• Published 19th Sep 2012
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Long Days - Kalreas

Fluttershy and Bic Mac start meeting each other more often, but for what reason?

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Troubles: Doubts

Hey, just to thank you all, I am releasing this 'special' chapter. It's going to be a little bit longer chapter than any of the previous ones, so I consider that 'special' enough. Hope you like it, and thanks for all the support!
Also, I spent most of last night AND today working on the beginning of this, so I hope it was worth it!


Engaged in a deep kiss on the ground, Fluttershy nearly lost herself in the moment. She broke away from the kiss and stepped back. Big Mac slowly stood up and composed himself from the sudden.. assault.

"W-well, uh.." He started, stunned by the power and affection of the kiss. "That's one way ta say 'yer welcome', Ah suppose." He finished with a shared chuckle between them.

"Sorry.. if that was.. too much."

He shook his head. "Nnnope." He looked behind him, towards the farm. "Well, Ah'd better get goin'. Thanks fer everythin', Flutter."

"Oh, it's-" 'Flutter.' She stopped all movement as she watched him leave. 'Flutter.' She thought to herself again. 'No pony has.. called me Flutter before..' She thought to herself, finally reminding herself that she needed to breathe.

'Deep breaths, calm down. Why am I reacting like this? What's going on with me?' Her heart felt like it was trying to bust out of either her chest or her throat. She needed something to help calm her down.


Big Mac had returned to the barn to meet up with his sister, Applejack. She wanted to talk to him about some things, and he didn't want Fluttershy to hear any of it.

"Mac, over here." She spoke from inside the barn. Big Macintosh walked inside the barn, closed the door and turned on the light. He then turned to see his sister standing in the middle of it, two hay piles on each side of her, one bigger than the other. She sat down on her temporary pile, and told Mac to sit on his. He complied, wanting to hear what his sister had to say about what was going on between him and Fluttershy.

"Big Mac," She started softly. "Ah know ya care for 'er well-bein' and all. But there are some things ya don't want goin' on, trust me. Ye know what Ah'm talkin' about."

Indeed he did, and he didn't want to think back on the memory of that stallion. He nodded and allowed her to continue what she wanted to say.

"What Ah'm gettin' at is that Ah don't wanna see you," She stated, pointing her hoof at her brother. "in the same position.

"Ah just wanna make sure that ya really are feelin' the way ye think yer feelin' about her. She is the Element of Kindness after all, and we don't need her bein' heartbroken." She stopped to sigh and allow him a moment to think.

He replied slowly. "Ah.. Ah don't... Ah can't promise.. well... Ah'm at a loss fer words, AJ. We'll try ta work things out tomorrow, alright? Maybe the day after ta give her some time, but Ah'll ask her if she wants ta go on a date. Does that sound right ta you?"

She nodded. "Work it out as well as ya can. As much as Ah would love ta see that mare fall in love with somepony.. Ah just hope it works out for ya, Big Macintosh." She finished with a small, seemingly sad smile, as well as a soft look in her eyes.


Morning came yet again, as slowly and peacefully as always at her quiet home. There was a type of slowness in her eyes, like she didn't want to wake up yet. She rubbed her eyes open and sluggishly moved them across her house.

Everything was slowly lighting up from the rising sun. Everything seemed slower today.

'Maybe today..' She thought to herself. 'Maybe today will be easier to go through.' Fluttershy stepped out from her bed and tried to start her day like normal. Normal being preparing her and Angel's breakfast, and soon after, going out and checking on the animals.

Helping the animals helped calm her down and keep her busy, as well as keeping her from thinking about her current situation. The cool breeze slowly swept through her mane, causing her to stop and look towards the sky. She saw something she didn't quite expect.

A bright, flowing rainbow. She saw Rainbow Dash preforming some of her highest and 'coolest' moves. Fluttershy decided to fly up and rest on a treetop, enjoying the sight of her friend, even at such a distance. It's truly been a while since she's seen any of the others. Maybe it's time to check on them all.

However something in her mind keeps telling her to wait. Maybe this will be a different day than she thinks. She sees Rainbow Dash settle on a cloud to rest her wings. That meant that she was probably going to take a nap now. Fluttershy decided to hop down from the tree, smiling and ready to face anything.

