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Arctic Chill - dragonridergoku

Goku is missing and Vegeta has gone to another universe to save him what will happen?

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Last Time: The searchfor the dragonballs has started but there are still no results. Twilight found a gift from “a friend” and has gone to show every pony else.

Twilight rushed down the stairs so fast she nearly crashed onto the floor when she reached the bottom. She quickly recovered and looked up to see the two ponies staring at with surprised looks on their faces.

“Hey guys guess what? I just found a gift from this pony who says he’s “a friend”. He wrote that you would know what to do with it when the time was right. Here, take a look.”

She then showed the diamond to the two still shocked saiyans. They looked even more shocked and also confused when they saw the gem.

“Twilight, I’m not sure I know what this gem is, but can I read this note please?” Goku asked after he recovered. “Maybe that will explain some things to us.”

“Sure Goku, here its right here”

Goku quickly read the letter and gave it to Vegeta to read. When the prince had finished he just gave the note back to Twilight and took the gem.

“Well, I won’t pretend to be an expert on this but this gem seems to hold some power within it. If I didn’t know better I’d say it was a dragonball of some sort.” Vegeta stated as he examined the gem.

“Well if the magic’s similar enough then maybe we can give it to Celestia and see if she can use it to track these dragonballs we’re looking for. If not then at least she might be able to tell us what this thing is or what it does.”

“Good thinking there nightlight, maybe you do have more of a brain than Kakarot here.”

“My name’s Twilight and you know it. Anyway, any information we can get on this could help us in the long run so let’s go gather the girls and head out to Canterlot castle.”

“Hold on guys” Goku said, stopping Twilight “It looks like this friend of ours knows something we don’t and has some way of watching us whenever he feels like it. Perhaps he knows where the dragonballs are and if not, maybe he can give more information about this other guy watching us. He seems to think there’s someone we can’t trust here. Maybe we should find this enemy before we give away the gem.”

“Well, I must say, this about some pony we can’t trust is disturbing to say the least. Maybe Queen Chrysalis has returned and is watching us or something.”

“Who in god’s name is Queen Chrysalis? I thought you only had the princesses here ruling over you ponies.”

“Well Chrysalis isn’t a pony, she’s actually queen of the changelings. If she was here, she could be disguised as any pony in Ponyville. We beat her a while back and she might be trying to spy on us to get revenge.”

“So you say we’re fighting a shape-shifting thing that could be disguised as anyone in this room. Any way we can tell the difference between her and another pony?”

“She feeds off of love, so that could be one indicator if you start losing your will. She also can’t take memories, so you could ask something only the real pony would know. Other than that, we don’t know very much about the changelings at all.”

“Well I only love myself and Kakarot here only loves his dinner so I think it’s safe to say we have nothing to worry about at that end.”

“Hey, I don’t just love dinner. Breakfast and lunch are just as important to me.”

“My point exactly, Kakarot. Anyway as for memories, we don’t really know you that well, do we, Twilight Sparkle?”

“Hey, are you accusing me of being a spy?! Last I checked it was you who blew up planets and killed entire species for fun. Maybe you’re the enemy this friend of mine wrote about.”

“You did not just go there you miserable horse. If you must know, I paid for my crimes by spending time in hell. I saved more lives than you can count when I helped stop threats like Frieza, Cell, Buu, Broly and all the other monsters who would have gladly just blown up every planet in the universe just for some fun. Now maybe you should know all the facts before you go off patronizing me over my past. MAYBE I SHOULD JUST LEAVE NOW, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?!!!”

Vegeta then stomped towards the doorway and was about to leave the house when Twilight called back.

“Wait, Vegeta I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get so mad at you. Please come back.”


Vegeta then blasted off at full speed towards Celestia knows where. He couldn’t travel as fast as his regular body, but he was still faster than most pegasi could hope to go. He was soon just a speck on the horizon as the three other residents of the library stared off in his direction.

By the time Vegeta felt he was far enough away from Ponyville, he had gone past many of the cities that dotted Equestria such as Los Pegasus and Baltimare. He finally landed in a forest of some sort that looked as if no ponies had been in it for ages. He took some time to get a drink from a nearby river before flying away again, but a voice suddenly stopped him.

“Ah Vegeta, I finally get to meet you in person without those pesky ponies getting in the way.”

“Who’s there, reveal yourself before I turn this place into a barren wasteland. It’ll be pretty much the same only on fire.”

“Now, Now Vegeta, no need to be angry. I only want to talk is all.”

“Then talk, who are you?”

Just then an equine shape came out of the gloom. There were holes in its pure white feet and its wings and horn looked as if they could break at the slightest touch.

“Well, you may call me Arctic Chill. I do believe you’ve met my brother’s son.”

End of Chapter 6

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