• Published 19th Sep 2012
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Long Days - Kalreas

Fluttershy and Bic Mac start meeting each other more often, but for what reason?

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Embarrassing First Encounter

Fluttershy was in her little house at the edge of town. It was a normal morning, but things seemed.. off. She woke up today feeling warmer than usual, but not like a normal warmth. This warmth was deeper, like a part of her that was aching for a certain something... But she couldn't figure out what it was.

Despite the strange feeling radiating from inside her, she got up from the bed. She started her normal daily routine; helping the animals. No matter how hard she tried though, she could never seem to get a specific stallion off her mind...


Big Macintosh woke up earlier than usual today. He didn't know why, and he felt quite well rested for the amount of sleep he did get. He felt something strange, yet familiar build in his body. He decided to push it back, considering the amount of work he had to do today anyway. He was glad he woke up so early, but for what reason in particular he didn't know.

Despite the strange feeling radiating from inside him, he got up from the bed. He started his normal daily routine; helping his family, as well as Applejack with the farm as he could. No matter how hard he tried though, he could never seem to get a specific mare off his mind...


The day progressed, as the both of them went through their separate day. Fluttershy had been working harder than usual, as the animals were being a little more nervous than usual around her. She didn't seem to notice it, but she had been acting a little more forcefully. More openly. Which was strange, and also the reason why the animals were seeming to be scared of her today.

No matter what she tried, the animals still shied away from her as much as they could; much like she would if she was normal.

Big Macintosh didn't have much luck with his work at the farm. He'd kicked a tree a little to hard, mainly because of the stress of his body. He'd nearly uprooted the tree, and if that kick had been any harder, it may have just flown away. He knew he always had powerful legs, but he didn't expect that much.

Neither did Applejack. Little did they know that the harder they worked, the closer together they got. It only took another hour of pushing themselves to finally meet. Big Mac was at the edge of the farm, and Fluttershy was just across the small river. They looked into each others eyes, the both of them immediately blushing at the sight of their mind's haunting.

Fluttershy didn't squeak, or fly away this time. She stood her ground and braved herself to meet him. In fact, she flew over to him happily. Big Mac didn't know what to say at that. His mind was haunted with visions of her, and here she was in-front of him.

"B-..Big.. Mac?" She slowly squealed out.

"E-eeyup?" He tried to act normal, despite the situation being obviously out of control. She smiled at his response, and walked closer to him unknowingly. Only after saying one word did she realize how close she had really gotten.

Their faces were mere inches away from touching. They both blushed maddeningly, however Fluttershy's blush was easier to see. Big Mac's face was always red. She smiled at the thought, slightly giggling at herself. He just stared at her, confused and nervous. "Is there anything ya need?" He asked quickly and nervously, his forehead was beginning to sweat.

The fur on the back of his neck had risen as she got closer, and being this close... He could only imagine being this close to her.

"No, not that I know of." She stated in a louder yet deeper voice than usual. Little did she know, she was using her bed voice, as well as her look. They both gulped, and Big Mac seemed to be backing up slightly.

"You.." He started, but he was interrupted by the rush of Fluttershy getting closer. She closed her eyes and admitted all of the things she had been thinking of today. She told him that she was doing nothing but thinking about him, no matter what she tried to occupy herself with. As she finished, she slumped her shoulders and lowered her head.

She expected to be shunned, rejected, and for him to be shocked. He was shocked, but he soon admitted that he had been feeling the same way about her. Before she could look up, she felt the heat of his body wrapping around hers. She was getting a hug. From the stallion she apparently loved. She couldn't believe it.

Neither could the stallion giving the hug. He moved a hoof to her face, lifting her head. She smiled as she saw the look of understanding and... Was that.. love?

"It's alright," He spoke as softly as his voice would allow. "I know how yer feelin'."

Those words alone made Fluttershy's stomach dance with pure glee. Just as she was about to tackle him in a hug, Applejack appeared.

"Big Mac, what are ya-" She stopped and stared at the ready-to-pounce, normally timid mare. "Fluttershy? What are you doin' here?" She didn't expect to see her here at all today, even alone with her brother.

She straightened and composed herself, blushing wildly. "O-oh, um... I, uh.. I was just.. visiting." She said with a huge, nervous smile, raising her eyebrows.

Applejack just stared at her with a blank face. Several long, uncomfortable moments passed by before anything happened.

"Mac," She started, looking towards him and putting her hoof on his side. "we got more work ta do before anything else. Busy day, after all." She stated, obviously not liking the idea of a busy day herself.

Mac turned to say one last thing to Fluttershy before working again.

"Come back here tomorrow, if you want."

She couldn't believe her ears. She was just invited to come over to see him again. She couldn't find her voice, so she just nodded excitedly, smiling wide. She felt so happy and warm just to be able to see him again. But wait.. why?

'How did I manage to fall in lo- No. It's not love.. is it?' She asked herself as she watched him walk away. Tomorrow, things will work out, she hoped. She turned and started flying back to her house, her emotions and thoughts now conflicting. How would she work this out?

Only one way to really know, and that is to see him tomorrow.