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Arctic Chill - dragonridergoku

Goku is missing and Vegeta has gone to another universe to save him what will happen?

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Last Time:Vegeta has apparently arrived in Equestria. Will the peaceful land survive, of will something more sinister happen? Find out now in Arctic Chill.

“Kakarot? How in the universe did you get here? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT HAPPENED TO ME WHEN I CAME TO FIND YOU?!”

“Vegeta, come down here. You obviously just got here, and you need to know what I’ve figured out. Come with me.”
“Figured out? What do you mean figured out? Do you know something I don’t?”

“Come with me and I’ll tell you everything I know about this place.”

At this Vegeta reluctantly came down from his point in the sky and trotted over to Goku. After a short walk with a few ponies following behind from a distance, the two were at a door built into what seemed to be a large tree. Goku knocked on the door three times with his hoof before a small scaled being that walked on two legs and had a spiked tail appeared and let
them inside.

“Spike, this is my friend Vegeta, I need to talk with Twilight, do you know where she is?”

“Wait, you know this thing Kakarot?”

“Of course I do, Twilight was the one who found me over by some forest before she brought me here and healed me from whatever injuries I had obtained coming here. If it wasn’t for her and Spike here, I would have most likely been lost for quite some time before anyone found me.”

Then a unicorn mare with a purple coat and a dark mane with a pink highlight running down the middle walked into the room with the small dragon walking closely behind. She greeted the two saiyan ponies and asked why Vegeta had been brought there. Goku explained that Vegeta was one of his friends who had apparently followed him here and was looking for him. Twilight seemed to take this explanation for the time being but made a note to ask for more information later.

Goku asked first to know the whole truth about why and how Vegeta had come to be in the magical land of Equestria. Vegeta told the story about Dende’s meeting with the Z Warriors up at the lookout. He also told them about the device that transported him there and about the dragonballs that had been sent to allow a route back to Earth. After Vegeta was finished telling the tale, Goku started telling of his entrance to the land.
Goku had just been minding his own business while he traveled from planet to planet looking for a suitable place to train. He had recently heard of a planet that was said to contain a number of beings with a certain psychic power, and he wanted to see if the rumors were true. He was having difficulty finding the planet known as “Freeza planet 419” but considering how many planets had very similar names, this wasn’t exactly an easy planet to find.

However, while on the way towards what was hopefully the correct location; a large burst of light had suddenly appeared in front of Goku’s ship as he shot straight in. Then a burning pain much like Vegeta’s occurred and made it seem as if Goku’s entire body was being pulled apart and sewed back together again. As it ended, Goku had been knocked unconscious and had woken up later in Twilight Sparkle’s bed.
When Goku had finished telling his story about the arrival in Equestria, Vegeta only had one more question. Where the hell was Equestria?

“Well,” Twilight replied to Vegeta’s last question. “Equestria is the name of the country you are currently living in. I’m not sure where you came from, but if you need information on the history you can just ask me for a book. I own the Ponyville public library for a reason.”

“Well then, I suppose we need some time to rest before finding the dragonballs. Perhaps tomorrow we can start the search. By the way Vegeta, what do these dragonballs even look like?”

“They’re a lot like our own, except for their coloring. Dende made them so they would only summon the dragon one time. After that, they will grant the two wishes and never work again. Supposedly this was to make sure that they cannot be used for evil after we use them to return to our own world.”

“Hey, what exactly do these dragonball things look like? I’ve never heard of them before.” Twilight asked once Vegeta had finished his explanation of the new dragonballs.

“There are a few different models of them. The ones on earth were small orange orbs with a number of red stars within them. There are also the Namekian dragon balls which are mostly the same except for the fact they’re much bigger. We had a bit of a problem with the black star dragonballs at one time. They look the same as the regular ones but the stars are black and they are filled with a much more sinister energy. We destroyed those a while back. Vegeta has to explain the new ones, I didn’t see them.”

“Yes, Kakarot has that right, but the new ones are much different. They are green instead of orange and the stars are purple, about the color of your mane horse.”

“I’m a pony, not a horse, and I do have a name, it’s Twilight Sparkle. Anyway I guess I know what to look for, we should ask my friends if they’ve seen any trace of your missing balls. Perhaps the princesses could help out in our search and tell us if they find anything.”

“Well, I say we pay these princesses a visit then. The sooner I get back in my body, the quicker I can go back to my normal training. I have no intentions of staying on this ‘beautiful’ rock you call a home.”

“I’ll have spike send a letter to the princess explaining the situation. Then we should be able to go to the palace and start the search tomorrow.”

Twilight then quickly used her magic to write a letter and folded it up with the royal seal keeping it stuck. She then called Spike, who took the letter and went outside to send it. Unknown to the three ponies, the dragon given the letter wasn’t actually a dragon at all. As he closed the door, the being was engulfed in a white inferno. When it ended, a pure white being was standing there on four hole covered hooves with an evil grin on its face. The being laughed maniacally and flew off into the night on two frail looking wings.

End of Chapter 3

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