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Arctic Chill - dragonridergoku

Goku is missing and Vegeta has gone to another universe to save him what will happen?

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Search and Recieve

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Last Time: Goku and Vegeta met Celestia. Now the ponies know about Vegeta’s former planet busting power. What will happen?


Every pony in the room was currently staring at Vegeta with their mouths hanging open, only the other saiyan didn’t seemed shocked at all with this revelation.

“I mean exactly what I said. I’ve destroyed planets, killed entire species, and decimated civilizations. What did you want me to say?”

“Maybe that you aren’t some sort of sick murderer who goes around killing others for money.”

“Well don’t worry; I don’t usually blow up planets anymore. Just remember not to make me mad and we’ll get along just fine and dandy.”

“While I can’t say I trust you, I do see the good in your heart so I’ll let it slide for now. Don’t give me a reason to use force and lock you up.”

“Oh don’t worry dear princess; I won’t hurt any of your ponies too bad. Now, shouldn’t we be out looking for the dragonballs instead of just standing here?”

“Of course, but first we must gather the rest of the elements so we can search all over. Once we have one dragonball, I believe I may be able to figure out a way to use it to track the positioning of the other six.”

“Sounds fine by me, let’s get moving.”

The group then left and went to gather the other members of the elements of harmony. When all six were gathered at the library, the princess started explaining the entire situation to them. The two saiyans interrupted when they needed to correct a fact or add something needed. At the end of the explanation, Rainbow Dash was the first pony to speak up.

“Wait, so let me get this straight. These two new ponies are actually aliens from another universe, they changed form to look like ponies, and they need our help to find these dragonball things so they can go home. Is it just me, or does this entire story seem a little fishy to you?”

“Well Rainbow, if you don’t believe them, I did check them with magic and they were either incredibly good liars or they truthfully believe the story they gave us.”

“Well Twilight, I for one do believe their story and, if possible, am quite intrigued in seeing how their world looks.”

“Rarity, this is serious, we can’t just go to their world whenever we want. We need to be good friends and help these ponies in need.” Twilight responded “Also, I don’t think the angry one will be able to keep himself from hurting some pony for very long.”

“Ahem, sorry to interrupt your little chat but, we need to find those dragonballs soon. If they get into the wrong hands it could spell disaster for your country.”

“Well then, let’s start looking for them right away.”

The mane six then left and spread out looking all over the town for the objects of interest. Celestia went to Canterlot and informed Luna and the guards of the situation. She also sent letters to each other major city to have their police forces on the lookout. The search lasted the entire day, and gave away no clues at all as to where the dragonballs could be located. Goku and Vegeta slept in the library basement during the night and woke up the next morning much earlier than any pony else.

Twilight woke up about an hour later and decided to go make some breakfast for when the other members of the house woke up. When she entered the kitchen, however, she saw a small basket sitting on her table with a note lying on top. There was a small red blanket wrapped around some small object. The basket looked as if it had been made recently, but it still had the impression of a master’s touch in the design.

‘I wonder what this could be’ Twilight thought as she trotted closer to the basket. ‘How did this even get in here? Did Goku or Vegeta leave it here for me? Oh well, better just read the note.’

Twilight then went over to the note and began to open the white envelope. When it was open, she pulled out the small, folded up piece of paper within. She unfolded it and began to read.

Dear whoever finds this first,

I would like to inform you that I have been keeping my eye on you for some time now. I know about the two saiyans that have arrived in this world and would like to extend a warning to them. Whatever you do, do not trust any pony too much. I cannot reveal all the details with this letter, but know that I am not the only one watching you. Another wants to use you and the power of your dragonballs to achieve his wicked goals. I don’t know how much of a help I can be, but for now this gift will have to suffice. Be careful who you show this too and don’t lose it. You will know what it does when the time is right. For now I must go, be careful from now on for you are treading on thin ice. To send me information, give a note to Derpy Hooves with a blueberry muffin and tell her “The small bird who lives again has gained its strength from gods” she’ll know what to do. Don’t try to contact me unless it is absolutely necessary.

-A Friend

When Twilight finished reading the letter she was thoroughly confused and slowly lifted the blanket until a good sized diamond was revealed. It was cut in a perfect circle and contained seven specks within that seemed to revolve around an image of the sun. The gem was also emitting a strong magical energy that felt so ancient and fragile it could be destroyed at the slightest tampering and yet so strong it could out power a master of the arcane arts. All Twilight knew was that this “friend” was trying to get them to do something with it, but she couldn’t tell what. She quickly wrapped it in the blanket again and rushed towards the basement to tell the two saiyans. As she left, a pair of magical lights blinked out of existence and somewhere, a creature smiled that his gift was received.

End of Chapter 5

Finished, took an unexpected turn for me and even I’m not sure what I just started. I need ideas for this story so please review. See you all later.