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Arctic Chill - dragonridergoku

Goku is missing and Vegeta has gone to another universe to save him what will happen?

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Visited by a Princess

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Last Time:Vegeta has gotten his explanation from Goku, but now they must find the dragonballs to get back to earth.

“Spike, Spike where are you?”

“Yeah Twilight, I’m over here, what do you need?”

“Spike, did you send that letter I gave you last night?”

“What letter, you never gave me one. Are you messing with me or something?”

“Of course I gave you that letter. Remember, I wrote it after we learned about the dragonballs to ask the princesses for help finding them?”

“What are the dragonballs? Do they have something to do with the two guys you’re letting stay here?”

“Yeah remember, we need to find all seven so they can go back home. Currently they’re scattered all over Equestria. You sent a letter to the princess explaining them. Is any of this ringing a bell?”

“Nope, I don’t remember any of that. You three were talking about something and I went to bed. I just woke up a few minutes ago in my bed. How could I have sent a letter?”

“But if you were asleep, who did I give that letter too?”

“How should I know? Just write another one and have me send it. That should solve any problem you’re having.”

“Why didn’t I think of that? Anyway, here, I always keep a copy of all my letters. Just send this one.”

Spike then sent the copy letter out to the princess. Within three minutes they had their reply.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

While I appreciate the knowledge of these artifacts, I’m not quite sure what it is you want me to do. I can’t rightfully track these “dragonballs” down due to their magical properties, and besides add more ponies to help search, there is very little I can do. I would, however, like to meet these new friends of yours. They seem to be quite the characters. I will be arriving at the library in around 20 minutes. I hope this visit will clarify some things on both ends of the equation.

See you soon,
Princess Celestia

Twilight’s mouth was a gaping hole as her jaw dropped almost to the floor. The princess was coming to the library soon and it was still a mess. She stood perfectly still with her mouth gaping for almost a minute before she suddenly started running around the room. It was like she wanted to clean up, but before she started somewhere, she would run to another spot elsewhere.

“Oh no oh no oh no, Spike, we have to clean up the library now. It has to be spotless before the princess arrives or she’ll be mad that I didn’t prepare properly. Then she’ll punish me and I’ll have to leave Ponyville forever and maybe even get banished from Equestria until I learn my less-”

She then found herself unable to speak as Vegeta’s hoof was shoved into her mouth.

“Will you SHUT UP ALREADY. If this princess wanted the place spotless she would have warned you. Stop being so OVERDRAMATIC, you’re giving me a headache.”

“Well…, I suppose you’re right.” Twilight replied after Vegeta removed his hoof. “She didn’t punish Fluttershy when she took her pet phoenix. She has always been forgiving in these kinds of things. But she is the princess and I need to make sure the library isn’t a mess when she arrives.”

“Oh Twilight, you know I really don’t mind the mess all that much. You don’t need to worry so much about it.” A new voice came from the now open doorway.

“P-P-P-PRINCESS!!! I’m so sorry; I didn’t see you come in. Please excuse the mess.”

“Of course Twilight, you are my faithful student after all. You of all ponies should know that I don’t mind a little mess. Now, I suppose these two are the new ponies you told me about. What are your names?”

“I am Vegeta, prince of the saiyans and the strongest fighter in the universe.” Vegeta exclaimed proudly.

“My name’s Goku. You got any good food around here by any chance?” Goku asked as his stomach growled quite loudly.

“Well Vegeta, you seem to be quite proud of your title, but I cannot say I’ve ever heard of the saiyans. As for you Goku, I’m sure Twilight here could get you something to eat.”

“What kind of food do you have Twilight? I guess being a pony; you eat fruits and vegetables right?”

“Well yeah, but we could go to sugarcube corner and get some sweets instead.”

“Do they have any gumdrops and ice cream there?”

“Yes, I think pinkie still has some stored somewhere. But first we need to get back to the princess, I’m sure she wants to ask some questions.”

“Actually, I would like to know what Vegeta meant by the saiyans. Also, the letter you sent said something about another universe? What does that mean?”

“Well your highness, if you must know, the saiyans are a proud race of warriors. We usually conquer planets and sell them to the highest bidder, but we ended up short on hands when our planet was blown up by an intergalactic warlord named Frieza. Kakarot here and I are the only pure-blooded saiyans still alive in the universe.”

“Wait, so you two are the only remaining members of your species! How come you never told me that before?” Twilight asked after Vegeta finished talking.

“Yes, and Frieza has paid for his crimes with his life. You can thank my son for that.”

“Wow, you guys seem to have had quite a lot of dangers in your lives. How did Frieza manage to destroy your entire planet anyway? That kind of destruction must have taken a massive explosion.”

“Blowing up a planet isn’t that hard actually. A good energy blast towards the core will cause the planet to destroy itself.”

“You speak as if you’ve done it before. How would you know how to cause a planet to explode?” Celestia asked.

“Well I should know how to, considering the thousands of planets me and my father destroyed.”

This statement caused both Celestia and Twilight to suddenly stare at the saiyan prince as their jaws dropped.


End of Chapter 4

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