• Published 17th Sep 2012
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Arctic Chill - dragonridergoku

Goku is missing and Vegeta has gone to another universe to save him what will happen?

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Last Time: Vegeta and Twilight have gotten in a fight. Now Vegeta has met a new creature, who exactly is he? Find out now on Arctic Chill.

“Wait, who are you exactly?”

“I just told you didn’t I? I am Arctic Chill; you probably know of my brother and have surely met his son. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Frieza hadn’t even known of my existence. Cold and I were never really on friendly terms.”

“Wait, you’re Frieza’s uncle or something? Then King Cold is your brother, correct?”

“Don’t you ever call that fool a king again or I will hunt you down, understand? Anyway, yes Cold is my younger brother. I should have been king not him.”

“Well alright then, I’ve never considered him my king anyway. The only man to get that from me was my father.”

“I’m sure he was a great man.”

“I hated my father.”

“Then in that case, I’m sure he was a total dick.”


“Don’t try me saiyan, even with my power reduced to less than 1 percent my normal strength, I could demolish you easily if you tick me off.”

“Fine, I’ll let it slide for now. Tell me though, how did you get here?”

“Well, it’s a long and boring story my dear Vegeta;

When we were young, I was always more powerful than Cold was. He despised me for it and took every chance he had to try and surpass me. He never did manage, but he did discover he had a skill for persuading others to join whatever group he was trying to form. This made him more popular with our father, King Ice. One day, our father was dying and one of us was chosen by his last words to become king. He chose my brother and gave him the crown of our family.

After a few weeks of serving my younger brother, I was fed up with the commands and tried to kill him. I failed and was caught in energy restraints. My brother decided that I was too powerful and used the magic within the crown to send me so far away, that I would never be able to return. The crown grants one wish only to each member of the royal blood. He used his only wish to send me to this torturous place.

I awoke here to find my body like this and lying in the middle of a rainbow colored forest. Later I found a creature like no other I have ever seen before. A mixture between multiple animals, mainly pony and dragon that seemed to have no cares in the world. I asked him who he was and where I was first. He called himself Discord, the lord of chaos and told me I was in his new rainbow forest. He was intrigued by me as if he had never seen a creature such as me. I told him my problem and he agreed to help me if I would do something for him in return.

I spent the next many years in this world as Discord’s partner in crime. Later ponies started to rebel against his rule and he had me use his chaos energy to create more changelings like me. They were colored black and were much less powerful, but they did spy work like masters. Eventually, we formed Discord’s secret army and stopped all resistance before it could even start. I commanded the changelings and gave them orders. Eventually, Discord ruled supreme overall and spread his ever growing chaos around the planet.

We were kings, until Celestia and her sister Luna came with the Elements of Harmony and turned Discord to stone. Without Discord, the army crumbled until only a few scattered hives of changelings remained. I survived the thousands of years by feeding on the leftover chaotic energy from Discord’s reign. Now, I found myself a way to get back to my own universe. Then I could regain my power, and claim my true place as ruler of the universe.

So, Vegeta, will you help me get the dragonballs, or will you leave and live a boring life being overshadowed by Goku?”

“Your story reminds me a lot of myself. I will help you as long as we get to destroy Kakarot.”

“It would be my pleasure to allow you that request Vegeta.”

“Yes, finally I can have my revenge on that trash for becoming stronger than me.”
The two then flew away towards a large mountain in the distance. When they arrived, they started clearing the flat area on top.

“Why are we clearing a space on this mountain spot?”

“Because dear Vegeta, I have a trick up my sleeve that I know you would love to see.”

Arctic then concentrated and made a sphere of energy that floated around him.

“I need you to create six more of these energy spheres. Each one needs to be the exact same amount as what I sent hovering, size and shape do matter a lot. “

Many tries and failures later, Vegeta had created six more energy balls with the exact same power and size as the one summoned by Arctic. Then Arctic started to charge up his power. It was at incredibly large levels, but it was also a much different type of energy then the ki used by warriors like Vegeta. This energy had a much more uncontrollable touch to it that left it with more power consumed then what was actually used for the technique. Then Arctic’s eyes flashed with power and the whites turned to yellow with the pupils becoming smaller and red. Then, the energy spheres began to rotat so the original was in the center with the other six revolving around it. They spun faster and faster until, with a flash, Arctic’s eyes blinked closed and flashed out pure white energy. After the glare ended, Vegeta looked and saw seven green orbs floating in the air above the white changeling who had a large, evil grin on his fanged face.

End of Chapter 7

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