• Published 17th Sep 2012
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Arctic Chill - dragonridergoku

Goku is missing and Vegeta has gone to another universe to save him what will happen?

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A/N: This was an idea I had when reading some My Little Pony, Dragonball Z crossovers. I realized that many of the crossovers there are either filled with OC saiyans or far too crazy to be believable (no offense if you own one of these or if you like them). Just as a warning, I will be including some OCs but nothing too drastic. For those of my fans who are haters, I will write what I want so deal with it. If you don’t like it then why are you reading this? Now to the new story

Dragonrider Goku presents:

Arctic Chill

The Z warriors were all gathered together at the top of Dende’s lookout. The reason for this meeting had yet to be revealed. All were present at the time, besides a certain super saiyan. Goku had been missing for quite some time now and no one could figure out where he had gone. Even king kai couldn’t find the warrior with all of his power. Dende had called a meeting saying only that it had great importance and involved Goku.
“So Dende, did you find out where my dad went?” A young half saiyan asked.
“I’m not totally sure about this, but I think I did find a way to get to him Goten.” The Namekian answered.
“Well then what are we waiting for, I want to find Kakarot so I can give him a piece of my mind for ditching us again.” The other pure-blooded super saiyan said.
“There is a bit of a problem to that Vegeta, from what I can gather, he isn’t even in the same universe as us. He has somehow been transported beyond the reach of even the supreme kai. I can only do this once, and only one person can go.”
“Go where exactly?” Krillin chimed in.
“That’s the question, I have no idea, and there may be no way to return.”
“What! No return! So you’re saying he’s stuck there forever. I can’t ever see my dad again?” Goten yelled out in shock.
“No, Goten, let me finish. I think I can create a new set of lower power dragonballs that will go with whoever I send to this universe. If this person can find Goku and the dragonballs, they can bring themself and Goku back here. But we need to think about the fact that we don’t know where he is. If he’s somewhere dangerous, we need to send someone who can defend themself.”
“Well if you’re looking for someone strong, I may be willing to find Kakarot. Without fusion, I am the best warrior here. I’ll go find that fool and bring him back here.” Vegeta requested.
“Well, if you insist, I guess you can go Vegeta. But remember, we don’t know what will be in this other universe. Try not to cause any unnecessary trouble.”
“I make no guarantees, but I will try not to leave too much of a mess. Send me away Namekian.”
At this, Dende led the group into a room that looked a lot like the time chamber. He then created another small set of dragonballs which were all green and had purple stars. Dende explained that these would be good for only one summoning, and two wishes in case something went wrong. Then a loud humming sounded in the room and Vegeta did as he was told and walked into the center of the room. Dende then started a machine that lit up and hit Vegeta and the dragonballs with a bright light. After that they were gone.
Vegeta felt like his body was burning from the inside out. He tried his hardest to resist crying out in pain, but it was too much, and even the proud saiyan screamed from the unimaginable power that was currently ripping at his very soul. Then, as quickly as it started, the pain vanished and Vegeta’s vision faded to black.
When he awoke, he found himself to be in a bed of some sort. He was covered by a white blanket, and the room looked and smelled as if it had been washed many times with some form of disinfectant. In one corner there was a small chair, and a table with a lamp on it was sitting next to the bed.
Vegeta was in the middle of wondering where in the universe he was when he remembered what had happened to him. He realized that Dende’s plan must have worked, and decided that he was in a hospital due to his situation and the searing pain he had felt when coming to this place. He must have been knocked out for a time, and was discovered by some natives. Whatever the case was, Vegeta wasn’t the type of person to just sit around in a hospital all day. As he tried to get out of the bed, however, he fell to the floor.
“What the, I must have been more injured than I thought. Well I’ll just leave and be on my wa-“
That was when he realized he didn’t have any hands or feet. In their place was a set of hooves.
Then a sound of hoof steps could be heard from outside of the door and a horse in a doctor’s coat came crashing into the room looking around frantically.
“What happened? Are you alright? Why did you just scream?” The doctor asked in rapid-fire.

End of Chapter 1

Well, this turned out a little differently than I expected. Who knows what will happen to Vegeta now. Please review and have a great time reading my stories. See ya.