know that. I just recognize his name from somewhere..." Fluttershy concentrated. "Oh! It's because it's not just a name, it's a word from Pegalatin that I learned in flyers school. All pegasi are required to learn it. I remember how Rainbow Dash always had to have me help her with her homework, and sometimes cheat on her tests and this one time she even—"

"Fluttershy" Pinkie interrupted.

"Hm? Oh, sorry." Fluttershy's face reddened again.

"Pinkie laughed. "So, what does the word mean?"

"Fluttershy thought for a second. "Um... servant, I think."

"Weird name" Pinkie concluded.