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Arctic Chill - dragonridergoku

Goku is missing and Vegeta has gone to another universe to save him what will happen?

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A/N: Special thanks to Reddened Chaos for his OC submission. I would appreciate it if more OCs were given to me but for now, onto the story.

Last Time: The mane six and Goku arrived in Canterlot and now face the combined force of Vegeta and Arctic. Who will win?

Goku could only stare at Vegeta as he took in the challenge issued to him. Vegeta would never have betrayed them as willingly as to attack inside the very castle that led Equestria. Something had happened to the saiyan prince after he ran away. Then Goku noticed the eyes. Vegeta’s eyes were now red surrounded by a pale yellow where the whites should be. His eyes looked as if they had been receded back to small points.

“Vegeta, what happened to you? Why are you attacking us?”

“Isn’t it obvious Kakarot, I have decided to finally take my vengeance on you now that you’re in this weak state. You will finally be defeated by the true leader of the saiyans.”

“Vegeta this isn’t you. You’re being controlled by something. Snap out of this craziness and help us instead of fighting us.”

“Don’t you see Kakarot; there is no reason to anything we have ever done together. When we fought alongside each other to beat Cell, we still did nothing and it was your son who finished the job we could never do. When we fought Buu we were getting demolished by his every move. We couldn’t even scratch him. Every battle we have fought in was pointless in the end. Whenever we think we can’t get any stronger, someone else comes by with much more power than us. We’re fighting a losing battle to save the planet. Eventually we will all die and the planet you call home will cease to exist.”

“I don’t know what happened to you but I guess I have no choice. Come on, we fight away from the city.”

At this, the two saiyan ponies took off towards the distant mountain range outside of Canterlot. Meanwhile, Celestia was staring at the new white changeling that stood in front of her. She had never seen a changeling with a shell the color of the winter snow. The power she could feel within him was almost exactly the same as the chaos energy used by Discord.

“Well Celestia, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen you from this close. I had thought the changeling invasion my dear Chrysalis attempted would have made you more wary of my kind, but it seems I can fool even the best and most talented of all ponies in Equestria. You may call me Arctic Chill, or just Arctic suits me just fine.”

“I may not know where you came from, or why you decided to invade my castle now, but I am certain that together we can defeat you like we did with Chrysalis.”

“Oh are you now? I’m so scared, please don’t hurt me. Don’t make me laugh Celestia. I’ve been watching and observing you and your sister here since you defeated Discord all those centuries ago. I must admit I was quite shocked that you actually went forward and banished poor Luna here to the moon. I know what you can do and quite frankly, I don’t care. No pony in all of Equestria could compare to my strength and skill.”

Suddenly a voice came out of nowhere;

“Oh really Arctic Chill, maybe no pony in equestrian can defeat you, but I believe I may be able to turn the tides in favor of the ponies. Maybe you should know the facts before you claim to be the best. I know of your power and have come to stop the scheme of yours.”

Then a 6 foot tall man suddenly materialized from thin air between Arctic and the other ponies. The man wore a green gi with red underneath it. He had a red bandanna on his forehead and had dark brown hair atop his head. He was standing in a fighting position and had a serious expression on his face. He then smirked at the stunned looking Arctic and spoke in a voice much like Goku’s.

“Hello there Arctic, I was wondering when I would finally be able to show myself. I wasn’t expecting you to try an attack so soon after getting all seven dragonballs.”

“Who are you? I would have known if another saiyan existed in this world, especially if he was still in his true body.”

“You can call me Red, or if you prefer you can just call me the guy who’s going to make you wish you had never tried to mess with Equestria.”

“You still have no chance of defeating me. I am the strongest fighter that ever lived. You should be bowing before my might.”

“How about never.”

“Fine, disobey me if you must; now I get to have some fun making you squeal.”

The two then engaged in a series of hand to hoof combat. Both sides were incredibly fast and seemed more than capable of dodging or blocking every attack thrown by the enemy. This combat went on for some time with the only indication of any fight at all being the quick points when the two could be seen for a split second before moving on to another spot to spar in. Eventually the two combatants split apart and landed on the ground of the Canterlot gardens.

“You are quite powerful for a saiyan aren’t you? In this form you may have a chance at defeating me. But if I was in my true form you wouldn’t stand a chance against my power.”

“Well then I guess it’s lucky for me that you can’t go into your normal form. Too bad for you.”

“That’s it, I’ve had enough of your games, prepare to die.”

At this Arctic’s eyes flickered to red on yellow while an energy ball charged at the end of his horn. Arctic flew up into the air and aimed at Red from above.

“Prepare for my ultimate attack, Frozen Fire.”

The beam of energy then shot off from Arctic’s horn with an intense burst of pale blue light. Meanwhile, Red was charging an attack of his own. With his hands cupped he chanted;


A darker blue wave then fired from the palms of Red’s hands. The two attacks met and raged against each other with equal force.

“You can’t win this fight. I put everything I had into this attack. Now die with the rest of this pathetic planet.”




“No, no, no…”



The changeling was then sent upwards with the blast as Red’s power overcame the strength of Arctic’s attack. The battlefield was calm for a few minutes before Arctic came flying down again from the sky. He looked battered all over and seemed to be hardly able to fly.

“You may win this round saiyan, but I will return to get my vengeance on you. Beware the shadows; you never know what you’ll find.”

Arctic then gathered the last of his chaos energy and used it to teleport away to a far off location.

End of Chapter 9

Finally finished with the chapter. I once again thank Reddened Chaos for allowing me to use Red in the story. I suggest reading his story as well. At any rate, I plan for the next chapter to be up soon and it will be a fight scene of Goku and the brainwashed Vegeta. See you all next time ~Dragonrider Goku~