Except for what she did face. She saw Applejack standing at the door of her house, looking at the ground in deep thought. Not wanting to make things too awkward, Fluttershy walked over to the mare.

"Hello Applejack."

She jumped and turned towards her. "Oh, Ah didn't expect'ya ta walk up like that, Ah didn't know ye were outside." She then face-hoofed at her own comment, realizing what she just said, and who she said it to. "Ah have somethin' important ta talk to ye about."

That shocked Fluttershy into paying special attention to her. "A-about.. what?"

"About.." She let out a long sigh and looked deeply into her friends frightened eyes. "About you and Big Macintosh."

'Oh no.. Please... Please let this be OK.' Fluttershy silently hoped. "Is-.. is there anything? W-wrong I mean?" She asked in a worried rush.

AJ let out a small giggle, which sounded more forced than ever before. "It's fine, Ah reckon. It's just that, well.. He want's ta meet ya somewhere, and only Ah know where he is. He wanted me to come an' get ya and take ye to him."

"He wants to meet me? In a private place? With nopony else around, just the two of us?" She asked swiftly and nervously. She really didn't know what to think, she didn't have much time to think evenly.

Applejack turned towards the direction of the farm. "If yer ready, we can start goin' there now."

"O-oh, ok." She stood there, thinking back on the things she had to do for Angel and the rest of the animals. "I should be fine to follow." She said, walking up to Applejack's side.

"Alright, let's go." Applejack said proudly. "By the way, how 'bout we talk on the way there? We haven't really had the chance ta really talk much with the past few days."

"Well, what would you want to hear about?" Fluttershy asked nervously.

"Oh, just how things have been workin' for ya with the animals, and how the last few weeks have been treatin' ya. As well as the animals, 'specially Angel." She finished with a small, genuine giggle.

"Oh, well.. I suppose normal would be the way to describe it the best. Angel is a little stubborn from time to time, and the animals around are quite peaceful this time of year. It's really been a nice few weeks to go through, despite what's been going on the last few days.." She finished quietly, making sure to try to avoid the subject. Then she bit her bottom lip after thinking about what she was walking towards.

"Well, Ah hope everything works out for ya tonight." Applejack stated as she waved to Big Macintosh in the distance. "Go on and talk to him." She said to Fluttershy, using a soft voice and a soft, yet happy smile and tint to her eyes.

Fluttershy didn't even notice the distance she had traveled. She was at what looked like the back of the farm, where there was a hill going up. She couldn't see what was beyond the hill, until she went up there. So she started making her walk over there. She still blushed slightly, walking towards the stallion she had embraced not too long ago in a kiss.

The simple memory made her blush even more, and she slowly rose to the top of the small hill. There was a single tree up there that they used for shade. The darkness of the night had slowly begun to rise from behind her. When she got to the top, she was stunned by the brilliant sight of the sunset.

"This.." Mac started, grabbing her hoof in his. "Ah wanted ya ta see this. Whenever Ah see this sight, this sunset.. it reminds me of you a little." He said softly, pouring out more emotion than ever before into the small mare's eyes. They set their hooves next to each other and Fluttershy stepped next to him.

She pressed her head into the side of Big Macintosh's neck, and he returned the emotion. He wrapped his head around hers, the both of them smiling in each others warmth. They laid down next to each other and watched the sunset go down. It was nice, being able to enjoy one of Equestria's greatest natural sights.

"B-Big Mac?" Fluttershy softly spoke, just loud enough for him to hear.

"Hm?" He simply said in response. He looked over to the mare beside him, and she rushed her head forwards and locked him in another kiss. She backed away quicker this time and blushed maddeningly. He wasn't as surprised as last time, as he reached his head forward another time.

He whispered into her ear as softly as his voice would allow. "Thank ye."

Right after he said that, they both heard the trickling of water around them. The rain had picked up around them swiftly enough to not allow them to get anywhere from the tree. The rain surrounded them both faster than they could react. They were trapped, unless they wanted to be soaked by the rain and catch a small sickness.

"Well then." Big Mac stated casually. "Ah don't suppose ya feel like gettin' soaked on yer way home."

Fluttershy giggled and nodded. She then realized the situation she was in. She was trapped under the shelter of a tree from rain.. and she was trapped with Big Mac. The stallion she was quickly falling in love with.

She could only see this going two ways.