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Arctic Chill - dragonridergoku

Goku is missing and Vegeta has gone to another universe to save him what will happen?

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New Power

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Last Time: Arctic told his life story to a surprisingly calm Vegeta, now magic has been performed. What will happen next?

Twilight had been worrying about Vegeta for the last few hours. Ever since he had left, she just couldn’t seem to think straight. Goku was having no luck tracking the runaway saiyan’s energy and to top it all off, a letter had just arrived from the princess. This letter explained a large number of explosions all over Equestria. Currently, the six elements of Harmony and Goku were heading up to Canterlot to check one blast site in an alleyway. The train was fast, but the anxiety was killing Twilight.

“Ohhh, can’t this thing get us there any quicker? I can’t stand all this suspense.”

“Now hold on sugarcube, this here train’s the fastest choice we got. Y’all are gonna have to wait a few minutes” Applejack responded in a calm voice “Whatever’s got ya so worked up can wait till we get to the city.”

“I know Applejack, I just have a bad feeling this has something to do with Vegeta. The princess said the magic behind the explosion wasn’t anything she had felt before. I think it may be those strange powers he uses to fly and do stuff. Maybe Goku can tell us more about it.”

The two mares trotted to the other side of the train where Goku was sitting. He had an intense look on his face, as if he was deep in thought about something he would rather not be thinking about. When the two reached him, he looked up at them and smiled.

“So, what brings you two over here?”

“Well, we wanted to ask you if you knew anything about the powers you and Vegeta use.”

“It’s called ki and yes, it was what caused the explosion your princess wrote about. If I didn’t know Vegeta better, I would say he caused it. But Vegeta changed; he wouldn’t go around blasting things for no reason. I think there may be someone else causing this, but why? What does this person need to do this to gain? Until we get there, I can’t be sure who did this.”

“Well then, I guess we just have to wait and see when we get there.”

At this the two mares left Goku to his thinking. After a few agonizingly long minutes, the train finally stopped at the station in Canterlot. When the group of seven got out of the car they saw the two princesses waiting for them along with Shining Armor. Celestia asked the group to follow her to the blast site, and of course they did. After a short walk down a surprisingly empty street, they arrived at the entrance to a blocked off alley. The two buildings on either side were torched and looked as if part of them had fallen over towards the back.

“Wow princess, whatever did this must have been super powerful. Have you gotten any more info on the cause of the blast?”

“Sadly my dear student, no I have not figured out anything you do not already know. I have heard about the powers of this Vegeta who I understand ran away from your library this morning. Do you think he could have been the cause of this?”

“Princess, if I may,” Goku answered. “I don’t think this was Vegeta’s doing, at least, not entirely. If he had been trying to destroy the city he would have. No, I think someone else did this to some degree. Could I get a look at the site please?”

“Of course Goku, whatever helps our investigation.”
Goku then walked into the alleyway with the other ponies following behind. When they reached the blast site, Goku bent down and stared at the blackened ground. After a few moments, he looked up and started explaining.

“Well every pony, this was created by a ki explosion. Vegeta’s energy is within the residue, but it’s being overshadowed by something else, something darker. I can also sense a fainter energy buried beneath it all. It’s incredibly unstable and powerful. In the right hands, it could be a lethal force, but untrained, it can backfire even worse. I can sense a far greater source up near your castle, yet it has been restrained with some powerful magic. Do you have any idea what that could be?”

“Wait, is the energy…Chaotic?”

“Yes Twilight, I’ve only sensed it once before, in the power Majin Buu used.”

“Could it be Discord princess?”

“That is a possibility Twilight. I will look into his statue and make sure he is still contained within.”

“You’ve mentioned this Discord guy before, who exactly is he?”

“Discord was a Draconequis, a creature that takes characteristics of many different animals. He used to rule Equestria in complete chaos until the princesses beat him a thousand years ago with the elements of harmony. He returned not long ago seeking revenge, but we defeated him again and sealed him back in stone.”

“Well, he seems to be a nice guy. Is he up at the castle?”

“He’s in the gardens actually. Not many other places for a statue bigger than most doorways.”

“Well it seems either he’s using his powers, or someone else has access to them. The buried energy is exactly like that which radiates from his statue.”

“Well then, let’s go see him.”

The group then ran through the streets until they reached the gates for the castle. Celestia told the guards to let them through, but they still eyed Goku with suspicious eyes. When they reached the center of the gardens they saw the statue still there, looking as it always had since it was recreated some time before. Every pony was officially stumped by this. They decided to go to the castle to think about things. As they walked through the hallways, however, an evil laughter started sounding from all around them. The four guards flanking the group suddenly turned around and pointed their spears towards both sides of the hallway. Just then the voice returned.

“Ah the elements are all together now, how nice. And to top it off, we have the super saiyan, the princesses, and the guard who foiled the changeling takeover of Canterlot. I’m sure Chrysalis would be happy to know her favorite ponies are now beaten.”

“Who are you? Show yourself this instant.”

“Well if you insist,”

Just then, two guards dropped their weapons and turned towards the group. In a flash of blue light, both guards were replaced by a pure white changeling and none other than the prince of saiyans himself.

“So Kakarot, ready to play?”

End of Chapter 8

Well, next chapter is planned to be a fight scene. Right now I have another planned story that I will be starting soon. If all goes well, I will get the first two chapters up by the weekend. As for now, see you later ~Dragonrider Goku~